May 12, 2013

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clogged toilet

Fixing a Toilet Clogged By Feminine Pads?This is a page about fixing a toilet clogged by feminine pads. A feminine pad that is flushed down a toilet will quickly clog the plumbing.


Fixing a Leaky Toilet

Fixing a Leaky ToiletThis page is about fixing a leaky toilet. Determining exactly where the water is coming from is the first task in repairing a plumbing leak.


Rust on Chrome

Removing Rust from ChromeThis is a page about removing rust from chrome. Bumpers, fixtures, and other chromed surfaces can develop rust.


Flowering Evergreen Plants

Flowering Evergreen Plants?This is a page about flowering evergreen plants. Pots of evergreen flowering plants make a beautiful addition to your garden, entryway, or patio.


mole hill

Environmentally Safe Grub ControlThis is a page about environmentally safe grub control. Grubs can decimate a lawn if not eradicated. However, there are ways to do this without the use of traditional pesticides.


Unfinished Wood Furniture

Caring for Unfinished Wood FurnitureThis page is about caring for unfinished furniture. Bare wood needs some oil to keep it from drying out and getting stained.


Paper Towels

Fixing a Toilet Clogged By Paper Towels?One or two paper towels might easily flush down the toilet, however if someone puts a larger number down it will probably clog the plumbing. This is a page about fixing a toilet clogged by paper towels.


Permanent Marker

Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from Leather?Removing permanent ink from leather may be difficult, but it is not necessarily impossible. This is a page about removing permanent ink (Sharpie) from leather.


Linoleum Flooring

Removing Rust Stains from a Linoleum FlooringThis page is about removing rust stains from linoleum flooring. When metal has rusted on this material, it can be difficult to remove.



Toilet Keeps CloggingThis is a page about when toilet keeps clogging. Having a toilet that is constantly getting clogged is very frustrating.



Preventing Slips and Falls in a Bathtub and ShowerThis page is about preventing slips and falls in a bathtub and shower. Anyone can be hurt by slipping while getting in or out of the bath.


roll of tape

Removing Tape Residue From Clothing and FabricA name tag, price sticker or tape can leave adhesive on cloth. This page is about removing tape residue from clothing or fabric.


toilet plunger

Fixing a Clogged ToiletWhen your toilet gets clogged, you don't necessarily need to call a plumber. There are ways you can remove the clog yourself. This is a page about fixing a clogged toilet.


Cleaning washer and dryer.

Keeping Appliances CleanThis page is about keeping appliances clean. Sometimes a very simple routine can help you keep up with your cleaning chores.



sliced mango

Canning Mangoes in a Hot Water BathThe mango should be firm but not rock hard. It should be ready to eat. Probably the best bet for finding mangoes would be the big outlets such as Costco, Sam's Clubs, or one like those.


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Removing Crayon from Washed and Dried ClothesI never check pockets when I wash clothes, and of course this time I payed the price. I did not realize there was a crayon in a pocket until I dried the load and to my horror saw that I had blue spots on everything. I honestly almost started crying.


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Cleaning Tiny Holes in Your Hummingbird FeederTo clean the tiny holes in the bug and bee guards on my feeder, I use an old mascara wand that has been thoroughly cleaned. It works great for getting into small places!



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Making Silk Flower Fairies on Seed Packets?I would like to find directions to make silk flower fairies on seed packets. I saw this some years ago and would love to make them now.


Salmon colored prom dress.

Removing Wrinkles from Polyester Prom Dress?I have a prom dress situation. When I bought my dress they handed it to me in the standard carrying bag, however because my dress is long (it has a train) and the fact that we didn't immediately take it out of the bag it is now wrinkled all along the sides at the bottom.


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Well Water Stained Dishes?I have winter white Corelle dishes. On account of my well water they have brown stains on them. I have tried several different things and so far nothing has worked. Does anyone have any suggestions? My dishes look dirty and I know they are clean.


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Paying a Lump Sum Child Support Settlement?If you owe back child support and you can settle for a lump sum, should I pay it or see if there are more options? It is a large lump sum.


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Honeysuckle Vine Wilted and Partially Died?A thriving variegated honeysuckle vine suddenly became covered in ants. Within a couple of days the vine and flowers wilted and appeared about to die, as if poisoned. The root and about the first three feet of the vine appear untouched by the changes.


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Easy Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese?I would like an easy recipe for stovetop macaroni and cheese.


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Safe Grub Control?Can I use milky spore and nematodes during the same time period?


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Sewing Machine Thread Breaking?The upper thread breaks frequently. Why?


Closeup of dog.

Remedy for Dog's Dry Itchy Inner Ear Flap?I have a Shih tzu Pug mix who has one ear that is red and scaly. She scratches it quite often. I am looking for a home remedy. Her ears have been cleaned. There are no mites. Please help as this looks quite painful and uncomfortable.


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Recipes for Easy Stovetop Rice Pudding?I am looking for an easy recipe for stovetop rice pudding.


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Flowering Evergreen Container Plants?Are there any flowering evergreen plants for containers?


Book of Knowledge 1935

The Book of Knowledge 1935?I have a complete set of The Book of Knowledge 1935 Silver Jubilee edition. It is in good condition. Any idea of the value of the set? Thanks for your time:)


Cat Attacking Window Screens and Spraying?I am still having a problem with a cat spraying even though she has been spayed. Can cats still spray on leaves and grass after they are spayed? I live in a basement apartment and there is a terrorist cat who comes to attack my windows and terrorize my cats.


Closeup of puppy.

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?Here are photos of his sisters and brother. The adult red nose is his dad and the adult blue nose is his mom.


Snake with stripe above eye and along body.

What kind of Snake is This?What kind of snake is this? Photo taken this morning.


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Topsy Turvy Tomato Plant's Leaves Turning Brown?My tomato plant leaves are turning yellow and brown. Can you tell me why?


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Spa Themed Party Ideas?Does anyone have any ideas for a spa themed sleepover?


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?I've got a Craftsman 14.5 HP electric start 42 in. 6 speed lawn tractor that won't turn over. I removed the deck and all PTO handles/levers when I parked it 8 years ago.


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