June 26, 2013

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Transplanting Daffodil Bulbs?This is a page about transplanting daffodil bulbs. Bulbs often need to be divided and transplanted. Likewise, as gardens mature you may simply wish to relocate them to a sunnier spot.


Elephant Ears Leaf

Saving Elephant Ears BulbsThis is a page about saving elephant ears bulbs. Elephant ears are not cold hardy, so in colder climates you will want to dig them and store them over the winter.


Red Climbing Roses

Transplanting a Climbing Rose Plant?This is a page about transplanting a climbing rose plant. When your climbing rose is not growing well where it is currently planted it may be time to move it to a better location.


Recycled Summer Top

Recycled Summer TopsThis is a page about recycled summer tops. By reworking some of your other clothing, such as long sleeved shirts, you can make some really cute tops for summer.


beautiful red hen

Chickens Stopped Laying Eggs?This page is about chickens stopped laying eggs. There are a number of reasons why your hens may not be laying eggs.


Farm Fresh Eggs

Cleaning Farm Fresh EggsThis is a page about cleaning farm fresh eggs. Commercial eggs are cleaned in the processing plants. However, if you buy farm fresh eggs you may be wondering how best to clean them.


A dog next to a houseplant.

Fleas in Potted Plants?Although fleas do not typically live on plants for any length of time, they may take up temporary residence. This is a page about fleas in potted plants.


Sunflowers in the cold.

Protecting Annuals from FrostThis is a page about protecting annuals from frost. A late spring or early fall frost can potentially wreak havoc on your beautiful flowering annuals. However, there may be a way to protect them until the weather warms back up.


chickens in winter

Insulating a Chicken CoopThis is a page about insulating a chicken coop. As you are planning your new coop, one question that comes to mind is how and if you should insulate the coop.


Wisk Detergent

Buying Wisk Detergent?This is a page about buying Wisk detergent. Wisk has long been advertised as a good laundry product for removing skin oil, sweat and grime.


A girl celebrating Canada Day.

Celebrating Canada DayThis is a page about celebrating Canada Day. Similar to the 4th of July in the United States, July 1st is Canada Day, commemorating Canadian independence from the British Commonwealth.



Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from a Mattress?This is a page about removing cigarette smoke smell from a mattress. Cigarette smoke can permeate everything in a smoker's home. Some items are more difficult to clean of the odor than others.


Chicken Coop

Building a Chicken CoopThis is a page about building a chicken coop. You have made the decision to raise backyard chickens. One of the first considerations is providing them with a coop. You can buy one or you may wish to build your own.


White Climbing Roses

Growing Climbing RosesThis is a page about growing climbing roses. With proper placement in your garden, training, and pruning you can have a beautiful climbing rose adorning a fence, wall, or arbor.


duck nest

Ducks Not Sitting on Eggs?This is a page about ducks not sitting on eggs. Raising ducks requires a whole new category of knowledge. It can be confusing at the start to know if something is a problem or not.


Rhode Island Red Chicken

Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed Information and...This is a page about Rhode Island Red chicken breed information and photos. The Rhode Island Red is a popular backyard bird, because of their hardiness and egg laying abilities.


Photo of growing begonias.

Growing AnnualsThis is a page about growing annuals. Annuals are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and light requirements. This makes them a good choice for filling your garden with bright spots of color to complement your perennials, trees, and shrubs.



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Chilicorn with Black BeansSweet whole kernel corn with chili powder, black beans and Mexican style stewed tomatoes.


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Easy 7-Up Peach CobblerThis is a Weight Watcher recipe I found on the internet. You can use any lemon lime diet soda, and you can use any frozen fruit.


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Fudge ParadiseI found this recipe on Facebook, and I changed it around to where it didn't have the 1 cup of walnuts in it. I will make this for the next church event.


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No Bake Sugar Free Oatmeal CookiesYummy oatmeal cookies without sugar. These are just mix and cool until set cookies!


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Steamed Lemony Baby CarrotsThese are steamed baby carrots boiled in lemon juice, Splenda and butter.



Growing Watermelon In Containers

Growing Watermelon In ContainersIt is suggested that when watermelon is grown in containers, the containers have at least a five gallon capacity per plant. Each of the containers shown here will hold about twenty gallons, so I planted two plants per container.


A solar light on a wooden floor.

Solar Night LightsI bought solar lights at WalMart for $.97 each and decided to use only the top portion, or solar panel part, to make my own night lights for inside the house.


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Remove Tomato Stains on ClothingI was folding clothes and found a tomato stain on my white shirt after it had been dried. I put Borax on it, hydrogen peroxide and bleach. After I bleached it, I soaked it in water for 10 minutes.


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Take A Plug Extension When TravelingHotel rooms and holiday chalets often have very few plug points, one or two if you're lucky. So pack with you a plug extension before travelling. You might need one for your laptop, one for the phone charger, one for the hair dryer, etc.


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Don't Forget to Look Under the CouchI thought I had deodorized my microfiber sofa, but continued to smell cat urine, especially when on the floor playing with my toddler. I turned the couch over and behold! The carpet was covered with stains caused by urine seeping all the way through the sofa.


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Denture Cleaner Works WondersI rejuvenated a garage-sale coffeemaker with denture cleaner tablets. I dropped several tablets in a cup of very hot water and used an old toothbrush and many q-tips to clean the inside of the lid, the filter holder, and as much of the reservoir as I could reach.


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Storing BlanketsTo save room when it came time to remove blankets or place a lighter weight bedspread/comforter, I merely place them on the bed and then put the sheets on over them.


Recycled Wine Rack Jewelry Tree

Recycled Wine Rack Jewelry TreeWine rack repurposed as a jewelry display!


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Painting Birthday PartyMy daughter is as well turning 11 in a couple days. She is having a few close friends over and they are all painting their own canvas. Each girl will take home their canvas and an apron they each decorated.


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Removing Tape Residue From ClothingI searched on how to remove no sew tape residue from clothing. The easiest solution was the paper towel remedy. Just lay the paper towel over the residue and iron over it. Press down firmly and voila! No more residue.


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Antacids For Muscle CrampsI had been getting a great deal of cramps in my hands and this tip has worked very well for me as . It is very simple, chew 2 Tums, or any antacid that is taken for an acid reflux or upset tum.


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Ajax for Water SpotsMy brother parks his car on the street and every night the sprinklers go on. When he wakes up in the morning, he has water spots on the right side of his car. He tried washing his car but the spots would not come off.


Scooter (Manx)

Scooter (Manx)My neighbor rescues kittens and puppies and older dogs. She had these three kittens from a lady who had to go to a rest home. I told her I would foster them until they could find a good home.


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DIY Laminated LabelsI recently organized our medicine cabinet and hallway closet with small plastic containers and baskets from the dollar store. I put all like items together in each basket.


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DIY Gel Laundry DetergentMany years ago when I was a student, I first found a homemade laundry detergent recipe on ThirftyFun (so long ago it wasn't even called TF yet!) and have used a variant of it for years and years.


June Sunset (West Coast of England)

June Sunset (West Coast of England)It was a lovely evening after the most glorious day on the 17th June. I walked into the garden and the sky took my breath away. I grabbed my camera just in time. It changed so quickly once the sun disappeared.


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Ultimate CheeseburgerEver try a cheeseburger from the Fatted Calf? This will duplicate it and make it even better! Make sure you use a fresh egg bun and here is the secret: Use Wispride Port Wine cheese as the cheese for it. Heavenly!


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Holes in DrywallIf you have a disposable bakers bag and a plain round tip, you can put a few tablespoons of putty in the bakers bag and pipe it into the hole.


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Larger Mouse PadI had been looking for a long time for a large mouse pad, because my hand was always going off the regular ones. Then it came to me to use a stiff vinyl placement, several of which I had on hand. I have been using it for a year or so, and it works perfectly!


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Rinse Straws Before UsingWhen you go to use a straw for your drink, just run it under the tap to clean any dust that maybe inside. I use straws to drink my green tea as I use honey and cinnamon and the cinnamon sinks to the bottom.


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Packing Eggs for CampingCrack eggs into a jar or container and store in fridge or cooler. You don't have to worry about broken shells and will save on space because you have no cardboard container. They will come out individual as you need them.


Watering Plants While Away from Home

Watering Plants While Away from HomeIf I am going away for a weekend, I worry about my 'plant friends'. I either leave them in a dishpan 1/2 filled with water, water the plants thoroughly then add a few ices cubes to the top of the soil to melt slowly, or use this little trick I created!


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Orange Peels To Ward Off AntsAnt killer: Save your orange peels! Mix up equal parts of peels and water in a blender, pour over the ants nest or transfer to a pump-spray bottle to mark a line around your property.



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Cleaning Makeup Off Pocketbook?How can I clean the outside of my pocketbook? I think it's makeup. It is red in color.


How to Clean Green Ponds?My pond is heavy green. How do I clean it having 2 filters in it?


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Getting Rid of Clover?How do I get rid of clover?


Closeup of the cover on one volume.

Value of the Book of Popular Science?I have a complete set of The Book of Popular Science, copyright 1961 by Grolier Inc. Can you tell me the value of this set and where I would look to sell it? Thank you!


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How to Clean Green Ponds?My pond is heavy green. How do I clean it having 2 filters in it?


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6 Week Old Puppy Won't Eat or Drink?I recently got a puppy and she won't eat her food or drink water. I gave her a fourth of the little Ceaser's wet food she tried eating it but lost interest, I tried giving her water and she didn't pay any attention to it even when I dipped my finger in the bowl.


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Making Paper or Fabric Palm Tree Leaves?Does anyone have any clever ideas on how to make palm tree leaves from paper or fabric?


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Machine Will Not Pick Up the Bobbin Thread?My sewing machine will not pick up the bobbin at all. As soon as I put the bobbin in, the needle will get stuck before it even moves. I've tried just about everything the past few days. What should I do?


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Using Swiffer or Clorox Ready Mops?Can the Swiffer or Clorox Ready mops handle heavy duty mopping or are they for quick clean up jobs?


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Name Ideas for a Cleaning Service?My sister-in-law and I want to start a cleaning service in the Shreveport, Louisiana area and I can't think of a name. Can anyone help me come up with a name that might be good for the area?


Several volumes of encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia Americana 1959 Edition?I have a complete set, in excellent condition, of The Encyclopedia Americana, 1959 Edition. Can you tell me it's value and where I would look to sell them? Thank you!


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White Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a White riding mower. The PTO warning indicator lights up and the mower won't start. Any suggestions?


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Removing Spoiled Milk Smell from Car?I have split cream in my car. I have tried remedies (vinegar and warm water, car spray, am now trying Gram's remedy powder for toe jams) to try and get that smell out. Helpful hints will be appreciated.


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Finding the On/Off Switch on Elgin Sewing Machine?Let me start by saying, I know almost nothing about sewing machines, so try to be thorough in your answer. I just purchased a Elgin zig zag Model S-1145 sewing machine and when I plug it in it just starts running.


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Training a Dog to Poop on Puppy Pad?My dog is 3 months old and she will pee on the pee pad, but won't poop on the pee pad. She will go in the house somewhere and poop. I'm trying to get her to poop on the pee pad. Do I need to get two out for her?


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Cleaning Business Name?I need a catchy name for my new cleaning business. My name is Madison and my 4 sisters will be helping me at times with the cleaning. I am having trouble coming up with a catchy name. Help!


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