July 22, 2013

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A donation can with cash in it.

Avoiding Charity FraudThis page is about avoiding charity fraud. When giving a donation to a cause, you want to make sure it is a legitimate organization.


Home Decorated for Girl's Birthday Party

Decorating Your Home for a PartyThis is a page about decorating your home for a party. Part of planning for a party at your home will include the decorations, whether a birthday party for your child or a dinner party with friends.


A cute dog yawning.

Keeping Your Dog From Being Bored?This page is about keeping your dog from being bored. Keeping your pet occupied with proper exercise and satisfying toys can help them maintain their health.


Dryer Sheets

Are Dryer Sheets Safe for Birds?These dryer softening cloths contain many chemicals before they are used in the dryer. This page is about are dryer sheets safe for birds?


Plastic produce bag full of vegetables.

Uses for Plastic Produce BagsThis page is about uses for plastic produce bags. These bags can be reused for a variety of storage needs.


Making a Puzzle Board

Making a Puzzle BoardThis is a page about making a puzzle board. A puzzle board with a raised edge provides the prefect surface to work on you puzzle and the edges help to prevent loss of pieces.


A woman with itchy ears.

Remedies for Itchy EarsThis page is about remedies for itchy ears. Ears can itch for a variety of reasons.


Girl with puffy hair.

Styling Puffy Hair?This is a page about styling puffy hair. Puffy or very curly hair can be a challenge to style.


Japanese Rose

Growing a Japanese Rose?This page is about growing a Japanese rose. The rosa rugosa is a suckering shrub that can form dense thicket with beautiful pink flowers.


A mom putting sunscreen on her child.

Applying Sunscreen to a Child?This page is about applying sunscreen to a child. Too much unprotected exposure to the sun is not good for anyone's skin.


Remodeled Mobile Home

Remodeling A Mobile HomeThis is a page about remodeling a mobile home. Remodeling a mobile home is not the same as working on a stick built house, but still maybe the better alternative to buying a new home.



Removing Mold and Mildew From CurtainsThis page is about removing mold and mildew from curtains. A difficult stain can develop when window coverings come in contact with moisture from condensation.


toaster oven

Recycling Small AppliancesThis page is about recycling small appliances. When a kitchen appliance no longer works, parts can be reused or recycled in a number of ways.


Prepare your home for an emergency.

Preparing For Emergency SituationsThis page is about preparing for emergency situations. We never know when an emergency may present itself and it's important to be prepared.


Chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Making Cookies in a Toaster OvenThis page is about making cookies in a toaster oven. When the weather gets hot or you want to save energy, a small amount of baking can be done in a toaster oven.


Plastic Baby Food Containers

Uses for Plastic Baby Food ContainersThis page is about uses for plastic baby food containers. Finding uses or recycling these containers keeps them from filling the landfills.


Woman with a blister on the bottom of her feet.

Preventing Blisters on FeetThis page is about preventing blisters on feet. New shoes or shoes you haven't worn much can irritate your feet.



Banana Bread Bars

Banana Bread BarsThese delicious banana bread bars are from a recipe a Vietnamese friend of mine passed on to me. They are dense and creamy and best served chilled.


Photo frame with dried flowers.

Decorated Picture FrameTable wood frame with glass cover, picture size 4 X 6, hand painted and decorated with dry nature from my garden.


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Vacation Packing Food For a CottageWe vacation in a cottage. I try to conserve on space when packing things into our compact car. Also, we try to be frugal by bringing from home as much as we can to save on grocery shopping. Prices are too high in vacation areas.


finished table

LEGO TableOur kids love to build with LEGOs. We wanted to give them a place to build and display their creations so we made these awesome tables! You can build this table for under $30 using a table you can get at IKEA.


upclose of puzzle board

Wooden Puzzle BoardWith our busy schedule it can take a long time for us to complete a puzzle. The cats are constantly knocking pieces on the floor or stuff is being set on the puzzle. So to solve this problem, my husband made me a wonderful puzzle board.


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Replace Elastic on Paper RespiratorsTake a paper respirator and remove those flimsy stretch bands off. Replace them with a more sturdy elastic band from a pair of old suspenders, or you can get 1/2 to 3/4 wide elastic band material from a sewing store.


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Cinnamon And Honey Drink for ColdsI had tried this last year when I had a very bad cold, it worked wonders on me to the point where I won't buy OTC meds now.


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Masking Tape to Keep Rugs from SlippingRugs on hard floors stop slipping if you roll masking tape at least 5 times around your hand and apply to each corner of the rug. The tape will not damage any tiles or even wooden flooring


Illini Feeds Mill (Wataga, IL)

Illini Feeds Mill (Wataga, IL)This is an old Illini Feeds mill in a small town in Illinois. I've been fascinated with it for years, and this time I actually had my camera with me.



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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm having my 14th birthday party soon and I'm lost at what to do for a party. I need cheap ideas. Please help.


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Buy Now, Pay Later Sites That Ship to the Phillipines?Does anyone know of buy now, pay later sites that cater orders from Philippines?


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Black Dye Transferred to White Clothing in Wash?I brought a black pair of jeans and my partner thought he would try and help by doing some washing for me, but he put these black jeans in with a load of white clothes and now everything has got black stains on it. Any suggestions of how to get it all out?


Two Labs.

Flies and Gnats Attacking Dogs?I have 3 pure bred Labs and they are outside dogs year round. Since we have had this horrid heat wave, they have a small kid pool that they play in. This month the flies are biting and gnats are starting to get bad on our oldest dog's face to the point she nearly claws herself in the eye.


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Helping a Friend to Move?I was not happy to find upon agreeing to help a friend move that not only would I be helping to move but to pack the stuff. She had no boxes and she is totally unorganized.


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Child Daycare Name Ideas?My name is Barbara and I live in a city with the name Lemon Grove.Could you help me come up with a catchy name?


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Determining the Value of Ceramic dolls?How do I find out what kind of dolls I have and what the value on them is?


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Recipes Using Sour Milk?What are some good, easy recipes that use sour milk?


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Emptying an Above Ground Pool?There's some really dirty water in the pool because we haven't cleaned it in months, how do I take the water out? The lady who owned it said that there's a door somewhere to release the water, I can't find it.


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High School Activities and Ideas?What sort of activities or things could I do to make my high school a fun school?


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How Do I Freeze Nectarines Without Syrup?How do I freeze nectarines w/o using sugary syrup? Is there a simple solution to use to freeze them?


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Removing Water Marks on Furniture?What is the iron cloth method to remove white water stains from a mahogany coffee table?


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Ending an Abusive Relationship?I have been in a relationship for 11 years. It just ended. He was not always very nice to me. He slapped me and tried to choke me once and he went to jail. When he came back he didn't touch me with his hands again. He was very verbally abusive.


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Getting Rid of Squash Bugs?I need a way that is not chemically dangerous to rid my garden of squash bugs that kill the plant overnight.


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Child Daycare Name Ideas?My name is Barbara and I live in a city with the name Lemon Grove.Could you help me come up with a catchy name?


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Determining the Value of Porcelain Dolls?I'm trying to find out how much my dolls are worth.


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Thund'r Blast Cleaner?Where can I buy Thund'r Blast? I don't like all the others everyone is talking about. Any ideas where I can buy it?


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Removing Ink Stain from Carpet?I got blue ink in my carpet. We put bleach and salt on the spot. Will the bleach take the color out of the carpet?


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