July 24, 2013

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Kwik Sew Pattern

Kwik Sew Patterns ReviewsThis page contains Kwik Sew patterns reviews. These quick to make sewing patterns are available online.


Veneer Table

Repairing Bubble in Wood Veneer Furniture?This page is about repairing bubble in wood veneer furniture. When the thin layer of finish wood on furniture is raised up, it can be difficult to repair.


Acne Scars

Remedies for Acne ScarsThis page is about remedies for acne scars. It is a challenge to be self confident if you feel your complexion doesn't match your self image.


Microfiber Couches

Protecting Microfiber Furniture?This page is about protecting microfiber furniture. A good way to avoid stains on your upholstery is to apply a protectant.


Plastic Wrap

Uses for an Empty Plastic Wrap RollThis page is about uses for an empty plastic wrap roll. When the wrap is used up, there are a few things the cardboard tube can be reused for.


A computer and printer.

Printing a Web PageThis page is about printing a web page. Printing just what you want off of the internet can take some practice.


Sprayin Insect Repellent

Removing Insect Repellent on Eyeglasses?This page is about removing insect repellent on eyeglasses. Certain chemicals can leave a cloudy film on your eyewear.


Mountain Bluet

Growing Mountain Bluet (Centaurea Montana)This page is about growing mountain bluet (centaurea montana). This perennial is great for borders and has beautiful blue, unusually shaped petals.


Dried tomatoes in a dehydrator tray.

Using a DehydratorThis page is about using a dehydrator. Many kinds of fruits and vegetables can be preserved by drying.


An adult dog in a crate.

Crate Training an Adult Dog?This page is about crate training an adult dog. Undertaken properly, your dog will come to love its crate and see it as a secure, cozy den.


Blyth Harbor

Blyth, England Frugal Travel GuideThis page is about Blyth, England frugal travel guide. This town's attractions include a large leisure center, the Phoenix Theatre, and one of England's most famous amateur football clubs the Blyth Spartans.


A girl looking in the mirror and using a medicated pad to treat acne.

Preventing Acne Scars?This page is about preventing acne scars. It is not easy to be self confident if you feel your complexion doesn't match your self image.


Kitchen with light colored cabinets.

Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Color?This page is about choosing a kitchen cabinet color. Determining what color will be best for your kitchen cupboards can be fun.



Cleaning WD-40 Stains from ClothingOil can be a difficult substance to remove from fabric. This page is about cleaning WD-40 stains from clothing.


Honeybee on a strawberry blossom.

Honeybee Information and PhotosThis page contains honeybee information and photos. Bees are a very important insect for the pollination of all kinds of flowers.


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Buttermilk Biscuits RecipesThese delicious biscuits are great for breakfast or with a main dish for supper. This page contains buttermilk biscuits recipes.


Woman giving her boyfriend a gift.

Birthday Gift Ideas for a BoyfriendFinding the perfect gift for someone you care about can be a challenge. This page contains birthday gift ideas for a boyfriend.


Microfiber Sofa

Repairing Tears on Microfiber FurnitureThis page is about repairing tears on microfiber furniture. When furniture fabric is torn, fixing it can be a challenge.


metal toaster

Most Useful Small Kitchen Appliances?This page is about most useful small kitchen appliances. When you want to give a helpful gift to someone without much kitchen space, find a useful appliance.



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Rhubarb Tapioca SauceThis is a simple way to make rhubarb and everyone loves it. I took it on a fishing trip and had to give the recipe to everyone. You can eat it warm or cold, on pancakes, ice cream, whatever you can think of. We like it with French vanilla coffee creamer.


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Two Ingredient BiscuitsThese biscuits are made with whipping cream and self rising flour. These are the only two ingredients.


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Easy Cheesy Buttermilk BiscuitsButtermilk biscuits made with vanilla, Splenda and lots of cheese. :)



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Natural Ant DeterrentMy parents lived in Africa and had an infestation of army ants. A local boy gave my mother some brilliant advice; put ash in a ring around the house. The ants will be tricked into thinking there is a forest fire.


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To Buy Or Not To BuyWhen I am deciding to buy clothing, I ask myself how many times I would be wearing the item. My rule is a dollar a day. So if the top I am going to buy is $10.00, will I at least wear it 10 times? If I don't think I will, then it is not a bargain.


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Make Creamy Tuna CasseroleWhen I make tuna casserole, I add sour cream and cream cheese to Cream of Mushroom soup.


Lawn Edging

Making a Small FlowerbedI have a small hill on my property where it meets a busy street. I decided to give the motorists and pedestrians something pleasant to look at as they passed by.


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Clean Furniture with Oxi CleanOxi Clean really works great. Add to line 1 per 16 oz. of water, for a cleaning vac or shampoo vac. Apply only enough solution to saturate chair. Allow solution to stand 1 - 5 minutes.


Fixing iPhone 4 Broken Back Glass

Fixing iPhone 4 Broken Back GlassReplacing a back on an iPhone 4 is super simple and a whole lot cheaper than getting a new phone. All you need are a few tools and a replacement back that can be purchase for fairly inexpensive.


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Head and Shoulders For FleasGive your cats or dogs a bath with Head and Shoulders shampoo. It will kill the fleas but they will still be stuck on your animal. After you give them a bath, take a fine tooth comb and get all those bloodsuckers off of them.


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Ask For Travel ReimbursementHealth and Human Resourses will reimburse you for the cost of the gasoline you had to purchase in order to go to and from doctor or dental visits. They will furnish you a form that you fill out and the doctor or staff member signs it.


Patriotic Air Show (McChord Airforce Base)

Patriotic Air Show (McChord Airforce Base)It was such an amazing air show! First time going to watch and I just loved it.



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Pool Wiring GFCI Keeps Tripping?Our pool only has 3 wires going in, 2 hots and a neutral, there is no ground. It was working fine with a regular breaker, then someone pointed out that it needed to be a GFCI breaker.


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Value of 1972 Golden Anniversary Edition Compton Encyclopedia?What is the value of the 1972 golden anniversary edition of Compton Encyclopedia and fact-index? I have all 22 volumes and all books are in great shape.


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Removing Heat Marks from a Table?Would a steam mop work?


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Getting Rid of Goat Heads?Will goats eat the plants and stickers? Or are the stickers too evil even for them? We have a lot of bees working the flowers so I don't want to spray chemicals.


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Rats Are Eating the Wires in My Truck?Help me please. I live on 5 acres. We just moved here about 8 months ago and I have never seen so many rats. They are big rats. I parked my truck and went out about a week later to start it and it wouldn't start.


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Making Netting Scrubbies?How much nettings do you buy to make one?


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Remedy for Dog with Gas?May French Bulldog has gas. I need to know what to do about dog gas. He will clear the house. I changed his food to Rachel Ray's wet food and Iams dry. Can I give him meds to control it? Help please.


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Decorating a Float With Theme: "Flying Into The Future"?I am working at the retirement home and the theme is Flying into the Future. Can you please give me an idea for decorating the float?


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's Birthday?My boyfriend and I will be celebrating his birthday soon. Except we are long distance and when it is his birthday a week later will be our anniversary. I know it might be a little too soon, but I still have to pick something and get it and send it all the way to India.


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Riding Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?I have a Poulan riding lawn mower and it keeps shutting off after about three seconds. What is the problem?


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Name Ideas for Interior Design Business?We would like to start an interior business. Kindly help me to get a brand name that starts with "V" or "N".


Tomato Plants Not Setting Fruit?Why are my tomato plants growing, but not producing fruit?


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Value of Collector's Choice Porcelain Dolls?How much would my, Collector's Choice by DanDee, porcelain doll be worth?


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Huskee Riding Mower Won't Start?My Huskee riding mower will turn over and it sounds like it's spinning really fast. I was mowing the lawn and it made a big pop and died. Now all it will do is spin really fast, but not fire up. Can you help me?


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Name For Interior Design Studio?I'm starting new interior studio and I need some unique name ideas for my studio. It should be an easy and attractive name. Please offer suggestions.


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Name for a Cleaning Business?My name is Daniel and I am struggling to come up with a catchy name for my cleaning business that I am trying to start up in London, England. I wanted something that's fresh and catchy!


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Tracking a Package Sent USPS?Approximately 15 May 2013 we sent a package back to the merchant by USPS. On July 22 the merchant said he did not receive package. We have since lost or threw away our tracking receipt. Can USPS history show if a package was delivered without a tracking number?


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Canning Previously Frozen Green Beans?I need to know if I freeze my garden snap green beans now can i pressure can them later? I am waiting for my replacement pressure regulator to come thru the mail and my beans are coming on now!


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Homemade Upholstry Cleaner?Does anyone know a good DIY cleaner for a great chair, but needs cleaning badly? The upholstery is a brushed fabric. Thanks.


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Treating a Kitten for Worms?I just got a new kitten. We saved it from outside a couple days ago and I found out it has worms and right now we can't afford to take it to the vet or buy anything. So does anyone know any home remedies? The kitten is 10 weeks old at least. I could really use some help.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter turning 13 and doesn't want a big party only her 2 best friends. I need some ideas for the party please.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I need help. My party is in 7 days, and it's sports themed. I don't know what to do as far as activities. It's at my house and we're already playing basketball and softball in my back yard, and in my pool. But I need help on ideas for what we should do. Plz help. By the way it's a group of 7.


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