December 14, 2013

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Hibiscus Flower

Getting Hibiscus Flowers to BloomThis is a page about getting hibiscus flowers to bloom. Hibiscus is a beautiful tropical plant that with proper care can bloom year round.


Smoking in Car

Removing Nicotine Residue from a Car Interior?This is a page about removing nicotine residue from a car interior. Smoking in a car can leave a terrible buildup of nicotine residue that is unsightly and smells bad.


Shipped Flowers

Sending Flowers Long DistanceThis page is about sending flowers long distance. You can brighten someone's day far away by having a floral arrangement delivered, but it can be expensive.


Man in Hospital With Get Well Card

Sending Get Well CardsThis page contains tips for sending get well cards. When some one you know is in the hospital or recovering from an illness, you want them to know you are thinking of them.


Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate Muffins RecipesThe more chocolate the better when making these delicious treats. This page contains chocolate muffin recipes.


Pile of Old Tires

Disposing of Old TiresThis page is about disposing of old tires. Finding a way to get rid of old tires where they can be useful and without having to pay, is the best.


Woman Recycling Her Old Cell Phone

Recycling Your Old Cell Phones And ComputersThis is a page about recycling your old cell phones and computers. Electronics are made of valuable resources. Recycling old cell phones and computers helps prevent pollution and saves energy.


Woman Polishing Silver

Preventing Silver from TarnishingUnsightly tarnish can mar the beauty of fine silver. With care and proper storage silver tarnish can be prevented.


Hanging Basket

Creating Hanging BasketsThis is a page about creating hanging baskets. Hanging baskets are a nice way to add a touch of color while showing off some lovely plants around your house.


Man Repairing a Toilet

Repairing a ToiletThis is a page about repairing a toilet. If you know a few things about how toilets work repairing them doesn't have to be difficult and can be quite simple.


Dog With Little Girl

Dog is Aggressive Around Children?This page is about dog is aggressive around children. Understanding why a dog behaves confrontational with children will help keep it, and everyone else comfortable and secure.


Girl Downloading Music

Tips for Downloading Music?This page contains tips for downloading music. You don't have to wait or leave home to find and buy your favorite music files on the internet.


Castor Oil

Uses for Castor OilThis is a page about uses for castor oil. Castor oil has many different health, beauty aid, and home remedy uses.


Tarragon Chicken

Tarragon Chicken RecipesTarragon provides a distinct flavor and makes chicken so delicious. This page contains tarragon chicken recipes.


Ground Beef and Rice Casserole

Ground Beef and Rice Casserole RecipesAn inexpensive baked dish can be made with cooked ground meat and rice. It is a great way to use up leftovers. This page contains ground beef and rice casserole recipes.


Thrifty Chef's Tools

Thrifty Chef's ToolsThis is a page about thrifty chef's tools. Many of the tools needs to be a successful chef may be lying around right in front of you or can be had very inexpensively.



Young girl holding cat.

Annabelle (Cat)She was born in my closet! She was a surprise.


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Bind Edge of Robe SleevesBuy some lace, about 2 inches wide in any color you like. Fold in half lengthwise and press with a warm iron. Bind edge of sleeve, like you bind a potholder. Sew with thread of the same color as the lace.


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Powdered Sugar Pancake WedgesA simple, but delightful snack good for a holiday party is pancakes. Yes, pancakes, but made over. These can be made with leftover pancakes as well.


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Add Perfume To HumidifierI do enjoy the odor of light scent in cologne and perfume but I'm allergic to most perfume. I did find a way to enjoy the scent without it actually touching my skin.



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Pruning a Salvia Amistad?Should I cut a plant called salvia amistad right back in the winter?


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Selling a Home in Need of Repair?I live in a mobile home that needs work. I can't afford these repairs. Propane costs about 2,000.00 a year which is way over my budget. I can't sell it without all these repairs being done. How can I go about moving without having to do this? I plan to move into senior housing.


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Can I Add Vinegar to my Humidifier?I want to know if I can put vinegar in the water in my humidifier. Would it be harmful to breath it in? How about for the kids?


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Windshield Washers Not Spraying?I have a 2005 Honda Civic. My windshield wipers work, but no fluid comes out when pressed. I don't hear the pump when doing this. Could it be a pump issue or something else?


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1993 S-10 A/C Heater Not Blowing Air?I have a 1993 Chevy S-10 pickup and the a/c and heater does not blow air.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?We have white appliances, light wood cabinets, and a tan vinyl floor. We are getting new countertops. If you could also advise on what color they should be, would be very helpful.


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Singer Steam Press Trips Residual Circuit?When the on/off switch is placed in the "on" position it blows the residual circuit breaker on the main circuit board.


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Identifying Flying Bugs in my House?When we're burning wood during the winter, between December and about the end of March, there are little tiny bugs flying around my kitchen table and in my bedroom. When I'm eating food, they like to land on my plate and usually they die, but sometimes they crawl for a few seconds then die.


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Value of Funk and Wagnalls New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Family Health?I have a 1988 edition of the Funk and Wagnalls "New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Family Health. It is in very good condition. They consist of volumes 1 thru 24 and look like they have never been read. Is there any value or interest in this set? How much is it worth?


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Finding Free Furniture?I'm a single mother. My daughter and I are moving. We need a couch, dining table, and dressers. Are there any places near me that help low income families with getting furniture for free?


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Making a Ginger Air Freshener?We recently took a cruise on Halong Bay in Vietnam. Our cabin smelled of fresh grated ginger every time we walked in. I'd like to be able to duplicate that wonderful fresh smell at home. Any ideas?


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Free Yarn for Charity Projects?How can I find free yarn? I am making hats for cancer patients.


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Using Capstar for an Older Cat?My cat is about 20 -25 yrs old. Is it still safe for him?


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Name Ideas for Daycare Business?We are opening a home daycare. I have a degree in education as well as a CDA so we will be educationally, however, creative/play learning based. People keep suggesting we use my name Carol or last name Hart. I am not necessarily thrown to this unless it is catchy. Any suggestions.


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Repairing a Sewing Machine?Can the tension wire in a sewing machine get stretched or be out of place? Mine does not pick up the thread or spring back when threaded. I have a Brother VX-810 model.


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Looking for Roasted Chicken Ramen Soup Recipe?There is a recipe called roasted chicken ramen soup out there. I can't find mine so if any one has a recipe please post it. Thanks.


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SSDI and Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My son has lost his dad's survivors benefit because I was recently was approved for SSDI. He will get 50%. I'm happy about that, but feel bad for him that he loses his dad's benefit which his dad payed into.


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My 95 Ranger Heater Not Working?The block won't even heat up. I replaced the thermostat today and the old one was in pieces so I thought that was it but it still won't heat up. Any advice?


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Social Security Death Benefits?If a father signs his rights away for his child and that child has been legally adopted, and years later her biological father (that signed his rights away) passes away, will that child be eligible to get his death benefits?


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Fertilizer for Outdoor Norfolk Pine Trees?What type of fertilizer is recommended for an outdoor Norfolk pine tree and how often should it be applied? The tree is located in PalmBeach Florida and is about 5 feet now.


Black and white puppy on couch.

What Breed is My Puppy?The mother is a tri colour mini Australian Shepherd. The owner told me the father was a small black dog. Any suggestions on what breed?


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