April 8, 2014

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Turkish Food

Middle Eastern RecipesThis is a page about middle eastern recipes. Many American favorite foods come from the healthy grains and beans that these cultures embrace.


Sprinkler Watering Lawn

Tips for Watering Your LawnThis is a page about tips for watering your lawn. Water can be saved and even reused when you are being smart about giving your garden and lawn just the amount of water it needs.



Kimchi RecipesA spicy, fermented vegetable dish that is a staple in Korea, and loved by many around the world. This page contains kimchi recipes.


Hair Dye

How to Remove Hair Dye Stains from ClothingWhile permanent hair dye stains on clothing are very difficult to remove, this page has some advice that may help. This page is about how to remove hair dye stains from clothing.


Lazy Gardening for Healthy Yards

Lazy Gardening for Healthy YardsThis is a page about lazy gardening for healthy yards. Composting your garden refuse can save you time and money, as well as, help mulch and feed your yard.



Using BaharatThis is a page about using baharat. A blend of spices used in many Middle Eastern cuisines and can also be used as a condiment.


Cat Laying on Blanket

Using a Pillowcase When Transporting CatsThis is a page about using a pillowcase when transporting cats. Carrying a cat in a pillow case allows it to breathe easily, and the animal cannot see where it is going.


Artificial Flowers in the Garden Watering Can

Using Artificial Flowers in the GardenThis is a page about using artificial flowers in the garden. To avoid the mess, save time and bring very early color to your garden or patio, you can use fake flowers.


Cat in Carrier

Using Cat CarriersThis is a page about using cat carriers. There are ways to make your own pet carriage, and ways to use your carrier that you may not have thought of.


Applying ink to block.

Making Linoleum Block PrintsThis is a page about making linoleum block prints. A fun unique way to decorate paper or fabric is making print blocks.


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie RecipesThis is a page about gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipes. Making chocolate treats without using gluten flours are delicious when they are cookies.



Katie spending some quality time with her bug babies- wonder how many will survive?

Bug FarmingMy friend got a praying mantis egg from her neighbor a while back and really didn't expect it to hatch, until her daughter, Katie started yelling one day. Hundreds of baby mantises hatched.


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Suspend Utilities while TravelingIf you know you are going to be away for more than two months, suspend your cable TV and internet. It will only cost $5 or $10 a month to do this, so you save a lot of money.


walk standing on rocks

Positive Reinforcement for Dog TrainingWhen teaching a dog to "come" by saying "come" or calling their name always praise them or give them a treat and make a big deal when they come to you. This will encourage them to always come when called. Be sure to never call your dog to you, then scold them for anything.


BlueBoy in a cage on perch.

BlueBoy (Parakeet/Budgie)BlueBoy is our little "rescue" bird, that we took in from our neighbor, who just couldn't care for him anymore, due to her poor health. He has brought much joy to our house!


man shopping for seeds

Buy Seeds at the End of SeasonEvery year store bought veggie seeds get more and more expensive. They make it sound like the seeds will be dead by next year. This is a fib to get us to buy more seeds! Yes plant seeds can die if they are years old or are stored improperly.


Pretty Microwave Hot Pad

Pretty Microwave Hot PadI found that this could be used to pick up hot baked potatoes out of the microwave oven. It was an extra piece I had left over from a craft project.


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Deodorant for Mosquito ItchI was actually looking through all these questions and I saw that one option said deodorant so I tried it. It was INSTANT!


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Avoid Cleaners With Ammonia to Remove Pet UrineWhen cleaning up any cat or dog pee on the floor never ever use ammonia. Dog and cat pee both have a high ammonia content (often cats more so than dogs) so the smell can attract your pet and cause them to keep mistaking that spot for a bathroom!


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Homemade Floor CleanerThe best way to clean your laminate floors without leaving a hazy film behind is simple, cheap and you can make it yourself!


Blooming Patio Peach Tree

Blooming Patio Peach TreeI received this tree as a gift three years ago. I have been given lots of compliments on how pretty it looks each spring.


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Aunt Patty's Peppermint PattiesI love these so much!



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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?We have white gloss kitchen units with white tiles, medium oak worktops, and medium oak flooring. I was thinking of neutrals. It is a kitchen diner, so I was thinking of a accent colour on one wall


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Value of The University Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Knowledge?How do I find the value of the entire ten-volume set, copyrights 1902 and 1911 by P.F. Collier and Son, well-used condition?


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Bugs on the Window Sills?On occasion I have found these small black or dark bugs, that when I look closely, have white stripes on them. They are mostly in the window sills, but I also have found a few when I swept my kitchen floor. So now I'm getting a new broom and cleaning out the vacuum.


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Name Ideas for a Nursery School?I need a catchy name for a nursery in Saint Petersburg. The nursery will be "British in style and in ideology". My names are Trevor Tanaka Taylor. It will mainly focus on teaching English as a second language to non native speaking children.


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Cooking Lamb in a Turbo Oven?How long do I cook lamb chops in a turbo oven?


long haired small dog

My Dog Won't Eat?I've had Kendi, my mini Poodle/Yorkie for almost two years now. She usually has plenty of energy and barks at everyone. She used to love to play and she would greet everyone. I just got home from staying at my brother's house for three days ...


Brown dog with black markings.

German Shepherd Mix (Jaz)?I'm just wondering if anyone knows what she (Jaz) might be mixed with? I see a lot of German Shepherd, but I just can't figure out anything else. She's 2 years old, very energetic, likes water, and is protective over my little one, also very loving and thinks she's a lap dog. She's about 50 pounds.


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?I turn 16 in December, but I'm thinking to have my party early cuz it's a week before Christmas and when I have parties in December no one shows up cuz they are too busy. What type of party should I do for my 16th birthday?


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New NIPSCO Digital Utility Meters?I live in Northwest Indiana and NIPSCO (my utility company) just installed these new digital meters. I just found out that I had the authority to opt out of them if I wanted to. But now the thing is mounted on the back of my house like a big slap in the face from NIPSCO.


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Name Idea for Interior Designer Firm?I want my firm's name to use the letters (F, N, Y). Can you suggest to me some unique names?


Brown puppy with shamrock scarf.

What Breed is My Dog?What breed is my dog? He's almost 5 months old and the pound said he was a Shepherd mix, but he's not as big as a Shepherd should be. Can anyone help?


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Daycare Name Ideas?I'm opening a daycare and need a name including what my nephews call me, which is MayMay.


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My Wetjet Stopped Spraying?I bought new batteries and the spray still doesn't come out! I think the commercials are wrong. I am very disappointed.


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Selling Scrap Copper?How much is #1 scrap copper in Louisville Kentucky?


Brown puppy with black ear tips.

What Breed is My Puppy?I would love to know the breed of my fur baby. My son gave him to me and also has no idea what my pup is mixed with.Would anyone have an idea? Please tell me.


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Other Cats Using My Cat Flap?I have a female neutered cat who uses her cat flap regularly, but another cat is coming in and peeing in the kitchen. I have sprayed everywhere with Dettol and with Febreze, but it still comes back. It is now smelling at the door to the hall.


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