August 6, 2014

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Man Shopping for  Food on a Budget

Stretching Your Food BudgetThere are many ways with smart shopping and planning that you can make your grocery money go farther. This is a page about stretching your food budget.


Porcelain Countertop

Repairing Marks on Porcelain Countertop?This is a page about repairing marks on porcelain countertop. A porcelain finish can get marked and scratched. Removing or covering these blemishes can help it look better.


Woman with Short Hair Style

Choosing a Short Hair Style?This is a page about choosing a short hair style. Finding the most attractive hair style for you hair type and face shape can be a challenge. Short hair generally takes less time for styling and care.


Man Fixing Mower

Mower Won't Start?This is a page about helping when your mower won't start. When your lawn mower won't start, the grass doesn't stop growing. Whether gas, air, spark or the pull starter, it can be frustrating.


sour cream mango cake

Mango Cake RecipesA delicious cake can be made with the addition of this wonderful tropical fruit. This page contains mango cake recipes.


Sporting Equipment

Environmental Impact of Your Sporting...This is a page about the environmental impact of your sporting equipment. Buying your clothing locally, using bags and other equipment made out of natural or recycled materials, make less of a footprint on our world.


chipmunk in snow

Helping Garden Wildlife in the WinterThis is a page about helping garden wildlife in the winter. When the days grow short, the birds and animals that visit your garden can enjoy a few things you do for them. You will benefit from the winter visitor entertainment.



leaf covered with powdery mildew

Powdery Mold or Mildew on Garden CropsI's that time of year again, the garden and the garden pests are back with a vengeance! This is what white mold looks like. It destroys cucurbit crops such as pumpkins, cucumbers, and peas. To date we have tried everything to rid ourselves of this.


screen shots of hotel info

Booking a Hotel Through a Third PartyWe recently did our annual summer driving trip. I made all of our hotel reservations through Travelocity. On our last night of the trip, the hotel we stayed at had major cleanliness issues.


lavender flowers and bottle of essential oil

Uses for Lavender Essential OilSoothing Sunburns: It's that time of year again. The sun is out there baking our brains and our bodies. Did you know that one of the fastest and safest ways to cure minor burns including sunburns is with lavender essential oil?


Easy and Secure Password ManagementThis is a tip passed on to me by my security instructor that works with government installations. Go to a password generator website. Choose to generate an 8 character string and check the boxes for lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols.


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Wash Laundry Detergent CapI hate having streaks of detergent running down my detergent bottles. It will then drip onto my dryer. After it dries, I have to scrub to get it off.



unknown plant

What are These Plants?I have these leaves growing in my garden where I spread all kind of flower seeds. So far the leaves just stay the same size with no sign of any bloom. Are they a weed?


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Getting Rid of an Ant Hill?We have an ant hill about 3 feet high on our property. It is getting bigger. What do you recommend?


unknown plant

Is This a Weed or a Giant Marigold?I have a few of these in my garden, the leaves look like marigold leaves. It's so tall, but has no bloom. Are they weeds or giant marigold?


hydrangea with two pink flowers

Hydrangea Not Blooming?I have 4 hydrangea plants. I planted them at least 4 years ago, I never trim them, I just leave them the way it is all year round. I planted them, some in the shade and some in the sun. For many years, they never bloomed.


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ASPCA Dog Vaccination Truck Schedule?When is the next vaccination truck schedule for Bronx, New York, in the 10458 zip code?


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Establishing Credit?How do I get credit to make purchases?


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Musty Smelling Cellar?I have a walk-out cellar w/2 windows and a patio door. The windows are open all the time and I still get that smell. I purchased a dehumidifier. I ran it for a week straight which helped with the smell but almost doubled my light bill. Would a ceiling fan help?


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Painting Vinyl Mobile Home Walls?How can I paint over vinyl mobile home walls?


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11th Birthday Party Game and Activity Ideas?My daughter is turning 11 soon and we need some ides like games and activities.


plant Stem

What is This Plant?I have a bunch of this growing in my garden. From far away it looks like some hairy things on the branch. Close up it looks like a bunch of red bugs growing on it. It looks like it's about to bloom. It has even jagged edge. Is it a weed or some kind of flower?


bug with larvae

Identifying Bugs in House?Please help me, I found a bug with larve that was crawling on my leg. When I picked it up with the paper towel I took a picture and noticed all the white larve on the towel. What is this bug? Please help me. I also find these small brown bugs near my patio screen door that don't move, laying inside near my screen. Have no idea but they don't move.


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Home Repair for Low Income Families?I have a friend whose house needs complete remodeling, roof, plumbing, dry wall, etc. I feel that her home is not a safe place. She is on disability and she is not physically or financially capable of doing any of the work. She has no family to call on.


green leafy plant

What is This Plant?I have a bunch of these plants growing in my garden, they grew closely together. Are they a weed or they are some kind of plant?


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Proper Care of a Money Tree Plant?My boss purchased a money (good luck) plant from Home Depot, but we need to know how "not" to kill the plant.


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Value of 1967 Jacobsen Reel Type Mower?I have a pristine vintage mower. It is a Jacobsen reel type self propelled mower, model #60102 type 0271 01. The date is 11/29/1967, serial number 12104 10740. It has a 3hp Briggs and Straaton engine. That is all the information I have, I am just trying to find out the estimated value.


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Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse?Has anyone had a problem with the weight of 3 or 4 pots stacked on each other breaking the ones below them?


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Child Care Business Name Ideas?My last name is Lee and would like suggestions on catchy names for a daycare.


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Getting Rid of Fleas?I need a remedy for fleas, with no money to buy anything. My dog has got fleas so bad, that when I gave him a bath he was actually bleeding from being bitten.


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Value of Encyclopedia Set?What is the value of 1950's Funk and Wagnall's encyclopedia set?


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Cleaning a Toilet on a Septic System?Should I use an Oxygen Powder in my toilets if I have a septic system?


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