January 12, 2015

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Roach Trap

Making a Homemade Roach TrapThis is a page about homemade roach trap. In climates where cockroaches thrive, it can be a challenge to keep them under control. Making your own traps can save you money.


Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie RecipesThis page contains lemon pie recipes. The tart and tangy taste of a homemade lemon pie is sure to be a hit.


Grease Cleaners

Homemade Grease CleanersThis is a page about homemade grease cleaners. You don't have to buy a specialized cleaner for those greasy jobs around your home. You can make your own recipe with inexpensive, even green products.


Steak Roll

Steak Roll RecipesThinly cut or pounded steak wrapped jelly roll style around a tasty filling makes a delicious main dish. This page contains steak roll recipes.


BLT Wrap

BLT Wrap RecipesThis page contains BLT wrap recipes. A quick, easy alternative to the traditional BLT sandwich is a delicious BLT wrap. They are great for lunch or a snack.


Squirrel on a Tree

Attracting SquirrelsThis is a page about attracting squirrels. While some gardeners and homeowners find these little rodents to be pests, other love to watch their antics.


Pork Roast

Pork Roast RecipesThis page contains pork roast recipes. There are so many delicious recipes for pork roast, you can try a new one each time you prepare this cut of meat.


Kleenex wads

Removing Kleenex from ClothingThis is a page about removing Kleenex from clothing. If you have ever forgotten to take a Kleenex out of your pocket before putting the item into the wash, you know how frustrating it is to remove the paper bits and lint that are left behind.



Using Expired CouponsThis is a page about using expired coupons. When a coupon's expiration date has come and gone, there may still be a way to take advantage of its value.



Mama Bear Porridge

Mama Bear PorridgeThis is something my grandmother used to make for me to get me to eat oatmeal. If you have healthy children that hate oatmeal they will love this!


Dreamy Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Dreamy Mashed Sweet PotatoesA twist on your regular dish. These are creamy, sweet, and oh, so good! They are very easy and pair well with a savory main course. Try them! I don't think you'll be disappointed.


square piece of cake on plate

Almond Joy CakeThis tastes so much like an Almond Joy candy bar. Not only is it ridiculously tasty, it is equally easy. If you are looking for an impressive dessert that requires rookie effort, this is it. Enjoy!


Heavenly Hot Chocolate Mix

Heavenly Hot Chocolate MixWho doesn't like hot chocolate? Especially on a cold winter day! Now let me tell you, that this 4 ingredient recipe, is the easiest, simplest, delicious homemade hot chocolate ever!



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Freeze Cakes Before FrostingAfter baking a cake, put your cake pans in the freezer for an hour before frosting them. They will not crack and crumble when you put on the frosting.


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Cube Potatoes to Speed Cooking TimeIf you are boiling potatoes to mash, it doesn't take long to dice the raw, peeled potatoes instead of halving or quartering them - and it really speeds up boiling time.


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Free Recycled FirestartersI stuff return envelopes from junk mail with dryer lint and seal it. When we use the fireplace, we put the wood on top of the envelope and light it. The paper catches right away and the dryer lint burns long enough to catch the wood.


finished case with point up

Protective Scissor CaseCarrying scissors is dangerous, making a protective case a must! This project shows how to make a protective case for scissors using paper and cardboard. It's quick to make, and does a pretty good job too. This is especially relevant to children for whom a protective case for scissors is important.


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Citrus Peels for Garbage Disposal OdorsTo avoid odor or make odor go away, put lemon, lime, or orange peels and grind in the disposal with hot water. You will notice the odors will go away.


K-Cup Drain Stopper

K-Cup Drain StopperTake an unused Keurig cup and place it in the drain. A great temporary solution that works like a charm!


First Sewing Project: Fleece Blanket - girl on couch with blanket

First Sewing Project: Fleece BlanketI made my husband and I fleece blankets for Christmas a couple years ago. My daughter really wanted one so we picked this as her first sewing project. It's a very simple, forgiving project with a big fuzzy reward.


tooth pillow front

My Tooth PillowFor my nieces', nephews', and close friends' 6th birthdays, I make small tooth pillows. I ask their favorite colors, and it's nearly always pink and purple for the girls, and red and/or blue for the boys.


Jona and Paulette

Jona and Paulette (Cats)Both of these kitties turned up at my doorstep. Paulette turned up hiding under the car next door. Jona showed up from a neighbor whose daughter had found her and her sister abandoned in a box, in a high school schoolyard, at 3 days old.



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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas?I want to have a 16th birthday party. My parents are divorced and my dad said he would pay for it, but most of the people that would come would be on my mom's side of the family and she is not willing to help my dad pay.


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Clearing a Clogged Drain?I seem to have a severe problem with clogged drains and don't like to use abrasive methods as I live in old house.


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Selling Valuable Book Set Online?I have a set of books I am interested in selling. They are over 230 years old and it looks like the best way to find someone interested in them would be some sort of online transaction or auction website.


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Breaker Will Not Reset?Tonight I tried to turn on my radiator, but it uses a lot of power so it cuts off the power in my room sometimes causing me to have to flip the breaker switch back on for my room. Tonight when I tried flipping the switch back on, the power in my room will not come back on.


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Cleaning Service Name Ideas?I am starting a cleaning company and I am stuck on the name. My name is Karen, I live in Tennessee, and I am interested in pre-sale house cleaning or commercial office cleaning. I want it to sound professional but friendly and reliable. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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A/C Heater Blower Not Working Properly?My blower motor will not run except on low. I can unplug the relay and replug it and the blower motor will run only in the hi position. I have replaced the relay, resistor, and the switch and nothing works


closeup of bobbin

Top Thread Catching on Bobbin?I just bought a new Singer Simple 3229 as my first sewing machine. The thread would jam in the bobbin area very frequently, making it virtually unusable (due to frustration and having to re-sew the area over and over). So, I opened my machine up to see what was happening.


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Social Security Disability Payments for Dependents?My father past away when I was 11 years old from cancer. He was receiving benefits and it stopped when he passed. People would tell my mother that she could still receive benefits for the children (4 of us all underage), but she never went to apply.


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Cat Peeing in Room at Night?My 2 year old fixed female cat has started to urinate in my room at night. She doesn't urinate anywhere else and she doesn't urinate in my room during the day. I leave my door open so she has plenty of opertunity to go downstairs and use the letterbox, but she doesn't.


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Itchy Dog?I have a two year old Pomeranian. Last year at this time he broke out in hot spots all under belly and bad in pits of legs. Went on a vegetarian dog food. We did tons of meds from vet by mouth and shampoos and sprays. He lost almost all of his hair underneath.


white puppy with tan ears sitting

What Breed Is My Dog?I was told he was a Beagle/Corgie mix. I can see the Beagle, but I'm not sold on the Corgie part from other pics I have found.


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Sweet 16 Party Ideas?My sweet 16 is in March, and I don't know what to do. I don't want a huge big party, and I'm only having about 4 really good friends over, all girls. So I would really like some advice. I looked up some suggestions and all I get are big party ideas.


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Cleaning Company Name Ideas?My husband and I are starting our own cleaning business and really cannot decide on a name and slogan for our company. My name is Iris and his is Garth. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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Valance Colour Advice?I have a black leather couch, black and silver carpet, light cream walls, and darker cream curtains. What would be the best colour for a valance?


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Value of 1977 World Book Encyclopedia Set?What is the value of complete set of 1977 World Book Encyclopedias?


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Decorating Tables for Super Bowl Supper?We are having a souper-bowl soup supper for the senior adult class called the Rockers and I need some ideas on decorating long tables.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?I am currently drawing Social Security Disability and my son also draws a check for me being disabled. My wife, and my son's mother passed away a few years ago from cancer. Are either of us eligible to draw Social Security Survivor benefits from her?


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Finding Old Betty Crocker Recipes?Does anyone know of a website where you can find old Betty Crocker Cookbook recipes? I had an old recipe book that I loved, but it was lost in a fire many years ago. I loved so many of the recipes, but I cannot find them anywhere. I don't even remember what year it was published.


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Treating Dog's Ears With Zymox?I want to know how to get zymox. I read it would help my dog's ears.


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No Power to Sewing Machine Foot Pedal?I got a vintage Kenmore YK230 sewing machine second hand. I cleaned it and oiled it. The light goes on, but no current goes to the foot pedal. Can it be fixed?


dolls in a display cabinet

Selling a Doll Collection?My grandmother passed years ago, and I inherited them. I have been thinking about giving them to my 3yr old daughter, but she won't have the same appreciation as others may. So how do I figure out their worth?


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Cleaning the Outside of Aluminum Pressure Cooker?How do I clean the outside of an aluminum pressure cooker? The inside is clean, but the outside part has become reddish. How do I clean that?


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Altering the Neckline on a Pajama Top?How do I make a too large neckline smaller, without taking all the seams out? I just want to keep it from falling off my very narrow shoulders, it is a PJ top made of jersey knit. I am an elderly beginner.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?My father passed away in 1986. My siblings and I received monthly benefits till we reached the cut off age. So our mother was only the benificiary and the payments were stopped, but she is still alive. How many payouts or how many months or years should my mother receive monthly benifits?


tan dog with white on nose

What Breed Is My Dog?This is my 2 year old rescue. The abuse I took her from I couldn't repeat. It was heart breaking, I received her at 6 weeks weighing 1.34 kgs, and over that she had worms and fleas. I was told that her parents are Staffies, dad a brindle and mum I believe a blue, I can't recall.


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Birthday Party Ideas?So as always I have left my party to the last minute! It happens every year. I have a relatively large house and have over twenty people I could invite. But I am unsure if I want a big party this year. If I have a smaller party I have like 8 main friends that I could invite.


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Removing Label from Plastic Bottle?I need a quick way to get labels off of a plastic bottle. It is a hand soap bottle.


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14th Birthday Party Theme Ideas?I'm turning 14 in March and have no idea what to do. I mean, I am going to have a party, but don't know what theme I should do.


brindle dogs

What Breed is My Handsome Boy?I rescued "Tink". I call him that due to submissive weeing. He came from a horrid abusive situation, when I got him at 10 to 12 weeks. However with a lot of love, he is awesome.


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Asking My Crush to Twirp (Turnabout Dance)?I've been talking to this guy for a while. Twirp is coming and I really want to ask him. I've never asked anyone before, so I want this to be cute and special. He's into dirt biking, hockey, video games, and he loves cookies.


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Cat Missing Hair Near Wound on Neck?I have 2 cats, one of them has a small patch of hair missing on her neck with very little dry blood around it. There was a smalll scab/bump there the day before. Is this a scab my cat broke open? Or is it more serious? She has no other change in behavior.


doll in floral dress with white top

Value of Jeanne Singer Porcelain Doll?I bough a porcelain doll at my work and on the tags it says it was made by Jeanne Singer and her name is Gina. I can only find 2 online sources with info and pricing, but the doll I have has red eyes and the same exact one on the website I found has brown eyes and sold for $30-$50 on eBay.


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