February 19, 2015

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Peruvian Food

Peruvian RecipesThis page contains Peruvian recipes. Enjoying traditional foods from Peru can introduce you to new flavors and keep your menu from getting boring.


Room With Many Windows

Furnishing a Room With Many Windows and DoorsThis is a page about furnishing a room with many windows. It is wonderful to be able to take advantage of the natural light many windows give a room, and still maintain your comfort and privacy.



Replacing Toothbrushes After IllnessThis is a page about replacing toothbrushes after illness. After being sick it may be a good idea to get a new toothbrush to maintain your health.


Outdoor Cat

Raising Cats to Live Partially OutdoorsThis is a page about raising cats to live partially outdoors. Many cats live where they are able to be in and outside, but it helps to keep track where they are doing their duty.


Celebrating Kwanzaa

Celebrating KwanzaaThis is a page about celebrating Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is a unique American celebration, which is neither political nor religious. The focus is on traditional African values of family, community responsibility, commerce, and self-improvement.


Woman Traveling with Jewelry

Traveling with JewelryThis is a page about traveling with jewelry. It is nice to be able to wear the bling you want. Keeping your valuables safe when traveling, can be a challenge.


Coffee Creamer

Recipes Using Coffee Creamers?This page contains recipes using coffee creamers. Artificial creamers can be used in recipes for people who want or need to avoid dairy products.


Homemade Game

Homemade Game IdeasThis is a page about homemade game ideas. There is money to be saved and fun to be found when making your own games.



A dinner plate with roast chicken with aji sauce

Roasted Chicken with Aji SauceOur family loves a little Peruvian restaurant in our town. It's delicious but a little too expensive. I did a search for the famous aji sauce they serve and found a few options. The first one I tried was amazing! It is so simple but full of flavor.


Easy Apple Dumplings

Easy Apple DumplingsI thought I'd share this delicious dessert that I used to make when my kids were home on snow days. It soothed the senses twice by filling the house with the smell of warm baking apples that we would enjoy after shoveling snow or sleigh riding.



Duct Tape Carrot Pen 2

Duct Tape Carrot PenPerfect for Easter or anytime, this funky carrot pen is sure to make writing more fun!


carrot pen in pen holder

Bunny Bottom Pen HolderThis adorable pen holder is sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you go to use your pen. :)


finished butterfly

Crochet Butterfly BookmarkBookmarks are a fun way to use up those odds and ends that you don't know what to do with. They are also a nice instant gratification project! This butterfly will hold your place nicely. It's extra cute with google eyes too. You can make a whole family of butterflies.



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15th Birthday Party Ideas?My 15th birthday is on March 1st and I don't know what to do. I'm not a girly girl and I don't have that many friends since I just moved to a new state.


medium wood bookcase

Value of Roycroft Bookcase?Would anyone be able to tell me the estimated value of a Roycroft bookcase made to hold the volumes of "Little Journey" books?


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Business Name for Special Education Classes?I am looking for a name to start my special education classes in New York, but am having a hard time finding the right name. Can you help the frustrated one?


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Clutch Release on Sewing Machine?I am wanting to fill a bobbin, but the clutch release wheel on my old Singer sewing machine will not turn. What can I do?


tan brown and dark dog

What Breed Is My Dog?He is 4 years old, has thick, rough fur and a curled tail. If someone can help I would really appreciate it! Thanks.


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What Can I Make with These Ingredients?What can I make with apples, butter, flour, three eggs, syrup, and raisin bran? I'm limited to these ingredients at my beach house.


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Slogan Ideas for a Preschool?I am starting a pre-school named Rising Stars. Please suggest slogan/tag line.


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Card Lost in the Mail?My sister sent me $100 throught the mail in a card. I have not received it yet. What should I do?


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Unpainted Resin Santas?I am looking for unpainted resin Santas to buy and paint. Can someone let me know where I can buy some?


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Removing Pilling from a Coat?How do you remove the little fur balls or pills from your coat?


dog sitting next to pool

Dog Drinking Lots of Water?My dog, who is 13, drinks lots of water and pees a lot. Why?


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color?I bleached my hair to get to a blonde. I want to go back to my dark brown/black color. Would I be able to go dark again with just a drugstore dye like L'oreal Ultimate Natural Black? I don't want to damage my hair more than it is already because it has been bleached. What would be my best choice here?


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13th Birthday Ideas?My daughter is turning thirteen on the 17th of March and I am clueless on what to do, because she has so many friends from school and netball. But I am afraid they won't get along. Please help?


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Girl Dog Names?I have a female German Shepherd, but I don't know what to name her. I would really like for it to be related to the ocean. Also, my favorite place is North Carolina and it has lots of beaches so maybe the name of one of the beaches?


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Centerpieces for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?What type of table decorations do you recommend for a seafood buffet served in an open barn on the water in south Georgia? The groom loves golf and plays the piano and is in the medical field. We would like to stay rustic burlap, but need help with centerpieces. The wedding will be in the spring.


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Name Ideas for a Personal Services Business?I am interested in starting a home based business. I never make any money, for my reward is of the inner satisfaction type. I am a rather busy mom, for I am a stay at home mom who home schools three teens.


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Getting Rid of Pigeons?Please help me get rid of them. I hose them on a daily basis, but they still return.


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Ice Maker Only Dispensing Crushed Ice?I can only get crushed ice even when I push to get cubes.


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Removing Salt Stains on Ugg Boots?I just bought a pair of chocolate brown Ugg boots. I wore them out in the snow once, and now they have huge salt stains on them. I don't want to use vinegar or black coffee because I don't want to change the colour. Any ideas?


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Raising Budgies?How much time will it take a budgie to hatch?


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Female Pit Will Not Gain Weight?I have a 3 year old red nose Pit Bull. She had puppies for the first time by our blue nose brindle, but now that the puppies are 8 weeks old she still can't seem to gain any weight. We feed her almost 5 times a day. I give her soft food, as well, mixed into her dry food.


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Ice Maker Not Working?Our Kenmore side by side with factory installed ice maker is not making ice at all. Prior to this for some reason every once in a while we would have water spilled forming icicles, otherwise we would have ice. Now nothing happens, no ice or spilled water to form the icicles. Suggestions?


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14th Birthday Ideas?I've been debating a lot about what I should do for my 14th birthday. Last year, I went out to eat, but I only had a couple people show up and most of them just sat on their phones texting each other from across the room.


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Cleaning Company Name Ideas?I need a nice name to start my business.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?My biological father died, but he gave up rights to me. Can I still get his Social Security benefits? If so how do I go about doing so? Also he died when I was 16; I am now 28. Can I get a lump sum of back pay? I could really use the money. I have a child of my own and no money.


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Wash Cycle Not Working on Whirlpool Washer?How do I fix the wash cycle on my washer?


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Name Ideas for Indoor Playground Centre?I would like to open an indoor playground centre for children. Please help me with a suitable eye catching name.


closeup of Cooper's face

What Breed Is My Dog?This is Cooper. I adopted him about two weeks ago from a local shelter. He's about ~39 lbs, and has the softest coat. The shelter thought he was an Australian Shepherd mix, but I think he looks more like a Border Collie. The vet thought maybe a Border Collie and some type of terrier.


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Training a Dog Not to Jump and Bite?My small black female toy Poodle, Lucy, that we picked up from a rescue centre a month ago keeps on biting my jumpers. The 4-year-old dog is now getting very aggressive with me. What should I do?


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10th Birthday Ideas?My daughter is having a birthday on March 28; she is turning ten. I don't have anything planned. What do I do?


black and brown dog

My Breed Is My Puppy?I adopted Nina from a shelter and was told she was a Shepherd mix. She was rescued from Mexico without any parents so I do not have much of an idea what breed she really is. When we got her at 12 weeks she was 9 pounds. Her last check up about a month ago at 5 months old she was 20 pounds.


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