March 19, 2015

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decorative cupcake wrappers

Making Valentine Cupcake WrappersUnique coverings can be fashioned for your holiday cupcakes with stiff paper and your stamps. This is a page about making Valentine cupcake wrappers.


soft sculpture Cupid doll

Making Soft Sculpture DollsThis is a page about making soft sculpture dolls. These timeless, cuddly children's dolls can be made using recycled panty hose or new fabric from the craft store.


repair fiberglass

Repairing a Fiberglass Tub or ShowerThis is a page about repairing a fiberglass tub or shower. The brittle texture of this material can crack and wear over time. There are ways to patch and smooth fiberglass to extend its usefulness.


small white church

Church Banquet Decoration IdeasThis is a page about church banquet decoration ideas. Planning the decorations for a special occasion luncheon at your church can be a lot of fun despite the work involved.


heart shaped calzones on plate with sauce for dipping

Making Mini Cheesy Heart CalzonesWhether you make these for Valentine's Day, or any day these tasty mini calzones are sure to become a family favorite. This is a page about making mini cheesy heart calzones.


Tin Can Robot

Making a Tin Can RobotThis is a page about making a tin can robot. This is a great recycle project for you and the kids to make together.



brownie with a scoop if ice cream garnished with a mint

Peppermint Fudge BrowniesI really enjoy recipes that start with a mix! Completely from scratch is great, but there isn't always time. By adding crushed Starlite mints and chocolate chips, you can turn a brownie mix into something just a bit more special.


cheese covered stuffed shells

Broccoli Stuffed Pasta ShellsThis is a delicious main dish that is easy and quick to prepare. It is my own recipe from years ago. My kids really loved these! I hope you do too.



Supplies for making baked taco salad shells.

Unexpected Weight Loss from Taco SaladsFor quite some time I've wanted to own a tortilla pan because I love taco salads in those deep fried tortilla bowls. It just so happened that our area box store had them featured in their sale ad. And as luck would have it, another store just happened to have large flour tortillas marked down to half price.


young boy holding a white puppy with black markings

Brutus (American Pit Bull Terrier )We got our furbaby 2 weeks ago. We saw him and couldn't resist that adorable face.


cooking a patty with a small hole in the center

Add Hole To Hamburger PattiesMy son showed me how to keep my ground beef patties from swelling up like pillows. I am really old and didn't know this. I hope I am not the only one. When he cooks hamburgers he puts a thumb hole in the patty and it won't swell up.


Felt Carrot Pin

Felt Carrot PinThis fun little felt carrot pin is so easy to make. It would be a great Easter gift too!


jars with markers soaking in water

Making Watercolor Paints with Dried Up...Instead of throwing away all those dried up markers, you can create paint for the kiddos, or yourself, with them. Separate the colors - reds, blues, greens, etc. Put each group of colors in a small jar with water.


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Clear Eyes for Pet Tear Stain RemovalUse Clear Eyes, yes, the eye drops for humans. They have seven (I think) different formulations. Any of them will work. Place a couple of drops on the stain, gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Leave it on for at least ten minutes then rinse and dry.


Felt Fruit Basket

Felt Fruit BasketMy mom and I created these felt fruits to go along with the Felt Veggie Garden that we made for my son. These are great to take along in the car or make a nice addition to a play kitchen. :)


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WD-40 for Removing AdhesiveI had put the little self-adhesive plastic strips in my bathtub several years ago. They worked quite well, and they stayed useful for several years. They eventually began to peel around the edges and I decided to pull them off and go back to the rubber bath mat.


Finished shelves hanging on the wall.

Painted Shelf with Circles PatternRecently, I saw a beautiful fabric at the store. It was dark blue with light blue circles. I had some shelves that I found in our alley and didn't know what to do with them. I decided to recreate that pattern on the shelves. It was a pretty simple project.



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Displaying an Antique Wooden Wall Hanging?I have this piece that was made without any nails, glue, or any modern things to hold it together. It is a hand carved picture that looks Japanese. It originally was a wall carving. It was in three pieces, the carving itself had a frame, I guess you would call it, around it with gold inlay.


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Coloring?I have naturally dirty blonde/light brown hair. I dyed my hair a dark brown recently and I absolutely hate it. I want my hair back to my old color. So do I just buy the stuff and dye it back to my light brown or bleach it first?


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Kenmore Washer Skipping Wash Cycle?My Kenmore washer will not wash. It goes straight to the rinse cyle. What do you think is the problem?


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Washer Not Filling Properly?My LG front load washer will only fill correctly on certain rinse and spin settings. It doesn't fill correctly as it used to. I changed the water inlet valves and it only drops water a very little in the beginning and a little later on. It will work with different settings. The hoses are new also.


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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Advice?I currently have maple colored cabinets and I want to paint them. My counters are cranberry and the kitchen opens to the living room which is a mix of browns, cranberry, green blue, and gray. My appliances in my kitchen and my kitchen walls are white so I am not sure that I should paint them white.


What Breeds Are My Puppies?The mother is a yellow Lab. She got pregnant and had these puppies. What breed do you think they are mixed with?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have butterscotch laminate floors, white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and my backsplash is grey, blue, and silver. What color should I paint the wall?


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Dog Started Peeing Inside?Our little dog, a 5 year old Pomeranian, has always gone outside to pee and poop; or will use the pee pad during the night if he has to go. Yesterday he went in the guest bedroom and peed after being outside.


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Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I have dark green bathroom marble floors. What paint color would go with that?


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Growing Bitter Sweet from a Cutting?I have a bitter sweet branch that I placed in a jar of water and it's growing new foliage. Can I some how transplant this branch?


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Dining Room Carpet Color Advice?What is the best carpet color for brown dining table and light brown brown chair?


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Craftsman Riding Tractor Won't Restart?I have a 20 year old Craftsman riding lawn tractor with a Koehler engine. My son was mowing the lawn and the tractor just shut down. When turning the key to start it nothing happens. There is no turning of the engine and no registering of voltage on the voltmeter on the tractor.


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Value of 1942 Encyclopedia Britannica Set?I have a full set. They are dedicated to FDR and George the 6th. Do they have any value?


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Curtain Color Advice?I have a cushion cover with a yellow/tan color and black, white, and gray. I don't know what color of curtains to get. The walls are paneled.


side by side photos of brown and white puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?I got her about 6 days ago and I have no idea what breed she is. I'm starting to think that she'll be a small breed.


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Pathos Plant Dying?I've had this plant for over a year and a half. All of a sudden, after repotting for the first time, all of its leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Even the green leaves are curling. Today I was inspecting it and noticed some white bugs in the dirt!


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Selling an Old Oak Tree?I have an old oak tree that I want removed for salvage. Tiger oak is extremely expensive. I do not want to pay for removal. If possible I would like to get paid.


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Cat Peeing on Dog's Bed?My cat, Lilly has been peeing on our dog Hunter's bed since she went into heat.


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Preschool Name Ideas?Please suggest a name for a preschool with the word "first" in it.


corner of room with windows and couch

Living Room Curtain Color Advice?I live in an apartment. Our wall in the living room is off white. There is a dark brown couch, dark brown center and side table and red area carpet. What color is best for my curtains? I only have 2 small windows. I tried to put on white silhoutte curtains, but my husband finds it boring.


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Planning a Prayer Luncheon for the Music Ministry?I am looking for ideas for decorations, food, and activities for our music ministry luncheon which will include the choir and musicians.


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Finding Financial Help With Home Repairs?I am disabled and on a fixed income. I need mobile home repairs.


closeup of pattern

Graham and Brown Wallpaper?We need one roll of Graham and Brown wallpaper, pattern number 15064.


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Electric Blanket Control Displaying Code E?We have a Biddeford blanket with 2 controls. One control has an E showing with no heat.


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Finding Yarn for Charity Craft Projects?I work for the National MS society. We have a group in our office that get together weekly to crochet or knit projects for people with multiple sclerosis. We are in need of yarn donations.


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45th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 45 and I want to know what I can do. I would like to have a party, but I want a theme, something fun to do.


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