June 8, 2015

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liquor bottle

Recipes Using BourbonThis page contains recipes using bourbon. Bourbon has long had a respected place in cooking. Whether used in main dishes, sauces, or desserts it is a popular ingredient adding a distinctive flavor.


glass jar with lid containing brightly colored rolls of paper with messages for teacher

Making a Messages in a Bottle GiftThis is a page about making a messages in a bottle gift. This easy to tailor to any event gift is the perfect way to convey your sentiments and gratitude to teachers, friends, and family.



closeup of three beautiful blooms

Hymenocallis Festalis (Peruvian Daffodils)Here is another flower worthy of mention on the ThriftyFun web site, because it is in keeping with the ThriftyFun spirit.


kitty under a blanket

My Little Reject (Tabby Cat)She was born under my house. When a "him"icane was hitting, MommaCat was in a panic to save her drowning kittens. I went out and grabbed the kittens out of the puddle that was fast turning into a lake in our yard. MommaCat followed me into the house where we dried the kittens and placed them on the floor beside her.


jar of chutney

Tamarind Ginger ChutneyThis is an easy to make tangy Indian chutney.


Three Shih Tzu sleeping together on a bed.

Cooper, Bentley, and Harley (Shih Tzu)I got Cooper and Bentley in March (2015) and Harley in June (2015). They love to play all of the time.


black dog in white blanket

Lala (Mixed Chihuahua)I found her online through a shelter in Rohnert Park, CA. She likes to chase flies, run, and play tug of war with my bed covers.


black and yellow butterfly on coneflower

Butterfly on ConeflowersThese flowers attract so many butterflies and bees. These plants are very necessary for the well being of the bee and butterfly population.


black and white shorthaired cat

Lil' Pickle (Mixed Breed Cat)He was rescued from death as a kitten. Eat, sleep, and chase his brother and sister.


dog in turtle pool

Scooby (Min Pin)We found him at a rescue facility; he came from an abusive puppy mill. He likes to cool off in his pool. He used to come inside and splash in the water bowl until we got him this pool.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Nail Polish Remover for Wet Erase Marker StainWhile studying for an exam, I was using a green wet erase pen for my practice questions and I wrote on my new couch cover.


Kemmy (German Shepherd/Saluki Mix)

Kemmy (German Shepherd/Saluki Mix)A woman contacted a rescue group for help in rehoming her, the lady was moving into an assisted living apt. and was unable to care for her


Pill Bottle First Aid Kit

Pill Bottle First Aid KitThis mini first aid kit is perfect for your purse, backpack, or glovebox. You can customize the contents too.


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Buy Used Sewing Machine with ManualI know all people who sew have "family attachments" to certain brands and since there are many who can't afford "brand new". I am suggesting that when you shop for a new (different) machine, and I have had many great ones in my 60 odd years of sewing, be sure to find one with the manual.


small pink flower

Domesticating A Wild FlowerI have several of these little plants growing wild in my vacant field. I've always mowed over them, thinking them rather insignificant. Today, I thought that with a little culture and TLC, they might at least be a bit more showy.


Calendula at dusk

Experimenting With Salad IngredientsI planted two tubs of Prizehead lettuce. One of the best. I forgot to plant more a couple weeks later. I went to cut some for a salad, this evening. I barely had a thimble full... and I was all set to pig out on Prizehead.


Middle School Locker Kit

Middle School Locker KitThis locker kit was assembled with a girl in mind, however it could easily be customized for a boy. Send your child off to school this fall with all of the essentials that they might need.


Messages in a Bottle Gift

Messages in a Bottle GiftThis makes a wonderful end-of-the-year teacher gift. You could also make one for a birthday or wedding present.


Chocolate chips and nuts

Chocolate is Good for YouFor a long time, I have heard and read that eating a little chocolate every day is good for you. I have chocolate chips left over from Christmas, that were going to waste if not used, so for the past couple of weeks I have been eating some of them daily.


Our Runner Ducks (Weeks 7 and 8)

Our Runner Ducks (Weeks 7 and 8)We officially have grown up ducks. There are little to no baby feathers on any of them, although the dark one has a funny little mohawk of baby feathers running down its neck still. They seem to have settled into their new home.


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Make a Soaker Hose for a GreenhouseWith these small cheap greenhouses that are plastic covered and are good for propagating seeds and cuttings, this a good way to water your seed trays and pots without the real risk of drenching and getting droop and rot.



dog under a blanket

What Breed Is My Dog?He is really loyal and sweet, always wants to play with his toys, and loves to sleep. My vet said that he is a Staff, but I want to make sure.


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Problems Starting Gravely Mower?I have a Gravely MiniZT 1534 mower. It's about 8 years old and has worked well until yesterday. I went to start it and it acted like the brake wasn't on (ie., nothing happened when I turned the key). The brake was on, so I pushed the brake lever off then pulled it on again and turned the key and it started fine.


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Afterschool Club Name Ideas?I'm currently setting my own afterschool club up and can't decide on a name. It is in a village called Golden and my surname is Wild so I was going to try and use one if these in the title, but I don't have to. I came up with Golden Explorers or Wild about Kidz. Please help!


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Feeding a Picky Dog?I need help. I have a nine year Toy Poodle that is extremely picky. I have tried various foods and he will eat it as a last resort. Please help me find a food that he will love to eat all the time.


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Treating Cats with Worms?What is truly the best effective treatment for cats with little mealy worms that is not too expensive and works really fast? I am unable to afford vet at this time and am on a set income.


Getting Rid of Small Brown Bugs?The screen on my window is bent, and today I noticed at that there are tons of small brown flying bugs that got through the gap. They don't seem to bite and are attracted to light. They are completely ignoring the vinegar.


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Collecting Child Support Payments?Does anybody know how I can collect child support benefits from my ex husband who is currently collecting VA benefits and is enrolled in school getting that paid for too. Can I get his benefits garnished? Does anybody know?


yellow dog

Training an Aggressive Dog?My son's 1.5 year old Boxer Pit has started to go to bite my husband, a few times and also a friend. He is has never been like this. He lived with us last summer and is now back at our house.


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Finding Help With AC Repair?I'm on a fixed income and would like to know of a place in Joplin Missouri that will take low monthly payments to fix our heat pump or replace it. It needs a new compressor.


black dog with white on chest

What Breed Is My Dog?I got my puppy about a year ago and when we got her they told us she was a Chihuahua mix. At the time we got her she was malnourished so she was very skinny. As she's gotten bigger and older I do not believe she is a Chihuahua mix anymore. What does everyone think she is?


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