September 27, 2015

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Removing Bacon in One Piece

Removing Bacon in One PieceThis is a page about removing bacon in one piece. Removing bacon from the package without tearing a strip can be frustrating.


blessing bags for the homeless

Making Blessing Bags for the HomelessThis is a page about making blessing bags for the homeless. One way you personally can help a homeless person is by making up bags of snacks and personal items to hand out as needed.


Apple Banana Bread

Apple Banana Bread RecipesThe sweet flavors of apples and bananas meld to create this delicious quick bread. This page contains apple banana bread recipes.


Light Bulb Vase

Making a Light Bulb VaseThis is a page about making a light bulb vase. Make a delicate, unique vase from an old light bulb.



ball of clay with smiley face

Making Salt ClayThis clay is really cool. It is way cheaper than the stuff at the hobby shops! If you add alum, it will eventually harden on its own. If not, you can bake it and you are ready to paint your project and display it.


bunny nibbling on plant

Flipflop (Bunny)It was my son's pet, but he left home to join the Royal Navy about a year later. He likes to chill out with our ducks.


closeup of head

Sammy the Crochet SnakeThis is a fun little crochet project for kids and adults alike! I gave it to my little girl tonight and she just loves it. I think I will make her a whole family of them in all different colors.



Identifying a Houseplant

Identifying a Houseplant?I adopted this houseplant from a friend and neither of us know exactly what it is. It is very graceful with long narrow mottled leaves.


photo of living room

Curtain Color Advice?We have dark red chestnut hardwood floors/woodwork and light green walls. What colour curtains should I go with?


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Maytag 3000 Washer Won't Start Cycle?I have a Maytag front load washing machine. It recently stopped working. The unit turns on fine, but it will not start. It doesn't provide any error codes, it just give a 3 tone beep. Any suggestions?


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Cleaning Soft Water Toilet Bowl Stains?My question is how do I remove the "pinkish" water stains in my toilets, due to our soft water? I have tried so many different products without success. I am so frustrated I hope someone may have a solution. Our toilets are only a year old, and I clean them 2-3 times a week.


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Cleaning Pricing and Rate?If you quote 20 per hour and you have a 16 hour job. If 2 people do it in 8, is it right to still charge the 16 hour price?



Identifying a Tiny Brown Arkansas Snake?This little snake was only 3-4 inches long and very aggressive. I live in northwestern Arkansas. Does anyone know what it is?


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Keeping Animals Out of the Trash?I have tried to bungee the can to a pole, I have sprayed the can and the trash with lots of ammonia and still I find it all over my yard. I do not have a garage or anywhere to keep this trash. I am far away from the street so I can't get a metal one as they do not have wheels on them.


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Outlets Not Working?My plug sockets stopped working. There was no bang or odd noises. I checked the circuit breaker, but nothing was tripped. I have unplugged everything then re-booted it, but nothing! My lights are working though.


furless area on cat's leg

Cat Losing Fur?I have a sweet bobtail kitty girl named Bunny Baby. She's been spayed, is an indoor kitty. She is three years young and has a hypothesized diagnosis of potential food/environmental allergies. She is licking the fur off her front legs.


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16th Birthday Ideas?My birthday was September 23rd so I wanted to celebrate with some friends. I live in New York and wanted to go do something fun in the city. I would only invite around 5 girls. I want to do something fun, my friends get bored easily, but I really don't have a lot of money to go to these expensive places!



Cracked Cantaloupe Leaves?I noticed that on some of my cantaloupe plants, the leaves have withered and cracked/broken (see image). Does anyone know what this might be caused by?


Maltese puppy

Puppy Only Eats If Handfed?My 14 week old Maltese will only eat if she is hand fed. She is healthy, weighs 43.5 oz today (9/26/15). She runs around, plays, and has lots of energy. I am soaking her puppy food until it's very soft and that's what she eats. She also won't drink. I give her liquids from a syringe.


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Removing Paint from Morph Suit Masks?The tag says 86% polyester and 14% Spandex. My little brother decided he didn't want to wait a day for me to get off work to help him with his Spiderman costume my mom just spent 80 dollars on. Somehow he managed to get white paint spots on it, following up with red paint trying to cover it up.


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Black & Decker Bread Machine Not Working?My all in one machine turns on and beeps, but does nothing else. I have tried holding the start button in longer. I also tried pressing button 2x but nothing. No turning sounds either. Any ideas before I pull it apart?


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Glass Block Crafts?I have about 70 old glass boxes. I want to make gifts from them. Does anyone have ideas on what to do with them without using lights?


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Freezing Tomato Sauce?My recipe called for only 1/2 cup tomato sauce. Can I safely freeze the remainder of the can in half cup portions for future use? And if so, for how long will it retain its goodness?


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Planning a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?I'm having a sweet 16, but I dont know what I want the theme to be or how to start the planning. It'll be in June 2016, 4-5 months after my actual birthday.


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14th Birthday Ideas?So, I'm turning 14 soon. I wanna do something different. I can't do a bonfire or anything like that because it's really cold, when my birthday comes around. I don't know if I wanna have a sleepover with my friends or not. There's always drama and even if it's my birthday, I'm the outcast.


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Removing Diesel Fuel Smell from Clothes?My husband spilled diesel fuel on his clothes. I have tried several things such as Febreze for laundry odors with no results. What do I do?


Repairing Cistern Flush Button

Repairing Cistern Flush Button?The flush started leaking into the bowl and after sometime it stopped flushing. I closed the main valve to save water, but now I need to fix it. I cannot open the lid as the flush button seems attached.


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Putting Dolomite Lime on Roof?Does sprinkling dolomite lime hurt a composition roof?


plant with yellow flowers and deeply cut leaves

What Is This Garden Plant?I think it might be a perennial bush or tree, but I bought it as a potted tree and would like to treat it properly.


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