January 12, 2016

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Repairing a Hole in Carpet

Repairing a Hole in CarpetThis is a page about repairing a hole in new carpet. Carpet is an expensive investment. Repairing damage properly will help it last longer.


Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Health Benefits of Pet OwnershipThis is a page about health benefits of pet ownership. Owning a pet can greatly improve your health both mentally and physically. Their companionship and their exercise needs are just a few of the ways they can change your life for the better.


Working with Dark Colored Yarns

Working with Dark Colored YarnsThis is a page about working with dark colored yarns. It can be difficult to see your stitches when working with dark colored yarn. Here are some tips to make working on your next project easier.


Other Uses for Tomato Cages

Other Uses for Tomato CagesThis is a page about other uses for tomato cages. From other gardening uses to holiday decorations, there are many things you can do with unused tomato cages.


Repairing a Hole in a Garden Hose

Repairing a Hole in a Garden Hose?This is a page about repairing a hole in a garden hose. Before you throw away a damaged garden hose, try some of these tips to repair it.


Name Ideas for a Craft Club

Name Ideas for a Craft Club?This is a page about name ideas for a craft club. You can convey the fun and creative opportunities the club has to offer by choosing a good name.


Monitoring Your Child's Texting

Monitoring Your Child's Texting?This is a page about monitoring your child's texting. Monitoring your child's texting is important to help keep them safe and out of trouble.



Fresh Papaya Chutney

Fresh Papaya ChutneyFresh fruit chutney is delicious and easy to make. Chutney can be made with a variety of fruits. I happen to use papayas because I have many papayas trees that yields around 8 to 12 papayas each week. I have also made fresh ripe or green mango chutney.


Asian Chicken and Corn Soup

Asian Chicken and Corn SoupThis recipe is from the Penzey's catalog. The submitters are Irish, and according to them, this soup is served in every Chinese restaurant in Ireland. It has a lot of characteristics of egg drop soup. It is delicious, and is a meal in itself, at least for me.



Quick and Easy Garlic Rolls

Quick and Easy Garlic RollsThese are great when serving any Italian dishes, and easier to fix than Italian bread!


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Email Time CapsuleWhen your kids are in high school, they will most likely have no recollection of their younger years. To help them remember their lives, set up an email account for them when they are born. Send them pictures, videos, funny stuff, letters, cute memos, ideas, advice, etc.


Pre-Measure Water in Carafe

Pre-Measure Water in CarafeOnce in a while I will not estimate the water needed to fill my tea carafe and this makes a mess. I just got tired of cleaning up water spills. So now I fill the carafe with water, then pour it into an empty kettle. I have the exact amount of water needed to brew a lovely pot of tea. I then label it so I know what kind of tea is inside and when I brewed it.


In Memory of Chucky (Bull Mastiff/Pit Bull Mix)

In Memory of Chucky (Bull Mastiff/Pit Bull...This inquisitive guy came to me at the age of 5 weeks, he was basically needing a home and I was basically needing a new best friend. He was the unfortunate victim of being stolen for the purposes of breeding and being made to fight in a local dog fighting ring.


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Service Trips with TeensIt's always good to do service for the less fortunate, and a fun twist is a service trip!


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Tween Girl Birthday Party IdeasHere are some themes/ideas for a tween girl's birthday party. Most of these could get pretty expensive.


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Keep Rent Less Than 1/3 of IncomeYou should only pay 30% of your income to pay your rent to be in the safe zone! Don't live that way if you can't.


photo and small tin for urn

Cornelius has left the building...On Friday, January 8th at about 5:10 pm, Cornelius took his leave. He was very sick and not having any fun, so I chose to think about him rather than keep him with me, I wanted to more than you know.


Smokey (Cat)

Smokey (Cat)My daughter and I got Smokey from a friend who had adopted a stray cat, only to find out it was a soon-to-be-momma stray cat!


Reusing Candle Wax

Reusing Candle WaxOften after burning those favorite candles, you are left with chunks of leftover wax that often gets thrown away. I have come up with a way to not only recycle the left over pieces, but to make one of a kind candles with thrift store cups, wine glasses, parfait glasses, canning jars, etc.


Gymnast Glass Block

Gymnast Glass BlockThis glass block is the perfect gift for friends or family! You can buy them online for about $25 or make your own far cheaper and with a little bit of time.


Save Cellophane for Gift Wrapping

Save Cellophane for Gift WrappingIf you are lucky enough to receive flowers, save the outer cellophane wrapping and use it to wrap gifts. You will be recycling and saving money as well.


Washcloth Soap Pouch

Washcloth Soap PouchThese neat little pouches help limit the mess of bar soap in the shower. Plus they are machine washable, making them more sanitary than a traditional loofa.


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Staying Connected with Your KidsMany parents have issues staying connected with their teenagers. The best way to prevent this is to start at a young age.


Protecting Your Skin from Costume Jewelry

Protecting Your Skin from Costume JewelryWe all have that silver or gold toned jewelry that we would love to wear, but unfortunately when we do it leaves our skin green or can even cause skin irritations. If you simply paint a thin coat of clear nail polish over the metal that will be in contact with your skin, it will alleviate the problem completely.


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Clothing for Shoulder Surgery and Other TipsI recently underwent orthoscopic rotator cuff surgery and the first thing that came to mind was what type of clothing should I need.



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14th Birthday Slumber Party Ideas?I'm having three friends over to sleep (in 4 days) for my birthday, but it's not a big birthday it's just my 14th. My mum doesn't want to spend a heap of money because they don't have a lot. I just don't have that many ideas and I don't want them getting bored! So if you guys have any, that would help a lot.


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I got a this plant when I went to B.C. A family member gave me a clipping. She didn't remember the name of it. It has very dark green leaves and gets little white flowers in the summer. The back of the leaves are a dark purple and it grows lots of babies. Does anyone know what the name of this plant is?


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Name for Special Needs Children Buddy Organization?I have created a non-profit organization for special needs children that need a buddy during either a summer camp, any after school activities (including sports, music, religious education, and art), or an outing (i.e. trip to a museum or to a birthday party).


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Puppy Doesn't Always Use Puppy Pads?My puppy is nearly 3 months old. He already knows how to pee and poop on the training pad, but some times he does it on the floor. Does anyone have any ideas why some time he poops or pees on the floor?


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