April 14, 2016

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Close-up of tomato sauce being stirred with a spoon

Homemade Tomato SauceA bumper tomato crop or a great deal that the market may provide you with enough tomatoes to make your own sauce. This is a page about homemade tomato sauce.


Close up image of student loan application with pencil and calculator

Consolidating Student LoansThis is a page about consolidating student loans. Sometimes consolidating loans can help lower payments making it easier to repay them.


Chocolate Custard Cake

Chocolate Custard Cake RecipeThis page contains a chocolate custard cake recipe. This fluffy, delicious chocolate cake is sure to become a favorite. This page contains a chocolate custard cake recipe.


potato plants growing in old white ice chest

Growing Potatoes in ContainersThis is a page about growing potatoes in containers. If you have limited garden space or poor soil, try growing potatoes in various types of containers.


Strands of pearl necklace against a white background

Cleaning Pearl Jewelry?This is a page about cleaning pearl jewelry. Natural pearls are somewhat delicate and need to be treated carefully when they are being cleaned.


Loose Jeans on a woman.

How to Shrink JeansThis is a page about intentionally shrinking jeans. If your jeans are a bit too big you may be able to shrink them for a better fit.


rolled magazine beads

Making Magazine Bead JewelryThis is a page about making magazine bead jewelry. Colorful magazine pages are a great material for making beads for jewelry projects.


Rusty paperclip against white background

Removing Rust From Paper ClipsThis is a page about removing rust from paper clips. Time and humidity can cause your supply of paper clips to develop rust.


Car stopped in front of a downed tree across the road.

Reducing Spring Weather DamageThis is a page about reducing spring weather damage. Depending on where you live, a storm may bring thunderstorms with high winds and heavy rain, tornadoes or even hurricanes.


Horseradish root against white background

Harvesting HorseradishThis is a page about harvesting horseradish. Choosing the right time of year, when the soil is cool, and using the appropriate garden tools will give you your most flavorful harvest.


Garden Tools

Buying Garden Hand ToolsThis is a page about buying garden hand tools. Choosing the right and most cost efficient gardening hand tools, based on quality and and durability, is a goal of most gardeners.


giant pumpkin

Growing Monster VegetablesThis is a page about growing monster vegetables. Prize winning monster sized vegetables are not that difficult to grow.


Lemon and blossoms on tree

Citrus Trees Not Producing FruitThis is a page about citrus trees not producing fruit. It is very disappointing to see your citrus trees fail to set fruit.


Close up image of a pair of jeans with rips, runs, and shredded areas

Making Distressed JeansThis is a page about making distressed jeans. Why pay extra for distressed jeans when you can create the effect at home.


Strawberry plant in dirt

Strawberry Plants Not ProducingThis is a page about strawberry plants not producing. Sometimes garden plants will flower but fail to fruit. Identifying the cause may allow you to correct the issue.


Man's hands sewing button on shirt

Preventing Lost ButtonsThis is a page about preventing lost buttons. Losing a button is quite frustrating. There are ways to try and prevent this from happening.


Woman sneezing with flowers in the foreground.

Gardening With AllergiesThis is a page about gardening with allergies. Having allergies does not necessarily mean you can't enjoy gardening.


Aphids on rose stem.

Getting Rid of Aphids on RosesThis is a page about getting rid of aphids on roses. Aphids seem to like roses as much or more than we do.


Top view of tomato paste can with a spoonful of paste removed against a white background

Storing Leftover Tomato PasteOften a recipe will call for less than a can of tomato paste, leaving you with leftovers to store. This is a page about storing leftover tomato paste.


Two garden ants on red rose

Getting Rid of Ants on Roses?This is a page about getting rid of ants on roses. Ants typically invade your rose bushes because of an infestation of aphids.


Close up of a man's hands attaching a cabinet door to the cabinet hinge using a screwdriver

Frugal Ideas for Replacing Cabinet Doors?This is a page about frugal ideas for replacing cabinet doors. Older cabinet doors can show their age and usage making your kitchen look shabby.


Man sanding kitchen cabinet door

Refacing Kitchen CabinetsThis is a page about refacing kitchen cabinets. A less expensive way to update your kitchen may be to reface your cabinets rather than replace them.


Liquid creamer being poured into white coffee cup on a table

Making French Vanilla Coffee CreamerA delicious addition to a cup of coffee can be made at home. This page is about making French vanilla coffee creamer.


Dirty car covered in water marks

Cleaning Water Spots From a CarThis is a page about cleaning water spots from a car. The minerals in water can leave spots on your car's finish.


Close up of ripe oranges on orange tree

Do I Need to Remove Fruit from My Fruit...This is a page about "Do I need to remove fruit from my fruit tree?" When your fruit tree sets too many fruit, you may want to remove some of the immature ones to improve your harvest.



Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze

Salmon with Brown Sugar GlazeThis recipe is quick, easy and delicious. It is very affordable when salmon is on sale! This recipe is easy to halve, or even quarter.


Custard Layer Cake

Custard Layer CakeA unique cake with a custard center. Easier than it looks. It starts out as basic cake batter and turns into a custard layer cake. Be sure to try the chocolate version too!


Easy Asian Soup

Easy Asian SoupA quick and delicious soup using left over chicken, pork, or beef. Much healthier, cheaper and better than any canned soup you can buy.



Cut Birthday Candles in Half

Cut Birthday Candles in HalfMy sons are teenagers now and that makes scrounging up enough birthday candles a little more challenging. For this last birthday, I found these long candles from a past celebration. I just cut them in half and cleaned up a bit of the wax from the wick. The candles are only lit for a minute so the shortness didn't matter at all.


Lexi with head cocked

Lexi (American Bulldog)We got Lexi as a puppy from craigslist ad. We did not see the pictures of her, but still wanted to get her. We drove an hour and some to get her and I fell in love with her from the start. She was born in Pennsylvania.


Bread Tag To Mark End of Tape Roll

Bread Tag To Mark End of Tape RollHave you ever spent too much time looking for the end of your tape roll, very frustrating! Just break a bread tag in half or use a paper clip and attach on to the end of the tape roll, no more hassles.


Penny lying down outside

In Memory of Penny (Australian Shepherd...A lady answered my ad looking for a Australian Shepherd. I met her 14 years ago in a park in Ramona California. She cost me 150.00 and that was the best 150.00 I ever spent.


Dry Nails Quickly with Ice Water

Dry Nails Quickly with Ice WaterI was always frustrated after polishing my nails and waiting and waiting for it to dry but a friend told me this tip that works.


Use Broken Canopy for Parts

Use Broken Canopy for PartsWe lost our shade structure during an unusually stormy and windy soccer game one fall. My brother had purchased the same structure and broke his frame in a similar manner. Instead of throwing them out, we took apart the broken leg and replaced it from one of the good ones from my brother's frame.


Attach Tape To Dust Pan

Attach Tape To Dust PanHave you ever noticed when you pick up dirt with the dust pan, there is a line of dirt left behind. Just attach tape to your dust pan and it will catch all the dirt.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

14th Birthday Party Ideas?I will be 14 on May 12 and my party will be on May 14. I don't know what to do for my birthday party. I want to go somewhere that is cheap. I can invite 4 of my friends. Please help me. What should I do?


plant with dark green and yellow foliage

What Is This Houseplant?What plant is this?


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Lawn Mower Won't Start?I have a John Deere 100 series lawn tractor. I started it up after a long period of inactivity. It only ran for a while, backfired loudly, shut off, and won't start again. What could be wrong?


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Buying a Swimming Pool Vaccum?We have a 21 x 41 pool. What is the best vaccum for a pool this size?


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ASPCA Van Schedule?When is the van available in Staten Island for free pet vaccinations?


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Plumbing Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?I am a senior who has a water leak that has leaked water onto the sidewalk. The leak is in my yard the city says. I am on fixed income. Where can I find help?


dessert cookies with M&Ms

Selling Homemade Food?I became a widow and I am looking to from home. I want to know how I can market homemade food and where? What are the conditions if I want to sell homemade food products?


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Removing Rust from Inside Old Milk Can?I have an old milk can that is pretty rusty inside. I want to turn it into a fountain. How do I get the rust out and then reseal it to hold water?


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John Deere Won't Start or Turn Over?I have a John Deere L110 lawn mower that will not start or even turn over. I replaced the spark plug and charged the battery, but still it would not make a sound. What do I do?


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Inexpensive Air Conditioner Maintenance?I am on disability and need freon in my outside AC unit. Does anyone know where to get this done as inexpensively as possible?


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Cleaning a Stained Toilet?I purchased a home where the whole house and toilet were majorly neglected. There are major stains in the toilet. I tried mesh screen with a cleaner. That did not help. I will accept all suggestions.


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Fabric Not Feeding Through Sewing Machine?I have a Brother XR3140 sewing machine and when I first bought it, it worked great. I've only had it for a few months and it's not working anymore. For some reason the fabric won't feed through the machine, it just stays stationary causing a giant knot to form.


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?My son is turning 12 next month in May. He has allergies and also asthma, so grass and heat are really not an answer. I really need help and on a budget. What would fun for his age?


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Collecting Back Child Support?I'm 28 and have 2 brothers 27 and 29. We all have the same father. My mother raised us in Illinois. My dad owes 82000 in back support, but Indiana couldn't find him. That was where the order was so they transferred it to Illinois, but now Illinois said he doesn't owe it, but Indiana said he does.


Choosing a Kitchen Countertop

Choosing a Kitchen Countertop?I would like to cosmetically add to my kitchen. We are not painting cupboards or changing the floor. We have black appliances and I would like to keep the room fresh. I am willing to look at quartz with an undermount sink.


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Thread Looping on Underneath Side of Fabric?I have a Kenmore 100 stitches sewing machine that was given to me after the service tech did not resolve the problem. When doing straight stitching the top thread loops on the bottom. It sounds like tension.


bleach spots

Tiny Bleach Spots on My Clothes?This isn't the first time I've had this problem. I do a load of whites with a little pre-diluted (1:3) Chlorox liquid bleach, but any brand will do it. The next load after that is colored and I specifically wipe off all areas where previous bleach was poured in.


sectional with pillows

Living Room Curtain Color Advice?I am having trouble picking out curtains for my livingroom, my walls are a "urban putty " by Sherwin-Williams which is a light neutral color, and my sectional is taupe with chocolate brown pillows and brown, beige, gray, and slate blue mix pillows.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 14 in about 1 weeks' time. I would like to do something for my birthday, but have no idea what. I can not have a big party or anything too expensive. I would have about 4 friends that would come if it is going out somewhere or more if it is just in the house.


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