August 18, 2016

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Cold Chai Tea in a glass on a table

Iced Vanilla Chai Tea RecipeThis is a page about iced vanilla chai tea recipe. This sweet spicy iced tea is perfect for those hot summer days.


Snaking a toilet

Products for Unclogging a Toilet?This is a page about products for unclogging a toilet. You can clear a clogged toilet either manually or by using a product specifically manufactured for this purpose.


Plates of baked goods on crates with cards in front listing names and prices

Selling Home Baked GoodsThis is a page about selling home baked goods. Turn your love for baking into a small business concern.


Shower drain with hair

Unclogging a Shower DrainThis is a page about unclogging a shower drain. Shower drains routinely become clogged with soap residue and hair.


Tempura fried green beans

Fried Green Bean RecipesGreen beans are delicious when either pan fried or batter dipped. This is a page about fried green bean recipes.


Scones and loaves of breads laid out with prices on a table

Selling Baked Goods at Flea Markets?This is a page about selling baked goods at flea markets. One way to expand the market for your small baked goods business is to sell your product at the local flea market.


Man holding lower back in pain

Remedies for Sciatic Nerve PainThis is a page about remedies for sciatic nerve pain. A pinched nerve in the lower back is responsible for sciatic nerve pain which can be felt all the way down to your feet.


Siamese kitten chewing on mouse cord

Kitten Chewing on WiresPets will sometimes chew on inappropriate things; sometimes this can be dangerous. This is a page about kitten chewing on wires.


Washing Soda

Cleaning With Washing SodaThis is a page about cleaning with washing soda. Washing soda is a great laundry additive, helping to cut grease and remove stains. It can also be used for other household cleaning jobs.


Close up of woman's hand with broken nail

Remedies for Splitting FingernailsThis is a page about fingernails splitting. Splitting nails can be the result of several environment causes, such as chemical exposure. Genetics and disease can also be the culprit.


Stacks of canned food with antique labels

Using Expired Canned FoodMany consumers wonder if it is safe to eat canned foods that have passed the expiration date on the can. This is a page about using expired canned food.


Raw pork medallions surrounded by fresh seasoning ingredients

Pork Medallion RecipesTender pork medallions are perfect for use in a wide variety of recipes. This page contains pork medallion recipes.



Zucchini/Squash Pancakes

Zucchini/Squash PancakesA great way to use fresh zucchini and yellow squash from the garden. Using a food processor or vegetable grater, you can easily make these squash pancakes.


Mini Pepper Tacos

Mini Pepper TacosThese mini pepper tacos are so delicious; a cross between beef tacos and jalapeño poppers. They're super easy to make, a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and fabulous for those trying to cut on carbs. I used my toaster oven, and you don't need much to make these. Have fun!


Hedgehog Cupcakes

Hedgehog CupcakesI made these adorable cupcakes for my mom's birthday!



black and tan puppy

Conner (Yorkshire Terrier)He is son to my Sweet Pea; 6/17/2016. He likes to chew on my toes.


C-Clamp Temporary Shelving

C-Clamp Temporary ShelvingOn a trip to my local Sears store to buy a wrench, I passed through the men's clothing department. They had set up a display table for shirts using c-clamps. It was quite ingenious, at least I thought so. This might work for temporary shelving in your home, light weight items are probably best.


grasshopper on garden netting

The Strong GrasshopperI heard my friend's cat hissing in the garden at something. When I looked down and saw this one-legged grasshopper, I wasn't sure whether it had just lost its limb in the cat battle or if it had already lost it previously. I moved him somewhere he couldn't be bothered.


Fujifilm Instax Instant Mini 8 Camera

Fujifilm Instax Instant Mini 8 CameraDid you enjoy using a Polaroid camera when you were younger? You can still buy Polaroid film, but it is very expensive. For instant camera fun, using a Polaroid is just too expensive now. There is a fun little camera on the market that is a great alternative if you want to have some fun with instant film!


Ice Cream Sandwiches with Blackberry Sauce

Ice Cream Sandwiches with Blackberry SauceI recently made a bunch of blackberry sauce for using on ice cream and waffles. My son decided to put some on his ice cream sandwich and it was amazing! He also added a few fresh raspberries. Give it a try. :)


Playing With Packing Foam

Playing With Packing FoamI am always looking for inexpensive things for my son to play with. My stepdad has a bunch of pieces of packing foam at his house and my son loves to play with it. It is fairly rigid foam and works really well for building. This is the fire station and parking garage that we built for his cars.



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13th Birthday Party?I'm turning 13 in a week, and my friend and I are combining our parties since she was born a day before me. We're both having problems figuring out what we wanna do still. Seeing how we're inviting 10 people, we're gonna need enough games or something for everyone to enjoy. It's gonna be a boy-girl party.


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Clematis Not Blooming?My clematis (2nd year) had a beautiful show in Spring and now it has greenish starburst things that I thought were going to bloom, but they are not. The plant looks healthy, but is not blooming, why?


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Kenmore 24 Sewing Machine Not Stitching?The needle of my Kenmore sewing machine got broken when I was sewing. After replacing it with the same size needle it has refused to stitch even though it is able to pick up the bobbin thread. The fabric only passes through without stitching.


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Removing Nail Polish on Couch Upholstery?How do I get dry nail polish off my cloth couch? It's been there a few months as my 3 year old tried painting her nails. Any suggestions would help? Wanting to sell my couch and can't with nail polish on it.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I naturally have dark brown hair. I used Loreal hicolors in soft and light auburn with a 30 volume developer. Inside it barely looks like I colored it at all. That's how subtle the color is. It's more obvious in the sun, but I would have preferred that it was more visible in indoor lighting.


black dog with white feet and stand up ears

What Breed Is My Dog?What type of puppy is she? All I know is Lab mix.


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Value of Ashley Belle Doll?I have an Ashley Belle Doll named Sefia. Any ideas on worth? She comes in a wooden/glass display case.


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Crochet Stitch Video?Does anyone know if there is a tutorial, and where I could find it, when a crochet pattern calls for doing dcfp 2 rows down?


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Dishwasher Not Dispensing Soap?This past week, when putting the dishes away after the cycle has been completed, I notice first the dishes are not clean. Then I still see the glob of dishwahser detergent sitting in the cup. The door of dispenser has opened. I do not understand why the soap is not disolving and washing the dishes.


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Smith Corona XL 1000 Making Noise?When plugged in unit makes humming noise? What is the cause?


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Re-dyeing Hair?I dyed my hair black about 4 months ago and the dye is slowly fading to dark/light brown. I recently, 2 days ago, tried dyeing it red without using bleach or anything and the results didn't show at all. How long do I have to wait to bleach it so I can dye it red?


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Finding Title of Biblical Fashion Show Book?Has anyone heard of, or seen a little book; I do not know the title, but inside of the book was a fashion-show luncheon and pageant. The title of the fashion show was "Fashions to Follow", written by Jane K. Priewe?


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Agencies That Help With Home Repairs?I am on disability and need help putting my roof on and help fixing my bathroom. Where can I find an organization that will help?


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