November 21, 2016

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A cat and a dog with Santa hats.

Making a Santa Suit For a PetThis is a page about making a Santa suit for a pet. Let your pet join in the fun of Christmas by dressing him or her up as Santa.


A man smoking a cigarette and wearing a black leather jacket.

Removing Cigarette Smell from Leather Jacket?This is a page about removing cigarette smell from leather jacket. You will want to use the appropriate cleaning methods for leather when trying to remove cigarette odor from a jacket.


A family of cats on the street.

Finding Homes for Stray Cats?This is a page about finding homes for stray cats. Stray kitties would benefit greatly from being given a loving home.


A cat on furniture in a living room.

Cleaning Cat Spray Odor on FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning cat spray odor on furniture. Cat spray odors can be difficult to remove from your furniture.


A sick cat being checked out by a veterinarian.

Caring for Sick Stray Cats?This is a page about caring for sick stray cats. Stray cats are a common site in many neighborhoods. Trying to care for a sick feral cat can be tricky.


Squash Fritters

Zucchini Squash Pancake RecipesSummer squash, such as zucchini, can be prepared in a way similar to a potato pancake. This page contains zucchini squash pancake recipes.


A roll of masking tape, used for painting.

Removing Masking Tape from WindowsThis is a page about removing masking tape from windows. Masking tape that is left too long on windows can be difficult to remove.


A burning red pillar candle.

Removing a Red Candle Wax Stain from CarpetThis is a page about removing red candle wax stain from carpet. In addition to removing the wax itself, melted red wax can also leave a pigment stain on your carpet that you will need to remove.


finished snowman

Making Glove SnowmenThis is a page about making glove snowmen. Using a small white knit glove you can make this cute snowman decoration for the holidays.


A child who is suffering from motion sickness.

How to Remove Vomit Smell from a Car?The odor of vomit can be quite strong and difficult to remove from your car. This is a page about removing vomit smell from a car.


A boy writing on a white board with a dry erase marker.

Removing Dry Erase Marker From FabricThis is a page about removing dry erase marker from fabric. Dry erase marker can accidentally get on our clothing or other fabric surfaces while we are using one.


A bowl of cooked cabbage.

Freezing Cooked CabbageThis is a page about freezing cooked cabbage. Once cabbage has been cooked it can still be frozen for later consumption.


Photo of a pumice stone.

Where Can I Buy a Pumice Stone?This is a page about "Where can I buy a pumice stone?". Pumice stones can be used for a number of cleaning jobs.


A man using a plunger in a toilet.

Removing Plunger Marks in a Toilet?This is a page about removing plunger marks in a toilet. An old plunger may leave marks on your toilet bowl when it is used.


A bowl of cooked turkey pieces.

Transporting Cooked TurkeyThis is a page about transporting cooked turkey. Keeping your cooked turkey moist when transporting it important to enjoying it later.


Windows with a masking tape "x" in the center, for protection.

Removing Masking Tape From Tinted Windows?This is a page about removing masking tape from tinted windows. Removing masking tape from tinted windows can be very tricky as the tinting material can be damaged in the process.


A woman with a tickle in her ear.

Tickling Sensation Inside EarThis is a page about tickling sensation inside ear. If you have ever experienced a tickling in your ear, you know how irritating it can become.


A boy waiting for dinner with an empty plate.

Feeding Your Family For LessThis is a page about feeding your family for less. The food costs for feeding a family can be a strain on many budgets.


A dog chewing on a stray sock.

My Puppy Ate a SockThis is a page about my puppy ate a sock. Puppies and adult dogs frequently will chew on and swallow articles of clothing that are left lying about. This can result in mild to serious health concerns.


Three vintage appliances in white.

Buying Second Hand AppliancesThis is a page about buying second hand appliances. One way to save money on expensive home appliances is to shop for second hand ones in good repair.


Woman toasting the bride at a bachelorette party.

Planning a Bachelorette PartyThis is a page about planning a bachelorette party. Planning this pre-wedding party for the bride-to-be can be quite a lot of fun.


Christmas Tree Gift Tags From Paint Swatches

Making Christmas Tree Gift Tags From Paint SwatchesThis is a page about making Christmas tree gift tags from paint swatches. Paint chips or swatches that your have gathered for home improvement projects can find new life as craft materials.



thumbprint pumpkin patch

Thumbkin Pumpkin Thumbprint PatchThere are many fun themes that run through schools during the fall season. One of the most enjoyable for students is pumpkins! If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-do painting craft, try this pumpkin patch made out of thumbprints!


felt tree shaped Christmas ornamentornament

Felt Bling Christmas OrnamentsUse felt and cookie cutters to make your own Christmas ornaments. Jazz them up with rhinestones and mirror shapes and voila! You have added a special touch to your Christmas tree!


placing a cutting into the floral foam

Easily Root Flower and Tree CuttingsMany people here on the islands love the flowers and trees I grow in my garden. However, each time I give them a cutting they can start growing in their garden they seem to die. Therefore, I want to share with you a simple way to root cuttings from different flowers or trees that you can plant in your garden.


A crocheted covered candy jar.

Crochet Covered Candy JarThis was a super simple project after weeks of time intensive, complicated ones. If you like easy crafts, this one is for you.


egg shell caroler

Egg Head Christmas CarolerWe usually prepare scrambled eggs for breakfast and I thought of not totally breaking the eggs, but just making a small hole in it and shaking it to make the contents come out. I wanted to create a decoration that's made of egg shells and here's what I did.


remnant covered pillow

Fabric Remnant PillowcaseI covered an old pillow with this fabric remnant from Walmart. I wrapped the pillow in the fabric, sewed three sides and then tucked in the open end and secured with three double tied bows. The remnant only cost me 75¢. Now during the dark winter days I have a pretty and bright pillow.


Falling Waters at Letchworth State Park (NY)

Falling Waters at Letchworth State Park (NY)Nick-named "The Grand Canyon of the East," Letchworth State Park can boast not just one amazing waterfall, but three major falls. The Seneca believed this falls was so powerful that it caused the sun to stand still at midday. We're proud here in western New York of our park.


Secretly Budget Pasta

Secretly Budget PastaI call this Secretly Budget Pasta because I make it when I'm short on funds. This recipe is super quick and cheap but the outcome is something fancy and delicious. Enjoy!



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Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling?My Kenmore refrigerator is not cooling/freezing. What could be causing this?


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Heater Not Working and Light Bulbs Dying?I have lived in this home for almost six years and never had electricity problems. Recently, light bulbs in various rooms both upstairs and downstairs started dying a lot quicker than usual. Tonight, I noticed that one out of two heaters in one upstairs bedroom completely stopped working.


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Instructions for Making a Readers Digest Santa?Does anyone have instructions for making a Readers Digest Santa Claus?


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Discontinued Graham and Brown Wallpaper?I'm looking for a few rolls of discontinued wallpaper, it's by Graham and Brown, soprano teal. Any help would be appreciated.


closeup of dog's face

Different Pit Bull Colors?I was told my dog was a "purebred" American Pit Bull Terrier. I thought there were only 2 categories he could fall into - purebred and mixed breed. I recently discovered there are several types of Pit Bull (i.e. Red Nose, Blue Nose, Brindle, etc.) I haven't been able to figure out, which type Kane is.


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Selling a Franklin Mint Egyptian Cats Collection?I have a Franklin Mint Egyptian Cats collection with mirrored curio cabinets, new and still in original boxes, and am considering selling them. Is it necessary, or a bad idea, to unwrap and photograph each individual piece? Any advice would be welcome. eBay has individual pieces, and most are used, not new.


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Ford Ranger Heater Fan Not Working?I have a 2001 Ford Ranger 4.0 ,4wd. I replaced the 10 amp heater fuse, blower motor relay, blower motor, and three way dash switch. I also swapped around the under the hood relays. Still nothing? I used a test light and it seems there is no power to anything (relays, blower motor, dash switch).


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New Home XL II Not Sewing Selected Design?Can anyone help? My New Home XL II is doing it's own thing! It is set to sew a leaf pattern and is sewing a straight stitch - backwards, and I cannot get the zigzag lever to stay on any number other than 0.


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Homemade Pet Food?I have a 9 yr old Pug and have started making her dog food. She's very picky about what she eats if it has vegetables in it she will not eat it. She has gone 3 days without eating it. I'm moving in with my mother who has 2 kittens around 5 months old. What can I make that the dog and cats can both eat?


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