January 18, 2017

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purple wool sweater

Making Mittens Out of Wool SweatersRepurpose an old sweater in to some warm woolen mittens. This is a page about making mittens out of wool sweaters.


Fireplace Tips

Fireplace TipsEnjoying a crackling hot fire during the winter months with the fireplace tips. This is a page about fireplace tips.Enjoying a crackling hot fire during the winter months with the fireplace tips. This is a page about fireplace tips.


Leather Purse

Removing Pen on a Leather Purse?If you get pen marks on a leather purse it can be difficult to get cleaned off. This is a page about removing pen on a leather purse.


Spooning coffee ground into a plants soil.

Plants That Like Coffee GroundsMany plants thrive in soil rich in nitrogen. As they decompose, coffee grounds release nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other minerals. This is a page about plants that like coffee grounds.


Green down jacket

Feathers Coming Out of a Down Jacket?Pushing the feathers back into the coat and fluffing the jacket in a cool dryer may help slow the loss of feathers. This is a page about feathers coming out of down jacket.


The interior of a car with brown leather seats.

Removing Ink on Leather Car UpholsteryThis is a page about removing ink on leather car upholstery. Ink can be a tricky stain to remove from leather without doing damage to the finish.


A hoody with a drawstring

Rethreading DrawstringsWhether a bathing suit, hoodie or sweat pants a large safety pin can help guide that string back where it belongs. This is a page about rethreading drawstrings.


A pink balloon.

Use a Balloon to Make an Easter BasketUsing a balloon as the mold, you can make cute Easter baskets from string or yarn. This is a page about use a balloon to make an Easter basket.


Silver Plated Lighter

Cleaning a Silver Plated Lighter?This is a page about cleaning a silver plated lighter. Silver plate is subject to tarnish and discoloration.


A jar of honey.

Using Honey to Root CuttingsHoney is a great natural alternative to chemical rooting based rooting hormones. This is a page about using honey to root cuttings.


A dog waiting to be fed with his food dish.

Homemade Liver Cake for DogsIn moderation liver is a good protein source to add to homemade dog food recipes. This is a page about homemade liver cake as dog food.


A shorefull of different sized seashells.

Attaching Seashells to Plywood?This is a page about attaching seashells to plywood. If you crafting with seashells there may be a need to adhere them to wood or other materials.


Green Electric Slow Cooker on a white background.

Use Your Slow Cooker as an Air FreshenerThis is a page about use your slow cooker as an air freshener. A mixture of water, baking soda, and a pleasant scent such a cinnamon can be simmered in your slow cooker to freshen the air in your home.


Fingerprint Christmas Lights

Making Fingerprint Christmas LightsThis is a page about making fingerprint Christmas lights. Kids love fingerprint crafts. They are versatile and easy to do. Christmas is the perfect time to create this fun decoration.


Faux Wood Flooring

Faux Wood Flooring IdeasThis is a page about faux wood flooring ideas. Sometimes the cost of replacing your current floor covering with real wood can be too expensive. Try creating the look of wood planking inexpensively.



Cleaning Spots off Flatware?Water spots on flatware can be annoying and make you dishes look unclean. This is a page about cleaning spots off flatware.


60th Birthday Party Centerpiece

60th Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas?A person's 60th birthday is a milestone event that is often celebrated with fanfare and special decorations. This is a page about 60th birthday party centerpiece ideas.


Multicolored plastic bags on a white background.

Craft Use for Grocery BagsThis is a page about craft use for grocery bags. Plastic grocery bags can be kept out of the landfills by recycling them into knit, crochet, woven, and other craft projects.


tarnished silverware

Cleaning Silverplate FlatwareThis is a page about cleaning silverplate flatware. Silver flatware tends to get tarnished over time and with general use. There are various ways to clean it.


A bird being fed with a syringe.

Giving Medicine to a Pet BirdThis is a page about giving medicine to a pet bird. Medicating pets is often a challenge; birds can be even more difficult without the proper methodology.


A bottle of essential oils, commonly used to make homemade air fresheners.

Make Your Own Air FreshenersThis is a page about make your own air fresheners. You can save money and control the ingredients in your air freshener by making your own.


A woman grocery shopping looking at her organized shopping list.

Organizing Your Shopping List By AisleThis is a page about organize your shopping list by aisle. You can save time and even money if you organize your shopping by the aisles in your favorite market.



Replacing Small Appliances Inexpensively - toaster oven and box

Replacing Small Appliances InexpensivelyI am always on the lookout for inexpensive small appliances. If you wait until it breaks, you will pay top dollar for a new one. I have found new items at thrift shops and family-run estate sales. Today I found this new Hamilton Beach convection toaster oven for $10.


Simple Cat and Kitten Toys Are Best

Simple Cat and Kitten Toys Are BestCats and kittens like simplicity, that and boxes with crumpled up paper balls! The more you can engage them with simple toys the better they will be, because they will always have toys.


IPhone cellular settings screen.

Disable Wi-Fi Assist to Save MoneyWi-Fi Assist on your iPhone will detect a slow network, and automatically switch to cellular data. You will never know this is happening because the phone will not alert you.


A fireplace with a screen

Fireplace TipsAll my life, I have lived in a home where the heat was supplemented by a fireplace. Typically, fireplaces have a bad rap of letting more heat out than they produce, but there are a few ways to offset that.


A shoreline with a storm coming in.

Bad Weather is ComingSince I lived in a tropical country, Philippines, we've always been encountering storms. Almost every month, we have bad weather. As I drove home after picking up my kids from school, we witnessed the storm was coming. It was tremendous! The air was so strong, while clouds darkened and were fast approaching for the rain is coming.


A bag of almonds being closed by a clothespin.

Use Wooden Clothespins as Bag Clips in the FreezerMy plastic bag clips were breaking because the freezer was too cold for them. I now use wooden clothespins and have eliminated the issue. They last a lot longer and I will be using them exclusively, even for items that are not kept in the freezer.


An empty coffee pod next to a container of ground coffee.

Using Designer Coffee Pods Without A KuerigI have an espresso maker and a French press, but not the fancy pod ones. But my daughter sent me home with some to use at a friend's house who does. It occurred to me that I can use the coffee without the dispensing pods. I just cut them open and dumped them into a small container.


A couple of small chillies and a glass of water.

Chilli for HeadacheChillies are appetizers for food and can burn fats, but did you know that chillies also can relieve headache? You only need two whole chillies and a glass of water, just like when you are drinking medicine.


Glitter nails with the bottle of nail polish.

Perfect Glitter NailsGlitter nail polish always looks so gorgeous in the bottle but when you swipe it on, it doesn't look anything like what's in the bottle! The trick is to use a cheap little makeup sponge. Just drop some onto the sponge, then dab the sponge onto your nails. Heavy glitter, light clear polish. Perfect!


Chicken salad sandwich on plate

Chicken Salad SandwichesThe lunchbox dilemma; peanut butter sandwiches, leftovers, or beans every day can get boring. While deli meat seems like the perfect treat, it's quite expensive. Unfortunately, cheap brands can also be costly, that is, in terms of health and environmental impact.


How to Make Cross Silhouettes - finished  poster paint cross

How to Make Cross SilhouettesIn Christianity, one of the first things you learn in Sunday School is about how Jesus died on the cross for your sins. There are numerous crafts and activities children tend to do in church revolving around the cross. A silhouette cross is very simple and fun to make for any age, including adults!


Cocker Spaniels Make Great Family Pets

Cocker Spaniels Make Great Family PetsAs a profound animal lover of all kinds, a lot of my pet experiences haven't always been the best. My greatest accomplishment was when I found the most well behaved, sociable, Cocker Spaniel puppy! I've had my dog, Beauty, for 4 yrs. Now. My 6 year old son is super over active and can be a lite rough with Beauty.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

SSI and Inheritance?If my dad passes away and the house is given to me will it affect my SSI benefits? Is there a limit on the money that I am allowed to have before my SSI benefits are taken?


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Pattern for a Simple Knitted Beanie Hat?I am looking for a pattern for knitted beanie for children.


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Cleaning and Organizing Business Name Ideas?I need help coming up with a name for starting my own cleaning and organizing business, where I can take my son along with me. (He's 7 months old, but very calm). I was thinking something along the line of using "mother" in the name, but I can't seem to come up with anything that suits me. Any ideas?


Living Room Curtain Color Advice - room with green walls and white trim

Living Room Curtain Color Advice?I have sea foam green walls and I'm having a terrible time choosing a curtain color. I don't want something too dull or too flashy.


What Is The Name Of This Ivy? - variegated free and white ivy

What Is The Name Of This Ivy?I bought a 3 inch pot of this ivy from a local nursery. I have rooted many pieces and am making small beds of it, here and there. When I bought the ivy, none of the pots had name tags on them. I asked the sales lady the name of the ivy. She said she didn't know.


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Manual and Replacement Parts for Brother Sewing Machine?I have my mother's Brother (Selectomatic) sewing machine. My dad bought it for her in 1946, I believe. I need a manual for it and would like to purchase the zigzag discs (or cogs) that go with it. Mother's original discs burned in a fire they had in 1980. Any suggestions?


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Removing Pet Urine Stains and Odor from Carpet?Can anyone recommend the most effective way to deal with dog urine in carpeting? Certainly to begin the cleaning process asap is best, but not always possible - particularly if you are a landlord. Despite my best efforts, I cannot conquer the stains and the smell.


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Crochet Pattern Instructions?My pattern says "work for 0 (1-0-1) round". I've made 20 of these hats and ignored that line. Now I'm super curious. What does that mean?


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Weight Watchers Weekly Menu Plan?Does anyone have a copy of the menu plans, if believe there may have been 3 to 4 different menus, from the 1970s or 1980s. I have one that was week 1. But I never did get the other ones.


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Pet Odors Coming Through the Walls?I live in a townhouse and the next door neighbor has a dog that is not housebroken. The urine and feces smell is coming through the walls and it is overwhelming and I am getting physically ill from it. My question is how do I get rid of these smells without causing any upset to the relationship between neighbors?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is having a birthday and I want to do something special for her. She loves the performing arts and has tons of friends. We would have around 50-75 people at her party, but I want to keep it below $500. Since we are in LA, we don't know where to have her bday party.


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