February 9, 2017

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Marble-Painted Heart - finished heart

Marble-Painted HeartUse a marble in a box as your paintbrush to create a one of a kind painting. This is a page about marble-painted heart.



Using Shampoo as a Clothing Stain RemoverYou don't need a specialized stain remover to clean your clothing. Generic shampoo works well for the task. This is a page about using shampoo as a clothing stain remover.


Funny Frog Valentine - Frog with message on heart package.

Making a Funny Frog ValentineReusing a plastic juice cap you can create a silly frog for the perfect friend who will enjoy this fun valentine. This is a page about making a funny frog Valentine.


A dog biting at his fleas.

Using Olive Oil for FleasOlive oil is a great natural flea remedy. It is a great flea treatment for cats and small dogs. Learn more about olive oil for fleas in this page.


A woman and her dog on a couch.

Using Salt to Prevent FleasSalt is a inexpensive way to get rid of fleas in your house. Learn more about using salt to kill fleas in this page.


A vacuum bag being installed in a vacuum cleaner.

Putting a Flea Collar in Your Vacuum BagWhen dealing with an indoor flea infestation some pet owners recommend adding a flea collar section to your vacuum bag. This is a page about put a flea collar in your vacuum bag.


A sad dog lying on a white floor.

Can I Give My Dog Garlic Pills for Fleas?There is controversy over the safe use of garlic to treat a dog with fleas. This is a page about, "Can I give my dog garlic pills for fleas?".


Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

Natural Flea Treatment for DogsMany commercial flea treatments are made of harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals. There are some natural alternatives. This is a page about natural flea treatment for dogs.


Broccoli Stuffed Pasta Shells

Broccoli Stuffed Pasta Shells RecipeA wonderful cheesy main dish that is easy to prepare and loved by the whole family. This page contains broccoli stuffed pasta shells recipe.


A close up of a flea.

What is the Life Cycle of a Flea?Getting rid of fleas is dependent on not only killing adult fleas, but you may also need to retreat to killing hatchlings. This is a page about, "What is the life cycle of a flea?".


Shaggy Dog
Out of Yarn

Making a Shaggy Dog Out of YarnThis is a cute project you can make without knitting or crocheting with the right pattern and yarn. This is a page about making a shaggy dog out of yarn.



chicken breast, potatoes and broccoli on plate

Orange Zest Chicken BreastsFew ingredients, little prep time, quick cooking time and so tasty. This is a great dinner for a busy day.


A waffle sandwich made with peanut butter and bananas.

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich WaffleUsing your favorite bread and nut spread, your waffle iron can toast a yummy sandwich. I have also made grilled cheese sandwich waffles and cut them into squares and served as an appetizer with a pickle on top.


Fruity Valentine Gelatin

Fruity Valentine GelatinIt's a fruity dessert for Valentine's Day! Not just for boyfriends and girlfriends but because I am a mom, for the whole family. I especially made this recipe for my two kids.



A creek in a mountainous area.

Canyon Road Trail (Boulder, CO)This shot was taken from a bridge overlooking a popular rock climbing spot for Boulderites and others in the state of Colorado. Head up Canyon Road and you can't miss it. Lovely trails and little spots to dip your feet into the cool water make for a great outing.


Tiger and Abbie (German Shepherd)

Tiger and Abbie (German Shepherd)I went to Erie Pennsylvania and bought Tiger from breeders. Abbie we bought from breeders in West Virginia. They like to play outside in the yard and they like to play fetch.


Lime As Cough Remedy

Lime As Cough RemedyCough associated with itch in the throat can be very annoying. Sometimes coughing gives you a headache and makes you restless, especially at night. Based on personal experience, I have tried using lime to relieve myself from this annoying itch which I think could be a type of allergy, maybe. It keeps coming and it makes me cough most of the time.


Sunset (Iowa)

Sunset (Iowa)On a night before the sun goes down, the sky will glow. It projects rays of color throughout the sky, all I did was capture those rays.


A glass baking pan lined with tinfoil

Tinfoil for Easy Clean UpTo make your clean up from dinner or baking for fun, simply add a layer of tinfoil onto your glass or metal pan before putting it in the oven. Still use nonstick spray because it will still stick but it allows a easier cleanup.


An electric can opener being cleaned with vinegar.

Disinfecting a Can Opener with VinegarI like to clean my can opener from time to time. I pour vinegar onto a dishcloth that I keep just for this purpose. The vinegar I use is usually white, but I will use apple cider vinegar as well. It is always so shiny!


Fake Snow - mixing them together

Fake Play SnowThis is fluffy and feels cold. You can pack it down and even make "snowballs". It is best used outside, since it is messy. Kids will enjoy this. For 4 little snowballs use 2 1/2 cups baking soda and 1/2 cup white hair conditioner. Mix and enjoy.


Sugar Gliders - side by side photos of gliders

Sugar GlidersI got them in December because they were adorable. They like to eat cantaloupe and honey and play on their wheel. My female is currently carrying a baby in her pouch!


A blue robot made out of aluminum (tin) cans.

Tin Can RobotSave your recycled tin or aluminum cans of all sizes to assemble this adorable robot. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A hair tie being held in front of the packaging.

Product Review: Victoria's Secret Hair TiesI picked up this package. It had a $10 price tag, but was on sale for $5. The package was pretty, and the ties were all different, but upon examining it when I got home, I realized that it was just a length of 3/8-inch elastic with a knot on the end!


A candle being used to lubricate the zipper of a purse.

Lubricate Zipper with Candle WaxThe teeth of the zipper is one my problems almost all the time. When I slide through the chain, it won't run smoothly. Before sliding to the chain (teeth), I rub the the candle on both sides. Do it at least 3 times before you zip it.


Owl Valentine - googly eye owl

Owl ValentineHere is a cute and easy Valentine to make in 2 versions.


Cat's eyes with a black border.

The Animals SpeakWhen I was twenty-four, I took a walk through a meadow near my home. Where the meadow ended, a few small trees had cropped up here and there. Some small Dogwoods were in the mix. I thought I spotted a Trillium. As I bent over to get a better look, I braced myself by grabbing on to one of the lower branches of a nearby dogwood.


A Valentine's day gift with a painted rock and other treats.

Sweet Garden Decor Valentine's GiftThe weather has been so delightful lately. I decided to pair a traditional Valentine's treat with a pretty spring souvenir, and I came up with this. The rock with the heart on it is one I made. The other is a decoration I purchased for a dollar at the Dollar General store.



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Child Support and Social Security Disability?My ex owes me over $5,000 in child support. He was approved for Social Security disability. I received my first disability check in January 2017, which is $1056. My child support amount is $420. Will the court subtract the $420 from the $1056, and then add the $636 towards the money that is owed from the $5,000?


Identifying Houseplants - succulents

Identifying Houseplants?What kind of plants are these?


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Singer Sewing Machine Not Stitching?I recently bought a Singer Confidence 7465. Today I turned on the machine and turned the wheel left to insert the needle into the fabric and the machine got stuck. I checked the internal part for lint and threads, but there was nothing. I tried a few times after that, but cannot seem to fix it.


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Troubleshooting Circuit Breakers?My square D breakers show about 1/3 orange, but 2 show no orange. They will trip normally, but still show orange when reset.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?I'm on disability and need help with getting a new roof. Where can I get help please?


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Neutering a Male Pit Bull to Reduce Aggression?I have a male 2 year old Pit Bull and I recently got two Pit Bull puppies (male and female). My 2 year old has been attacking them and won't let them near us. I've heard neutering animals makes them less aggressive. Is this true? Is there any other suggestions I can try?


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Treating a Puppy with Diarrhea?I have a 6-7 week old puppy. She has really bad diarrhea. I have cut her back to just dry biscuits and water at the moment, to start the process of elimination. Does anybody have any suggestions?


Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside?I have a dog. He is part Chi/Pom. I got him when he was 4 months old, he is now 1 and a half years. He was fully trained by me when I got him. We moved a year ago and had him retrained. My brother-in-law brought over his new dog and now he is pooing and peeing all over the house.


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Piecing Quilt Batting?Can I piece together batting if I have leftovers from previous projects?


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Treating House After Dog Had Parvo?My dog is in her 4th day of parvo. I'm taking care of her at home. She has been everywhere in my room. I haven't let her out of my room since she started showing symptoms, but I'm sure it's tracked all over my house. I was wondering what I need to do when she heals to keep her from catching it again.


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Insurance Claim and Stolen Vehicle?My car was stolen in November and recovered 2 days ago. My claim was just about through and the vehicle was declared a total loss and I have signed the POA. The letter of guarantee from the finance company to give to the insurance company is in process. Do I have to take this vehicle back if it is said to be drivable?


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Cooking Turkey Breast and Sweet Potatoes?Is it OK cook to cook them at the same time? What is the best way to cook a 7lb. turkey breast and sweet potatoes at the same time?


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Keeping Stink Bugs Out of House?How do I stop them from entering the house?


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Slogan for Cleaning Service?I'm starting a cleaning business and need a good slogan. Any ideals? My business name is, Whatta Relief Deep Kleen Cleaning Service.


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Free Furniture After Bed Bug Infestation?I recently allowed my daughter to come stay with me after being evicted from her place. She has brought some "luggage" with her AKA, bed bugs. My final obstacle is getting rid of all my furniture. Does anyone know of any agency/organization that can help me obtain reduced and/or free replacement furniture?


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