May 10, 2017

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Vietnamese Sponge Gourd and Enoki Mushroom Soup in bowl

Vietnamese Sponge Gourd and Enoki Mushroom SoupThis soup is a staple in our household. We love to eat this very warm soup during our meals. I am personally not a huge fan of vegetables, but this is one of my favorite soups!


Chicken Piccata, rice and vegetables on plate

Pressure Cooker Chicken PiccataThis was so delicious and juicy. A pressure cooker will keep your kitchen cooler in the warmer months ahead for us.



Using your finger to remove eggshell from the cracked egg contents.

Removing Stray Shells from Cracked EggsSince the egg is slippery and you cannot just get those shells easily, all you have to do is wet your index finger with water. Just tap it on the shell to stick and take out the small pieces of the shell.


Peaceful Cat Grayscale Coloring Page - grayscale photo of a calico cat.

Peaceful Cat Grayscale Coloring PageGrayscale coloring is the latest trend in adult coloring. It is suitable for both novice and experienced colorists, and is a wonderful way to take your coloring to the next level. The shading and highlighting have already been added, therefore it can greatly improve your coloring skills.


Plastic Bottle Cap Nozzles - nozzles created on caps

Plastic Bottle Cap NozzlesHere is a way to turn plastic bottle caps into nozzles. You can then use them for paint, batter, cake decorating, etc. Using metal tongs, put cap over low heat for a few seconds while moving it in a circular motion.


Easy Way to Clean a Blender - dirty blender along with dish soap and a glass of water

Easy Way to Clean a BlenderThis is one of the kitchen tools that I hate to clean. It is just hard because I have to dismantle it to be able to properly clean the blades. If I don't remove the body from the base where the blades are attached, I could get a scratch or worst a wound from the blades.


A hotel lobby.

How To Get A Cheaper Hotel RateFinding an affordable hotel room can be a hassle, but with these tips it can be much easier. This post will focus on IHG hotels, as I work for an IHG brand hotel but most tips should work in general.


Sift Flour into Canister - avocado green canister and sifter

Sift Flour into CanisterAlthough I have Celiac disease and my food has to be gluten free, I still do some baking with regular flour. When filling the canister with flour, I sift it into the container. It's ready for accurate measure when needed.


Clean Cast Iron Skillet with Used Coffee Grounds

Clean Cast Iron Skillet with Used Coffee GroundsI usually use salt to clean my cast iron skillet, but this morning I was about to pour my coffee grounds into the garden when I realized I could use them to clean my skillet. Just pour used grounds onto skillet with a bit of water, scrub, and rinse.


Dragon Fruit Flower (Hylocereus Undated) - bloom against a wooden fence

Dragon Fruit Flower (Hylocereus Undatus)When it is dragon fruit season, you will get to see the beautiful white flowers bloom. The flower is nocturnal therefore the best and only time to see these big beautiful flowers fully in bloom is during the night. They only last a day, which is a shame because they are so full and lovely to see against the green cactus.


Mother's Day Pill Bottle Vases - painted bottles with flowers inside

Mother's Day Pill Bottle VasesI made these flower vases for Mother's Day using pill bottles, spray paint, and yarn. My father has been hoarding his prescription pill bottles in his old age, saying they're nice looking and useful, and that they will make great gifts one day.


Pouring batter into a ring mold.

DIY Ring MoldI was recently making my Japanese Style Puff Pancakes and could not find my metal ring mold ANYWHERE! So I used a shaped one. Yesterday, I realized I could just make one out of wax paper.


Mother Goose - goose with babies under her wing

Mother GooseOne of my favorite sights of spring is seeing a mother goose protecting her babies under her wing on a cool morning. It's amazing how many babies she can fit under her body. The daddy goose is always standing right next to her, guarding them all.


Repurposing Yogurt Container for Bow/Headband Storage - headbands wrapped around contains

Repurposing Yogurt Container for Bow/Headband StorageThis is a way to make cute and inexpensive storage for your baby girl's bows, hair clips, and headbands.


A phone showing cellular data off.

Turn Data Off When Using Wi-Fi to Avoid OverchargesOur family plan is unlimited talk, text and shared 10GB of data among four phone lines. I remind everyone on the plan to turn off cellular data when they're using WI-FI (free internet) so we know for sure we are not using cellular data and that will prevent from overcharges on our bill.


Fluttering Fish - colorful paper fish on tan surface

Fluttering FishLittle ones will love this. It's such a ingenious, simple, and fun game to play. All you need is paper and scissors and you can throw a bit of colouring into the mix too. Indoors or outdoors, these little fishes are beautiful to watch as they spin through the air.


Old Deck Railing Used For Garden Tool Storage - tools hanging on railing with optional sigh above

Old Deck Railing Used For Garden Tool StorageWe had to replace our deck and railings. There were a couple of sections that were still in good shape. We had the idea to use a section of the railing for storage and place it on the back of my shed cottage.


Making A Bamboo Wind Chime - closeup of hanging wind chime

Making A Bamboo Wind ChimeI wanted to create a small zen garden next to our deck. It needed something extra, hmmmm, a wind chime! I created a bamboo wind chime to give my garden area a relaxing flare, very simple!


Tradescantia Close Up - purple flower with fuzzy center

Tradescantia Close UpMe thinks I'm becoming senile. I've had this/these plant(s) for years. All this time, I thought I had just one variety. Am I seeing things or are there two varieties here?


Circular Pansy Bed - purple and white pansies

Circular Pansy BedI could weep. I just made this bed. It's not complete. I'm going to have to make it a bit larger so the blocks will fit properly.


The first half of a preschool daily activity chart.

Create a Hands-on Daily Classroom Schedule for StudentsChildren work best with structure and continuity. It is easier for the younger ones to know what to expect during the day. Our classroom schedule was straightforward and only changed during field trips and rainy days. I decided to create a daily schedule that was on the children's eye level and one in which they could interact.


Clematis Little Duckling - numerous pink and white flowers

Clematis Little DucklingI've shown this clematis before. I think it's worth showing, again. I paid about a buck for it and now I have 20+ plants.


Starsister Dahlia - red flower with white on inner petals and bright yellow center

Starsister DahliaI saw this perennial from across the room at a garden center and knew I had to have it. It has a rich wine color with white. And to top it off it has a yellow center to complete its lovely look. It loves bright sun!


Mother's Day Table Decoration - LED battery lights added to inside of the film cylinder

Mother's Day Table DecorationIf you are planning a surprise dinner for mom on Mother's Day, here is a way to make table decorations that will look stunning without breaking the bank in the process. These decorations can also be used for party décor, or for a golden wedding anniversary.



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Information About Parvo?My dog Peanut has been diagnosed with Parvo. She has been receiving treatment for about a day and doesn't show any signs of improvement and still has really bad diarrhea. Is this normal when treating parvo? How long does it take for antibiotics to kick in?


Growing Hibiscus - orange flower

Growing Hibiscus?I have many hibiscus plans and several seem stressed. What can I do to help them?


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Buttonhole Foot on Singer 4423 Not Working?My buttonhole foot won't make buttonholes. I have all the settings right, in the correct order. All I get is a glob of thread. The foot doesn't move like it should to make the buttonhole.


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Getting Back to Natural Hair Color after Dyeing?I dyed my hair purple, but wanted to go blond again. I bleached it and it turned orange. So I went brown, but I really want to go back to my normal hair color blond. I want to grow it out, but do you guys know any other way apart from bleaching it so my hair will go back to blond?


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Keeping Pigeons Off Balcony?I have problems with pigeons. They can steal and on my balcony they poop on my chair and my lamp fixture. I would like to know what I can do to keep them off my balcony. My kids play out here and there is poop everywhere.


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Plastic Inserts for Hanging Metal Pipe Windchimes?I need to find the plastic inside that goes in the metal pipes that the cord go into. Do you know were I can get them?


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Talking to Mom About Shaving Legs?I am almost 13 and have very hairy legs. A few weeks back my friend's smaller brother said my leg looks like a boy's. He was only 6, but still I felt very embarrassed. My mom has booked an appointment for herself at the parlour day after tomorrow. I am planning to tell her about this. Should I mention waxing or shaving?


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Name Ideas for Organizing and Staging Business?I am attempting to name my organizing and staging business. Can you help me with potential names?


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15th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is coming up on the 20th of June. I would like to have a unique party, something different from what everyone else always has. I'm inviting around 20 friends, both guys and girls. Because it is such a large number, I will have to have a local party.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a fancy dark pink dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?This doll has a name on her shoulders, but I can't read enough of it to identify the maker to find out more information about her.


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Toilet Trained Puppy Started Pooping Inside?We have an 11 month old English Staffordshire terrier. On a regular basis we dog sit our friend's Staffy (1 year old) for a couple of days once a month.


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Shampooer Leaking?My shampooer leaks water all over and the soap goes with it. How to fix it please?


Kittens Nursing on Female Cat

Kittens Nursing on Female Cat?I have a two year old female cat that is not fixed and I recently have gotten two kittens. They are trying to nurse on her and she's allowing them to. Is this normal? They're not 8 weeks yet. Any suggestions?


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Caring for a Motherless Newborn Kitten?How do I care for a newborn motherless kitten? What do I do for it?


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Incubating Duck Eggs?I'm on day 27 of incubating mallard eggs. I've been turning them 1/2 turn, 3 times a day. Tonight I could hear them peeping a bit. I turned them about 40 minutes ago. Now I've just read that I should have stopped rotating two days ago! Should I turn them back or just leave them be? Will they hatch?


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Scott's Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Scott's riding mower with a 17Hp Briggs and Stratton motor. It won't turn over after mowing the grass last week. It needed a new battery and air filter. There is gas or oil in the air filter and it back fires out of the air filter, with fames an all. I changed the plugs and oil before storing it this winter.


Value of Antique Love Seat - ornate wooden love seat

Value of Antique Love Seat?I am cleaning out antiques and have no idea what this piece might be worth. We bought it at an auction years ago.


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Getting Rid of Snakes Without Poison?We having problems with snakes and need to find out how to get rid of them without using poison. We have kids and animals so we need a safe way.


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Protecting Trees and Flowers from Spring Frosts?Spring brings killer frosts. What is the least expensive way to protect flowers and trees from killer frosts?


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Ice Container Won't Snap Back Into Door?The ice container will not snap back into the door.


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Softening Hard Granulated Sugar?How can I make a rock hard 5lb bag of white sugar usable again?


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