July 19, 2017

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A clear glass lamp.

Painting Glass Lamps?Glass lamps are a great decor item that can easily be customized by being painted to your liking. This is a page about painting glass lamps.


Woman Using Dove Cleansing Cloth

Saving Money on Dove Cleansing ClothsIf you use face cleansing cloths regularly, finding ways to save money on them may be good idea for you. This is a page about saving money on Dove cleansing cloths.


Gummy worms crawling out of a small dirt cake.

Dirt Cake RecipesDirt cake is a fast delicious dessert treat that kids are sure to love. This page contains dirt cake recipes.


Turned Out on Plate

Garlic Parmesan Monkey Bread RecipeThis bread makes a great side for many types of meals. This page contains a garlic Parmesan monkey bread recipe.


Puff Puffs

Puff Puffs (African Doughnuts)These tasty little puff doughnuts are easy to make and will be a hit from your kitchen. This is a page about puff puffs (African doughnuts).



A bowl of peeled hard boiled eggs.

Peeling Boiled Eggs EasilyI just did something I'm sure I've never done, before. I peeled an entire dozen eggs and did not tear a single one, not the tiniest bit. Not only was it the fastest I ever peeled a dozen eggs, most of the shells came off in one piece.


A clean jar with the label removed.

Removing Labels and Cleaning JarsWhenever I find a useful jar, I always decide to keep it. I remove the labels and clean them by soaking in a mixture of 5 mL dish soap and a bowl of water for 30 minutes. After this, pull off the label and it will just be removed flawlessly.


Address labels on CD jewel cases.

Using Address LabelsAll of us get "free" return address labels from various charitable organizations and they pile up. Here are some ways to use them.


Easy Floral Lace Serviette Rings - place setting with napkin in serviette ring on white plate

Easy Floral Lace Serviette RingsUse cardstock, shimmer satin fabric, and flowers cut from leftover embroidered net lace fabric to make beautiful serviette rings. These serviette rings are a thrifty way to entertain during the summer, and can also be used to add a special touch to décor for a summer wedding.


Removing the peel of a peach.

Easily Peel PeachesI use this method of peeling peaches when I'm making something that requires lots of skinless peach sections. The skin will slip off easily. I also use this method for peeling tomatoes.


A group of people cleaning up litter on the side of a road.

Recycling Plastic BottlesPlease recycle plastic bottles. There is a big demand for them in the recycling industry. The recycling industry has created many jobs as well as saving the life of our landfills. Recycling also saves valuable resources from which plastic bottles are made.


DIY Moldable Silicone Clay - refrigerator pen holder and repaired charging cord

DIY Moldable Silicone ClayMoldable silicone clay is an absolute game changer for DIY types and craft fanatics. It's a putty you mold into any shape, let dry, and it stays put, but is 100% flexible. I used to spend about $20 for a tiny pack of the leading brand of silicone clay called Sugru, but now I make my own with two ingredients.


Two pairs of freshly sharpened tweezers by Tweezerman.

Lifetime Sharpening from TweezermanYou just have to pay a few dollars to ship to them. I mailed two pairs and they came back in a nice plastic case. If they cannot be sharpened, you will get a coupon for half off your next pair. Tweezerman tweezers are expensive, but are of high quality and will end up being cheaper than other brands in the long run.


A DIY kids workshop at Home Depot being painted.

Free Kids DIY Workshop at Home DepotThere are over 2,200 Home Depot's around the world. Check to see if your local Home Depot participates in free workshops for kids. You will need to register your child. What's awesome is everything is free.


Two rubber bands holding a bar of soap over a soap dish.

Use Rubber Bands on Soap DishHere is a simple tip when putting your soap in a soap dish. Every time we use our soap when bathing or washing our hands, the soap gets wet and messy and starts to melt.


Two giant paper clips to keep seat belts together.

Paper Clips to Keep Seat Belt in LineI am short. So, I have to have my seat up pretty far. My van is old so the little "button" that held the two seat belts together is gone. I wondered if two of the large paperclips would work so I went down this morning and, voila!


Recycled Tissue Roll for Small Gift Wrapping - finished gift wrap tube

Recycled Tissue Roll for Small Gift WrappingUsing tissue rolls is a very easy, simple, yet thrifty, way for wrapping gifts. One way of saving Mother Earth is by reusing rather than adding to the landfills. It is also a good project for making together with your kids. This is fun!


A bowl of homemade miso soup.

Miso SoupA very delicious soup you can enjoy any time!



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Singer Sewing Machine Won't Stitch?My sewing machine won't run. The foot pedal won't work and I can't think of anything to do. It turns on correctly, it is threaded, and the bobbin is fine. But the foot petal will not work and it won't stitch anything. What do I do? (My sewing machine is a Vivo Create and Repair machine by Singer).


What Kind of Snake Is This? - large bodied pale tan snake with markings and triangular head

What Kind of Snake Is This?What kind of snake is this?


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Removing Yellow Age Stains on Vintage Crochet Afghan?How can I safely get stains out of a white, 30 year old crocheted baby afghan? They appear to be just yellowing from age.


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Indoor Roma Tomatoes Not Flowering?I started a project at work growing Roma tomatoes from seeds. I transferred them into buckets (sand buckets like for the beach) they are now really tall, but not flowering. They face south so they have direct sun for 7 hours a day. I planted the seeds in April. Am I doing something wrong?


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?My neighbor just gave me this puppy and I would like to know the breed. It's a girl and her name is Hope. If her age can be estimated that would be great. She looks 2 months old.


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Finch Laid Eggs?I have 2 pairs of finches in my cage, 1 of the females just laid an egg and now she and her mate are being extra protective and a little aggressive towards the other pair. Should I move the other pair into their own separate cage or should I just leave everything alone since the other pair has started laying?


Cleaning Dirt and Mud from Work Clothes

Cleaning Dirt and Mud from Work Clothes?How do I clean my son's ground-in construction dirt and orange mud? I've tried several things, from soaking with Dawn detergent overnight, to pre-treating with Shout It Out, but nothing is cleaning his ground-in dirt and orange mud stains from his jeans. Any recommendations?


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Electric Typewriter Hammer Not Working?My Brother AX-100 electric typewriter hammer is not hitting the ribbon. It is switched on, has power, and ink. How can I fix this?


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Removing Burned Grease Stain on Stainless Steel Pot?I burned some grease in my pot. How do you get a black burn mark out of a stainless steel pot?


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Putting Laminate Flooring Over Brick Subfloor?We purchased a mobile 2 years ago, and decided to put different flooring in the living room. We started to take up the rug that is there, and noticed there are bricks down. We haven't pulled the whole rug up yet, just because we're not sure what to do next. We wanted a laminate floor put in.


Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cats  - kitten

Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cats?I have 2 Himalayans already. One is 18 and the other just turned 1. I just picked up an 8wk old yesterday. His actual brother is my 1 yr old. My 18yr old has no interest nor cares as expected, but the 1 year old and the new kitten aren't getting along.


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Selling Porcelain Doll Making Supplies?My neighbor has many boxes containing porcelain dolls, wigs, clothes, etc. that his wife made. There are molds also. His wife actually made them for years. He needs to get rid of all of it. We do not want to just throw the supplies away. Is there a market for these things?


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Kenmore Ice Maker Tray Stuck Upside Down?I have a Kenmore refrigerator model 795.7103. The ice maker tray is stuck upside down. How do I turn it right side up?


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Value of 1986 Britannica Great Books?I have a complete unopened set (still in plastic), is there any value in these or should I donate them to a library/school?


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Removing Wite-Out from Black Clothes?How do you remove Wire-Out from black clothes?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - blond haired doll wearing a long plaid dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I need to identify my porcelain doll and find out how much she is worth. The writing on the back of her head says, 'BY 188'


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Donating Fabric?I have some fabric I would like to donate in the Southampton area.


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Mallard Sitting on Eggs for a Month?A wild Mallard has sat on her eggs for 31 days and still is. What does that mean? Are the eggs still viable? How much longer until the ducklings will hatch and how long will she continue brooding?


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Value of a 1910 "The New Teachers' and Pupils' Cyclopaedia"?I have a set of the 1910 "The New Teachers' and Pupils' Cyclopaedia". What is its value? It was published by the Holst Publishing Company, Chicago, Boone, Pittsburg, and Toronto. It consists of four volumes.


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