December 11, 2017

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Pre-lit pine garland on mantle.

Repairing Lights on Pre-lit Garlands?It can be frustrating to determine which bulb is causing the outage on your light string. This is a page about repairing lights on pre-lit garlands.


Foot with Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus and Nail Salons?This is a page about nail fungus and nail salons. The possibility of getting nail fungus at a nail salon can be minimized if they properly sanitize everything. Here is some helpful information that can help you pick a safe salon.


Hand with black fingerprint ink on 2 fingers.

Cleaning Fingerprint Ink Off Clothing?This is a page about cleaning fingerprint ink off clothing. Here are some tips to try if you have a fingerprinting ink stain on clothing.


Petlynx for
Lost Pets

Using Petlynx for Lost PetsThis is a page about using Petlynx for lost pets. This is a lost pet recovery service that doesn't use a microchip. You have the option to do a 7-day free trial, or for a nominal fee there is a 21-day trial subscription and a lifetime subscription. This service allows you to upload a photo and a description that is stored in a database that helps in reuniting pets with their owners. You are able to make a lost pet report, as well as search "found pet" reports. Your pet can wear a tag that directs people to this website if they find your pet.


Glass of Candy Cane
Ice Cream Punch topped with candy cane pieces.

Candy Cane Stick Ice Cream Punch?A festive holiday beverage is made with peppermint flavored candy cane ice cream. This is a page about candy cane stick ice cream punch.


Hand wiping down a stainless steel dishwasher.

Removing Water Spots on Stainless Steel?This is a page about removing water spots on stainless steel. Stainless steel appliances are notorious for getting water spots. Here are some tips for cleaning them without leaving water spots behind.


Stored Christmas Decorations

Removing Mold on Stored Christmas Decorations?Christmas decorations are often stored in basements or other unconditioned spaces without being thoroughly cleaned. This can result in mold and mildew growth. This is a page about removing mold on stored Christmas decorations.


Buffalo Chips Cookies

Buffalo Chip Cookies RecipeThese unique cookies combine oatmeal, puffed rice cereal, coconut, and chopped pecans. If you are looking for a new cookie recipe, give this one a try!


Wiping Stainless Steel with Cloth and Vinegar

Cleaning Stainless Steel with VinegarVinegar is very effective in removing hard water stains on stainless steel. This is a page about cleaning stainless steel with vinegar.


Gold rimmed porcelain teacup.

14 Carat Gold Paint for Porcelain?Painting porcelain with gold paint will require firing in a kiln in order to get the color you want. This is a page about 14 carat gold paint for porcelain.


Bowl of vegetable shortening on a red polka dot napkin.

Measuring Shortening (Crisco)This is a page about measuring shortening. Measuring shortening can be difficult because it sticks to the measuring cup. Here are some great tips for making it easier to measure shortening.


Sweeping up Dust and Hair from Floor

How to Clean Hair Off a Bathroom Floor?Your vacuum cleaner can help make it easy to clean hair off the bathroom floor. This is a page about cleaning hair off the bathroom floor.


Outdoor Kennel

Getting Rid of Odors in an Outdoor Kennel?Outdoor kennels often are erected on the dirt. Urine and feces odors in the soil can be difficult to remove. Even if the kennel has a concrete floor special cleaning may be required. This is a page about getting rid of odors in an outdoor kennel.


Group of kids with party hats sitting at a table.

12th Birthday Party Game Ideas?This page contains 12th birthday party game ideas. One way to keep the cost of a birthday party down, is to have it at home. Games are a great way to keep the kids occupied and having fun. Here are some game ideas that would be fun to play at a 12th birthday party.


Sweet Potatoes on a cutting board.

Peeling and Cutting Sweet Potatoes and Yams?Partially cooking your sweet potatoes or yams can help help make peeling them easier. A potato peeler is another easy way to remove the peels, prior to cutting them up. This is a page about easy peeling and cutting of sweet potatoes and yams.


Snake Being Captured

Dealing With Snakes in Your HouseIt can be very disconcerting to discover that snakes have taken up residence in your home. While some of them may be beneficial, typically we would prefer if they live outside. This is a page about dealing with snakes in your house.


Roasted Chicken with lemon and herbs.

Cooking Time and Temperature for Roasting Chickens?First cook the chicken at around 375 degrees F for about an hour, then raising the temperature up for a short amount of time to brown the skin. This will make a deliciously juicy chicken, that everyone will enjoy. This is a page about cooking time and temperature for roasting chickens.


Hands gently moving a birds nest with small eggs.

Moving Zebra Finch EggsYour birds are comfortable and at home when they start laying eggs, and should probable stay where they are until the eggs hatch. This is a page about moving zebra finch eggs.



Happy Backyard Birds at Christmastime - Verdin bird on hummer feeder

Happy Backyard Birds at ChristmastimeI love to share the holiday spirit with our backyard feathered friends too.


Magazine Christmas Tree - tree on coffee table

Magazine Christmas TreeDon't throw away that old magazine. With a few folds and some paint, you can make a beautiful Christmas tree!



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Windshield Fluid Won't Spray?I have a GMC Acadia 2010 and my windshield fluid won't spray. When I try to spray I hear a clicking noise on the passenger side. Could it be the fuse?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a hoodie and overalls

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I've searched far and wide. I just can't seem to find who made this doll.


Value of Mersman Entry Table - 5066 1/2 - ornate entry table with turned legs

Value of Mersman Entry Table 5066 1/2?I inherited this piece and was wondering how much is it worth?


Value of Mission Style Sideboard - three drawered sideboard

Value of Mission Style Sideboard?I inherited this sideboard and was wondering what it is worth.


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Slogan for After School Chess Program?I need a slogan for after school class. The name of the program is Chess Wizards.


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit? - white dog with black markings

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit?I will love him either way, but am just wondering.


Value of 1943 Dictionary - front cover

Value of 1943 Dictionary?I have a 1943 unabridged edition dictionary. I am wondering what it might be worth.


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Value of Antique Postal Desk?I found an antique postal desk (stand behind) at a thrift store. It is in pretty good condition. There are several drawers in this desk and all of them have sustained some water damage. There is no water damage elsewhere on the desk. It is pretty sturdy and looks to be made of cherry wood.


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Electrical Malfunction with Bad Smell?I was washing my clothes and also using my dryer to dry clothes. I went up stairs and then into my room. When I came back downstairs I smelled a burning smell and they were not running.


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Playschool Name Ideas?I am running a franchise of a playschool, but now I plan to switch to my own brand. Please suggest a name which suggests education and play with values.


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Breeding Canaries and Finches in the Same Aviary?I have just built an aviary and I have few canaries in there. One pair had two babies about 3 days old. Today I brought a couple of zebra finches and have noticed that tonight the hen has jumped into the nest with the canary hen and her babies. Will this effect the babies or get the mother canary upset?


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Keeping Watermelon Fresh?Can you keep the watermelon in a cooler box?


Value of a Granite State M.M Co Push Mower - reel mower

Value of a Granite State M.M Co Push Mower?I have a restored push mower made by Granite State M.M Co Hinsdale, New Hampshire. I have turned a new handle and roller. It is complete and repainted in its original colours including the roller and handles which were originally white. Most of the push mowers here in Australia were either local production or British imports.


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Freezing Potato Candy?Can you freeze potato candy?


Value of Porcelain Dolls - doll with dark ringlets

Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have these 2 porcelain dolls and they have minimal markings on them. I am just wondering if they are worth anything? And what kind are they? The girl has marking: ID 97160A. The boy's marking looks like Asian writing possibly yf 144.


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Substituting Marshmallow Cream for Marshmallows?How many cups of marshmallow cream is used for Rice Krispie treats? Mine is homemade and I do not have a 7 oz jar.


Identifying an Antique Porcelain Doll - blond doll with ringlets and wearing a pink and white floral dress

Identifying an Antique Porcelain Doll?My antique doll is stamped with 724 A on the back of the neck. What kind of doll is this and what is it worth?


What Breed Is My Dog? - mainly white with brown wire haired dog

What Breed Is My Dog?My dog has got a pair of ears right on top of the head that stand straight up and flip and is kinda furry.


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Ingredients in Non-dairy Creamer?What are the ingredients in non-dairy creamer? I know it is flammable after watching 2 college buddies demonstrate the light show.


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Lightening Hair That Was Dyed Too Dark?I was wondering if anyone can help with advice? I dyed my hair 3 days ago and it's far too dark for me. So the next day thought I would get a lighter colour; it did nothing. I read that Head and Shoulders helps to rinse colour out, or should I use a colour stripper and then dye it again?


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Using Modge Podge on Decorated Ornaments?I want to place holiday stickers on glass ornaments. I am using the glossy so is there a way to use modge podge and not be filmy? Also can you use modge podge over matte paint on plastic or glass?


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