February 13, 2018

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A black leather jacket with silver zipper and snaps.

Cleaning Odors from the Lining of a Leather Jacket?Even if your leather jacket itself does not need a cleaning you may need to remove odors from the lining. This may not be a good at home cleaning project as the lining may not be washable and the leather could be damaged. This is a page about cleaning odors from the lining of a leather jacket.


A birthday cake that resembles a bowling alley.

Bowling Alley Birthday CakeMake this cute bowling alley themed cake for the bowler among your friends and family. This is a page about decorating a bowling alley birthday cake.


Book Flowers and Coffee Cup on Table

No Need for a TVConscious choice or budgetary constraints can determine whether you can or want to pay for TV services. Living without a TV can be financially and mentally liberating. This is a page about no need for a TV.


Baked chicken in a pan with melted cheese on top.

Honey Mustard Mozzarella ChickenThis honey mustard glazed chicken is topped in the final minutes of cooking with shredded mozzarella cheese for a soon to be favorite main course. This is a page about making honey mustard mozzarella chicken.


Ball Point Pen Writing on Paper

Removing Ink From a DocumentMistakes can happen when you are preparing a document. Depending on the type of ink used there may be a way to correct the error. This is a page about removing ink from a document.


A trellis with wood poles and rope, for training beans.

Simple Pole Bean TrellisUsing purchased 2x2 pieces of wood or left over wood scraps and twine you can make a simple pole bean trellis for your garden. This is a page about constructing a simple pole bean trellis.


An antique chair in a room with expensive looking wallpaper.

Identifying Antique ChairsIdentifying the age and value of antique chairs can be difficult especially if there are no markings identifying the manufacturer. Careful research may yield helpful information. Professional appraisers are an option as well. This is a page about identifying antique chairs.


Closeup of sliced ham lunch meat.

Saving Money on Sandwich MeatOne way to save on sandwich meat is to buy fully cooked ham, turkey, or other meats in the meat department at your local market and have the deli department thin slice it for you. Freeze some for later if you like. This is a page about saving money on sandwich meat.


A completed photo of a shamrock suncatcher made from clear contact paper.

Making a Contact Paper Shamrock SuncatcherUse clear contact paper and bits of tissue or crepe paper to make a shamrock window decoration for St. Patrick's Day or any time. This is a page about making a contact paper shamrock suncatcher.


Baby Wipes for Cleaning Up After Pet Birds - bird on window sill

Baby Wipes for Cleaning Up After Pet BirdsBaby wipes make for a quick clean up for bird owners who allow their birds to leave their cage. This is a page about using baby wipes for cleaning up after pet birds.


A batch of chocolate chip cookies on a baking tray.

Butter-Free Chocolate Chip Pecan CookiesCraving cookies, but out of butter? Make this delicious recipe that substitutes canola oil for the butter. They are yummy. This is a page about butter-free chocolate chip pecan cookies.


A patriotic garden ball in red, white and blue.

Patriotic Garden Ball Using a Bowling BallAn old bowling ball can be converted into a decorative piece of patriotic garden art using flat craft marbles. This is a page about how to make a patriotic garden ball using a bowling ball.


Crochet red, white, and blue heart shaped pin.

Red, White, and Blue Crocheted Heart Pin PatternThis quick and easy to make crochet heart shaped pattern is perfect for using as a pin or magnet. This page contains a red, white, and blue crocheted heart pin pattern.



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At Home Birthday IdeasAs a 13 teen old, I am anything but girly. For my birthday, my parents and I decided to have an at home birthday. We had a campfire and did a lot of stuff with nature. If you are not a girly girl, I say try it. All my friends loved it.


A collection of kayaks, canoes and other boats stacked on a green lawn.

Boats at Beaver Lake (NC)Everyone loves to boat and hike and every other kind of nature opportunity in Asheville, NC region. This is a great little lake bordering a fancy neighbourhood, and this boat corral region belongs to the neighboring community.


ID cards with tape attached to one end.

Help Your Wallet with TapeI have tape on the ends of all my cards; license, insurance card, library, etc. The tape sticks out to where I can pull the card out of my wallet without digging with my nails. I have been at stores and the older ladies all know why the tape is there.


A dirty oven with wet paper towels and a scrubby sponge.

Clean Oven with Bottled WaterThis picture below is of the bottom of my grimy oven. You can see the clean spot that I used the folded up paper towels and bottled water on, and you can see the burnt-on areas I've not gotten to yet. I laid bottled water saturated paper towels on the burnt-on stuff.


A clear plastic divider with labels for storing coupons.

How to Store Restaurant CouponsI receive many of my coupons through my email and digitally. However, several fast food establishments and restaurants still mail out paper savings flyers. To be honest, I have missed some great deals because I could not find the right coupon when I needed it. To remedy this, I decided to organize my deals in a small expanding coupon file.


A view looking down the mountain at Hot Springs, NC.

Our Town (Hot Springs, NC)This is a view of Hot Springs, NC at dusk, from the top of Serpentine Road. I have come here with my love more than once, sometimes at night, to view the twinkling lights. When I have had to come alone, I have taken photos and shown them to him, at various times of the day or night.


An emergency SOS screen on the iPhone.

Emergency SOS for iPhone UsersThe iPhone has an emergency SOS feature for when you're in a dangerous situation and need help ASAP. You can also program other emergency contacts through the Apple Health app already on your phone. These contacts can show up on the screen, as well, and you can call them for help if desired.


Using a towel to move a mattress.

Moving a Mattress with TowelsEach month, we do a deep clean and vacuum in our bedroom which includes taking the mattress out of the room. The mattress has handles around the edges but they're not easy to grip.


Ingredients for making a soft salad.

Making a Soft SaladI have some dental issues right now that don't allow me to eat anything crunchy. Not having much in the way of fresh foods for over a week, I was going into my "Rabid Rabbit" stage. In other words, I needed a salad!


Tobie (Lynx Point Siamese Mix) - grey and white cat

Tobie (Lynx Point Siamese Mix)Tobie was a rescue (he was found in a sack tied shut in the desert meowing - with his brother, a tabby cat). He likes to fetch Q-tips.


Felt Fortune Cookies - felt fortune cookies

Felt Fortune CookiesThe best part of opening a fortune cookie is receiving your paper fortune, so these felt versions can save you from ingesting too many cookies! They can be reused, too, so this is a great craft for Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and many other celebrations.


Woven Felt Heart - closeup of finished heart on dark pink background

Woven Felt HeartThis handmade woven felt heart makes for a heartfelt gift! I love how the two pieces come together to make a gorgeous high-contrast heart. This is a great craft for all ages.


Refilled water bottles in the refrigerator.

Refilling Water Bottles to Save MoneyGood day everyone. One day, I sat and realized how much money I was spending on bottled water. I thought how good my water is in my home town. I began to put the used water bottles in the dishwasher. When done, I would refill them with pipe water and add to the fridge.


Two packages of LED lightbulbs from the Dollar Tree.

LED Bulbs at Dollar TreeSomeone posted about LED bulbs at Dollar Tree last week. At that time, they were $1.00 per bulb. I see that some Dollar Tree stores have quantity 2 60w LED equivalent bulbs packaged for $1.00 per package ($.50 per bulb).


Homemade Vegetable Bouillon in cup

Homemade Vegetable BouillonFresh vegetables sometimes get soft or soggy before we use them, right? Spinach always does and bell peppers often do. Even celery gets limp after a while, particularly for those of us who buy it by the bunch. What to do so as not to waste hard-earned money? Freeze those veggies.


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Finding That Certain RecipeI have a lot of cookbooks. Sometimes I couldn't remember which recipe was in what book. Now I make a photocopy of the Index pages. I make sure the title is on the top. I highlight the recipes I want to use. I keep the indexes in a loose leaf notebook for that purpose.



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No Flowers on My Hydroponic Tomato Plants?I'm growing tomatoes in an hydroponic Aerogarden in my house. I have great plants, but no flowers. I've checked with the company and still I have no flowers after doing everything they recommended. Can anybody help?


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Dealing With a Verbally Abusive Husband?I am looking for some advice. My husband is generally a good husband and father, but when we have disagreement, arguments, or if I don't agree with him, or something simply doesn't go his way, he insults me and calls me names. This happens when we are alone and in front of our son.


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Cross Stitch of the Penn State University Old Main Building?I am looking for a cross stitch kit of the Old Main Building at Penn State University.


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17th Birthday Theme Ideas?My 17th birthday is in 5 days and I need a theme for the party. I'm desperate.


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Accepting an Invitation to Prom?I'm getting asked to prom tomorrow on Valentine's Day. It's suppose to be a surprise, but my mom told me because she wanted to see what my answer would be. I'm going to say yes; I just don't know how to react with surprise.


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Getting Rid of Flies In Bathroom and Kitchen?Recently I got a cat and when it comes to cleaning I'm very OCD. I constantly clean everything in my home, but recently these flies have been in my bathroom, litter box, and kitchen. It feels as if they are taking over my home.


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Agencies That Help After a House Fire?My home was destroyed, because of a house fire. Where can I find financial assistance?


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Name for Masculine Soap Business?I'm launching a soap company for men. The bars will be larger than average, so I'm trying to come up with a name that conveys that.


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