March 23, 2018

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Person making a salad on a countertop full of fresh food.

Transitioning to a Healthier DietChanging our diet to a more healthy one can be difficult. It often means not only giving up many snacks for healthy alternatives, but also shifting to better carbohydrates and whole grains, not to mention more vegetables. A slow introduction of the new foods may make the process easier and more successful. This is a page about transitioning to a healthier diet.


Succulents in a pot.

Caring for a Succulent?This is a page about caring for a succulent. Succulents are typically very easy to grow. There are a few specific things to keep in mind to ensure their health. Do not over or underwater. For more succulent care tips check out this page. This is a page about caring for a succulent.


A tomato plant with yellow flowers.

Protecting Tomato Plants from AnimalsThis is a page about protecting tomato plants from animals. We are not the only ones who enjoy a delicious tomato. Deer and even squirrels will help themselves to your garden produce. Depending on who is nibbling, there are different measures you can take to discourage your unwelcome dinner guests.


Making an Egg Shell Colored  Dress Whiter - lace against the white slip

Making an Off White Wedding Dress Whiter?This is a page about making an off white wedding dress whiter. Trying to whiten an off white or eggshell colored dress can be difficult to impossible. Polyester fabrics are not a good choice for this process. Likewise, even cottons may not result in the desired effect. This is a page about making an off white wedding dress whiter.


"It's or its" written on a blackboard.

Grammar Tip: "It's" vs "Its"Some parts of English grammar can be very confusing. One common example is the difference between "it's" a contraction of "it is" and "its" a possessive pronoun. This page contains a grammar tip: "it's" vs "its".


Using make-up brush to clean computer keyboard

Household Items That Do Double DutyThis is a page about household items that do double duty. There are so many items, cleaners, and foods that can be used in alternate ways. You can use baking soda to whiten your teeth as well as for general cleaning that requires a gentle abrasive.


Value of Leonardo Collectable Ornament

Finding the Value of Leonardo Collectable Ornaments?This is a page about finding the value of Leonardo collectable ornaments. There are so many collectibles, some of which have a more enduring value. Research will help determine if your collectible ornament fits into that category.



Apple Mango Dessert in bowl with berries

Apple Mango DessertThis dessert is great in autumn or whenever you have a surplus of otherwise uneatable apples. You cook the apples and then add other things to make it even more flavorful and healthy.


Banana Kale Smoothie in glass

Banana Kale SmoothieThis is an excellent smoothie for those who need to get more greens in their diet. You won't even taste the kale. The bananas, vanilla, and honey take over in sweetness, and give it a luxuriously smooth texture. It actually tastes similar to a very naughty diner milkshake. Promise you'll love it!


Baked Crispy Tofu on baking sheet

Baked Crispy TofuThis is a 3 ingredient recipe. It is a healthier alternative to frying tofu while still achieving the nice crispy texture!


Slow Cooker Pulled Pork with quinoa

Slow Cooker Pulled PorkThis is one of those recipes where you can throw together in a slow cooker and have a meal by dinner. Effortless, delicious and perfect for left overs. You can prepare pulled pork on buns, sandwiches, wraps, rice, mac n' cheese, nachos, sliders, pizza; the possibilities are endless.


Mushroom Chicken Bakeon dinner plate

Mushroom Chicken BakeA versatile recipe, as you can also use pork or lamb chops. This uses ingredients you probably have in the house already. The sauce is delicious over rice, pasta or potatoes.



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Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?We took our 9 month old Schweenie to the emergency vet on the first day of symptoms. He tested positive for parvo. That was Sunday. He was released from the vet today (Thursday) with Kaopectate and a can puppy food to syringe feed. He has drunk a little on his own, but vomited again. Should I be worried?


Fur Jacket Keepsake Craft Ideas - short fur jacket

Fur Jacket Keepsake Craft Ideas?I am looking for ideas for making keepsakes for myself and 5 sisters from this fur jacket of my mom's.


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Older Dog Peeing in Her Sleep?My dog is 18 and she is peeing in her sleep. What does this mean?


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Selling Porcelain Dolls?I am trying to sell 7 porcelain dolls. 2 are Vanessa Ricardi special edition series 2000.


Repairing a Cut in Faux Leather Couch Upholstery - cut near side seam

Repairing a Cut in Faux Leather Couch Upholstery?I have a fake leather (LU) lounge which has a knife cut. It is in a non-stressed part of the fabric. However it's on a corner. Can I join the edges back up with super glue or will this have a corrosive effect.


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The Effect of Increased Income on Medicaid?Do I lose my Medicaid if my income more than doubles?


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Making a Hot Pad on a Round Knitting Loom?I was wondering how to do a hot pad on this round knitting loom.


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Repairing a Treasured Comforter?My husband has a comforter that is the only thing left from his mother. The batting inside is a mess, but the stitching all around as well as the seams that stitch down in intervals are still intact. The fabric is getting extremely thin in areas too.


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Value of American Cyclopaedia?Any ideas on the value of a 16 volume, 2nd edition 1875, of the American Cyclopaedia?


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and white part Husky dog

What Breed Is My Dog?This is my beautiful dog Hachi. He is four years old this year and the most wonderful dog. He is a very sweet rescue pup. He is a Husky cross, but I am not sure about the other breed. His mom was a small breed and his dad a Siberian Husky. Hachi is medium in size, loves his toys, and is full of energy.


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Making Doo Doo Drops?How far ahead can you make them?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - blond doll in one piece garment

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone have info of what type of doll this is, who manufactured it, and year? I found this in my mother's attic and would like to get any information I can about it. It's about 13 in tall.


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Cause of Flickering Dome Light and Intermittent Radio?I have a 2007 Mercedes E320. The dome light started flickering, the radio shut off then came back on, and then the battery light on the dash came on. This all happened after about 30 minutes of driving. The battery, alternator, and the charging system are all OK. Could it be my phone charger?


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Claiming Step Children on Taxes?Can I claim my stepdaughter on my taxes if I support her and she is a full-time student that lives under my roof?


Discontinued Simplicity Craft  - Pattern - cute scrappy Teddy Bear quilt

Discontinued Simplicity Craft Pattern?I am looking for a discontinued Simplicity pattern #4993. It is for a Teddy Bear rag quilt. I would be grateful for help to find one. The caption below the original photo says there is a video, but it's not of the bear just how to make a rag quilt.


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