May 6, 2018

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Wrench around a small wooden house.

Organizations That Help With Home RepairWhen you don't have the money to pay for repairs on your home, there may help available in your community. This is a page about organizations that help with home repair.


Elderly woman with a blanket around her shoulders adjusting her thermostat

Furnace Blowing Cold Air?It may be time to call a repairman when your furnace is not warming up. This is a page about furnace blowing cold air.


Man doing yoga balance pose

Exercises that Improve Your BalanceNo matter who you are you can benefit by a few exercises that help you balance. This is a page about exercises that improve your balance.


Green hairnet on a white background

Use Hairnets to Protect Small PlantsTo protect little plants or cuttings from insect pests, you can use a hairnet. This is a page about use hairnets to protect small plants.


Couple speaking with property manger about renting a house

Property Management Business Name Ideas?When you are starting a new business, you want your name to reflect the work you do and be easy to remember. This is a page about property management business name ideas.


Close-up of ant on white background.

Can Ants Smell?Ants have an extraordinary ability to smell, using the odor receptors on their antennae. They can smell food and they lay down chemical trails to and from their nest for other colony members to follow. This is a page about, "Can ants smell?".


Orzo in a bowl with tomatoes and shallots.

Garlic Butter and Lemon Orzo RecipeGarlic, lemon and butter are delicious in this simple orzo pasta dish. This is a page about garlic butter and lemon orzo.



Crispy Puffs with sauce

Crispy Tuna Cheese PuffsThese little crispy pockets of tuna and cream cheese are an excellent appetizer or side to a meal. I came up with them because I adore crab rangoons, but don't always have those ingredients handy. I always have tuna and cream cheese around! These can be pan fried or baked. I've added both methods in this recipe.


Orzo Pasta Salad

Orzo Pasta SaladThis dish was actually made back during Easter time when the kids dyed Easter eggs and afterwards, we had egg orzo pasta salad. This is a nice light refreshing orzo pasta salad with vegetables and eggs, and very easy to make.


Pierogi Soup in spoon

Pierogi SoupDo you have left over pierogis (eastern European dumplings) or pierogis that have thawed out into a big gloppy clump? Don't throw them out! Make pierogi soup.



Paper Hyacinths - two finished flowers

Paper HyacinthsMy mother adores flowers that stand tall like hyacinths and lavender, so I'm making her a bouquet of them out of coloured paper. That's really all you need: paper, scissors, and glue. These flowers include the stem, so you can create several and they make a great bouquet as a gift.


Adjusting the Size of Fitted Sheets - perfect fit

Adjusting the Size of Fitted SheetsI received this pair of sheets for Christmas three years ago and I never did like them. The fitted sheet was a little too big for the bed and it wrinkled when sleeping on it. I put the pair of sheets in the box of items I collect to take to Goodwill, which gives me a little time to really know if I want to part with this item.



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Removing Cigarette Odor from Home and Laundry?How do I remove cigarette odor from home and laundry?


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Real Estate Business Slogan Ideas?I need a slogan for my business, Neighborhood Remedy Rehab Specialists. I also need a catchy phrase to replace it on my website because it's too long.


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Donating Used Greeting Cards?I have some really pretty used Christmas cards, birthday cards, and other greeting cards. I hate to throw them away, if I tear off the written part and just save the front of the card is there anywhere I can send them to be used for crafts. etc.?


Identifying a Pimple-like Sore on Finger

Identifying a Pimple-like Sore on Finger?I have a white pimple like stuff on the back side of my finger. Earlier also in the same place it happened, but it was gone on it's own. Now again it appeared, but now it's not going away. It's generally not painful, but when pressed it hurts. Can anyone suggest what should I do?


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I can't really afford a DNA test right now. I will eventually do one, but I was just wondering everybody's opinion. I found this puppy starving in my yard. I don't know if it's a mutt, a Pit, or a mix. What do you guys think? She's female and just got started teething.


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Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy has received dewormer and parvo shots. Yesterday I had to take him to the vet because he did not want to eat, drink, or get up. The vet told me he was positive for parvo. They gave him a shot and told me that would stop him from throwing up.


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13th Birthday Party Theme Ideas?My daughter is turning 13 this year and I'm having trouble planning a birthday party for her. I'm trying to figure out the theme and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for one?


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Painting Kitchen Countertops?I have a yellow kitchen and need to update my 1965 counter top. I want to paint it. How do I do it and should I do it in black with black and white cupboards?


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Rescued Cat Taught to Use Bathtub as Litterbox?We took in a cat, Charlotte, from someone not fit to take care of himself due to mental illness and laziness. He never showed cat boundaries, never ever cleaned the litter box, let bad habits go on, ie. table jumping. She also learned to use the tub as a litterbox.


Is My Dog a Purebred Chihuahua? - black and white Chihuahua

Is My Dog a Purebred Chihuahua?Is my dog a purebred Chihuahua? She's supposed to be a deer head Chi, but I think she looks like a Jack Russell. She was my nana's dog and apparently she got papers when she bought her, but can't find them. I'm thinking maybe someone has given her papers that aren't legitimate


Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest - cedar chest with two hearts and other carved design on the front

Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest?I have a very pretty Murphy cedar chest model # 4032 how much is it worth?


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Dining Room Light Only Works When Breakers are Off?My dining room light only works when all breakers are off. What is the issue that is causing this?


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Asking My Mum To Shave?I am a 13 year old girl and I really want to be able to shave. My legs are becoming hairy and my armpits are too. A while ago I asked my mum, but she said my hair was too fine and is not noticeable (it is) and she walked away. Since it's summer I really want to shave because we wear shorts in PE.


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Mulch Dye Turned Goldfish Pond Black?It rained and our new black mulch leaked into our goldfish pond and turned the water black. How do we fix it to make it clear again?


Identifying Tiny Bugs in Clothes Closet - small dark brown bugs

Identifying Tiny Bugs in Clothes Closet?Can someone tell me what this bug is? I found few of them crawling in my closet and on my clothes. I'm freaking out. I'm very neat and clean. I don't know why those bugs are there and why is this happening. I killed 7. They are very tiny, bigger than a flea, but still very small.


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Getting Rid of Millipedes?We have what we think are millipedes in the garden, when it gets dark they climb up the walls and around the patio door. Then they disappear when daylight comes .I have read all the facts about them, but am unsure of how to get rid of them. We are afraid to use an insecticide as we have 4 doggies.


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Microwave Door Keeps Shutting Once Opened?Is there any way to adjust a microwave door to keep it from swinging shut once it's open? It's an Electrolux over the range microwave oven.


Identifying Insects and Eggs in Soil

Identifying Insects and Eggs in Soil?What kind of eggs and insect is this on my soil? When I watered my plants it would have dust coming out of them. It seems like they are trying to protect themselves from the water. There are a lot of them, like thousands.


Identifying a Thin Brown Crawling Bug

Identifying a Thin Brown Crawling Bug?I found this thin brown bug crawling on my bed. I've had bed bugs before, but I feel like this is too big to be a bed bug. I found a second one crawling on the carpet a few minutes later. These are the best images I could get of it.


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