July 16, 2018

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Yellow and orange tulips.

April Flower PhotosDepending on your growing zone, April may be the start of the flowering season in your garden. The beautiful colors begin and continue throughout the spring and summer and then into the fall. This page contains April flower photos.


Honeydew Melon smoothie

Honeydew Smoothie RecipeThis super simple smoothie recipe combines honeydew melon and yogurt to make a refreshing treat. It's perfect for a hot summer day or a quick breakfast.


Tropical leaf wallpaper behind bed.

Wallpaper Color Advice?This page contains wallpaper color advice. If you are looking to add wallpaper to a room, it can be hard to decide on the color and pattern. If you are looking for wallpaper color advice, this is a great place to get other people's feedback.


pile of books in garden.

5 Great Books for GardenersThere are many good books for gardeners. Everyone has their own special favorites. Keeping up with the latest tips and science of gardening is interesting and can certainly help improve your garden. This is a page about 5 great books for gardeners.


A hydrangea bush that is blooming at the bottom more than at the top.

Hydrangea Blooming More Near Bottom of Plant?Growing a well shaped hydrangea shrub that is covered with blooms is not too difficult although there are several factors that play a part in this enterprise. First and foremost is proper pruning. This is a page about hydrangea blooming more near bottom of plant.


Pink Sunsilk shampoo bottle.

SunSilk ReviewsThis page contains SunSilk reviews. SunSilk makes a number of shampoos and conditioners that target specific types of hair. It is much cheaper than salon products and seems to work really well. Check your local store and give it a try.


rainbow baby afghan

Crocheted Rainbow Baby Afghan PatternThis easy to make afghan will give baby a warm, snuggly blanket to cuddle into. Use your favorite colors and maybe even make several for your child or to give as gifts. Learn how to make a crocheted rainbow baby afghan using the pattern below.


Barberry bush in autumn.

Growing a Barberry Bush?The barberry bush exhibits a range of foliage colors from green to yellow and a rich burgundy. There are near thornless varieties as well as the more typical thorny type. Use them as a natural hedge. This is a page about growing a barberry bush.


Bunny magnet with pink pom pom nose.

Craft Foam Bunny MagnetsYou or an older child can easily make these cute bunny magnets, using craft foam and a few other inexpensive craft supplies. This is a page about making craft foam bunny magnets.



Egg Carton Sail Boat - finished boat

Egg Carton Sail BoatWhile taking a stroll at San Diego Marina we enjoyed seeing the yachts, boats, and sailboats! My little one wanted to have his own and use it to transport rocks and marbles! You can use a lot of imagination with an egg carton!


The Hypnotist (Coneflower) - closeup of a coneflower

The Hypnotist (Coneflower)This simple flower turns into a hypnotic experience if one stares at it closely. Like an old-fashioned optical illusion, it starts to move and pull you in...truly inescapable! Now you try! Do you see it moving? Give it time.



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Trouble Getting Rid of Fleas?I have tried it all, Frontline, Advantage, Dawn, everything under the sun and I still can't get rid of the fleas. I do not have carpet and my furniture is leather. I spray my bed and theirs. It is driving me and the dogs nuts. I have six dogs. All my poor babies are just eaten up and nothing I do is working.


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Bleach Stained Corian Countertop?I used CLR bathroom cleaner to clean my new white countertop on my vanity and it left noticeable white stains so that I can see where I sprayed. I am so upset about it, how can I fix it? I think the top is Corian.


Value and Information on Stuffed Bear - very worn out denim stuffed bear

Value and Information on Stuffed Bear?This bear is honestly a mystery. All I know is for my thirteen years of life he's been by my side after I found him in a box in my childhood home. He was dark blue when I first found him, and as you can see, he's been through a lot. His tag says "Baby Roots Jean's" on his chest.


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Cat Keeps Bringing Me a Kitten?My cat just had her very first litter of 6 kittens. I have never been through this as a owner, but momma cat is worrying me because she keeps taking a kitten out of the pack and I don't know if it's the same one or a different one cause they all look alike. But she will randomly bring one out and do nothing.


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Craftsman Riding Mower Smoking and Burning Oil?I have a Craftsman LT2000 riding mower. I received it last year from my grandfather. The mower was burning oil so I replaced the head gasket and tuned it up. The mower continued to burn oil and smoke lightly. This year the smoke has been really noticeable and it is burning 40z of oil or more per hour.


What Breed Is My Dog? - small white Chihuahua mix

What Breed Is My Dog?My dog Paisley was adopted from a kill shelter in Texas and they said she was a Chihuahua mix. But we have yet to figure out what she's mixed with. She has a curly tail and rose ears. Please let me know what you think.


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Removing Lighter Fluid Smell in Dryer?My partner left a lighter in his pocket and after washing his clothes I put them in the dryer and now every time I use the dryer the clothes come out smelling of lighter fluid and it's disgusting. What can I do to get rid of the smell?


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6 Month Anniversary and Birthday Gifts for a Boyfriend?My 6 month anniversary is 10 days before Christmas so I was thinking about getting candy with cute puns and then a portable charger and charger for Christmas since his phone constantly dies. But then his birthday is about a month after Christmas.


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Swifter Wet Jet Doesn't Work?I changed the batteries and now it won't work.


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Finding Free Packing Peanuts?We sell on Etsy and need packing peanuts badly! How do I find companies in my area who want to unload them?


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Black & Decker Bread Machine Error Code?My Black & Decker bread machine B6000c is displaying an error code E01. It is supposed to mean the machine is too hot to run from cooking a previous loaf and needs to cool down before doing another loaf. But I get the message when the machine is cold and hasn't been running. Anyone know how to fix it?


Identifying a Houseplant - dark green foliage plant with serrated edges on leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?I got this from work, but I'm not sure what type of plant it is. I wanted to cut it and see if it will grow roots in water?


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Cleaning a Copper Tea Kettle?Is there any way to clean my late mother's copper tea kettle? She had put it in her basement and it was dull and green tarnished. I read to soak it in vinegar which I tried, but it is still green and had a dull finish. Is there any hope of should I throw it out?


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Cord for a George Foreman Fusion Grill?Where can I find a new cord for my grill?


What Is My Thomas Kinkade Picture Worth? - print in a frame

What Is My Thomas Kinkade Picture Worth?It is a picture of a cottage by the sea, #887 of 3850.


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Best Home Perm for Tight Bouncy Curls?I'd like to do a home perm. I would like nice tight bouncy curls, and I don't want soft perm. My hair is in very good condition. I have been hoping to do this for a while. I use to do it in 80s and loved it, then they changed into soft acid perms and they never kept the formation, and I gave up with that.


Identifying a Dandee Doll - doll wearing evening dress with a ful stole.

Identifying a Dandee Doll?I have this DanDee doll. I do understand there are so many. I just am trying to find out the name of my doll if possible! I am not trying to sell her at all. Any help or leads I will appreciate. I've tried google and eBay and even doll groups and so far I can't seem to figure it out.


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Repairing the Ceiling in a Coleman Columbia Pop Up Trailer?Our vinyl ceiling in our Coleman Columbia 1990 pop up trailer has some buckling, what can we do to fix this?


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Value of 1888 Set of Chambers's Encyclopedias?I have 9 books from the 10 set of encyclopedias. Collier, Publisher, New York 1888. The inside pages are in good condition. The bindings on the books are unglued inside and frayed on the top and bottom edges.


Identifying Biting Bugs - long bug

Identifying Biting Bugs?I found them only in my baby's nursery, in a trap I set. We were having bites for months and I'm trying to figure out the cause so I can eliminate them. They are very small. Thanks in advance.


Westchester County ASPCA Free Mobile Dog Clinic

Westchester County ASPCA Free Mobile Dog Clinic?Does ASPCA offer low cost spay clinic and vaccines for dogs? NYC residents have coupon and must be a resident of NYC. What about Westchester County residents?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I recently bought this doll for $6 at a small store. She has blue eyes that look to just be glued to her head instead of actually coming from her head. On her sales tag it said "vintage" and she's definitely not new. Her body is stuffed, but fairly hard. I can't tell if the hair is rooted. She's about 1 foot tall.


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Rescue Pooch Has Not Pooped?Yesterday my rescue dog Gracie arrived at 13:40. She's a smooth haired Collie almost 4 years old. So far, she hasn't pooped and has only peed once, this morning at 7:15. She didn't attempt any toilet functions on her walk last night. I have a garden and the door is open.


What Do Babies Dream About? - closeup of a baby's face

What Do Babies Dream About?Mothers may have more intuition when it comes to this question. I'd like to hear from them. But on the other hand, just a good imagination might give us some insight. So, anyone with any ideas, feel free to answer.


What Breed Is My Dog? - tri-color puppy with freckles on face and chest

What Breed Is My Dog?My dog's name is Rocky. He is about 6 months old, I rescued him from a shelter. He is very energetic, loves to jump, bite, and bark at play. He is highly trainable (I need to continue training him), and he seems to still have loose skin he will grow into still.


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Value of New Standard Encyclopedias?I have a set of the New Standard Encyclopedias and was wondering what is the value of them today. The set is in outstanding condition; they have never been used. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Getting Rid of an Ant Nest in Rose Bush Tub?I have an ant nest in my rose bush. The bush is planted in a tub. How do a get rid of the ants?


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?What slogan would be perfect for the name of my daycare, "Great Creations Home Daycare"?


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Dash Panel Lights Turn Off and On?I have a 2008 F-150 my battery, check engine, and maintenance light turn on and off at the same time only for a half a second, every few minutes. My temp gage is the only gage that drops then goes back to normal. I am not sure if it's related to the problem, but my AC stopped working at the same time.


Living Room Paint Color Advice - TV on shelves against white wall

Living Room Paint Color Advice?What is the best color for a small living room with a black sofa, gray area rug, nickel black sofa table, and dark gray bookcases? I like glam without a lot of glam.


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Motor Pulley Moves on Singer 513 Stylist?I have a Singer 513 Stylist. Recently the motor pulley started pulling away from the motor during operation. I simply push it back in and the machine continues until the pulley pulls away from the motor again. What can I use to keep the pulley from pulling away?


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14th Birthday Party Plan?It's my 14th birthday on the 17th of August and my friends and I think it would be cool to have a party in my friend's field with a marquee and sweets and stuff. I dont think my mam will let me since it's not a big birthday like a 13th or a 16th. How do I get her to let me have a party in a field?


Value of an Ashley Belle Doll - doll wearing a gray dress with horizontal lace

Value of an Ashley Belle Doll?I am trying to find information and the value of this doll.


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Wiper Tank Squirts Water When Using Rear Wipers?My car squirts water out of the tank when I go to use my rear window wipers, but is fine when using the front. I can see through the grill where it squirted out and looks like a tube/pipe may have come off.


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SSDI Dependent Benefits and Child Support?I am in Oklahoma. I recently got approved for SSDI. I was informed my kids qualify for dependent benefits. Do I have to file for all my kids or can I just file for my youngest? Also if my ex gets dependent benefits for our kids that my ex has custody of do I still pay child support?


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Treating Itchy Flea Bites?I have flea bites that itch like crazy what do I do?


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Lightening Hair With Lemon Juice?Can you use any lemon juice or does it have to be fresh from the lemon?


Puppy Recovering from Parvo Can't Walk - reddish brown puppy

Puppy Recovering from Parvo Can't Walk?My 2 month pup that I rescued contracted parvovirus. She stayed at the vet's for 7 days and when I picked her up she was very emaciated and she can't walk. They said she refused to eat and drink on her own so they fed her with a tube. She is eating for me, but she still can't get up. Is this normal?


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Puppy Tested Positive for Parvo Showing No Symptoms?I took my 4 week old puppy to the vet due to tapeworms as I noticed she was acting funny in the morning because she wonuldn't eat and I saw a few drops of diarrhea, small ones (she's a tiny mix Yorkie and weights a lb). She did vomit the day before, small ones, about 2-3 times throughout the day.


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