July 19, 2018

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A green box of Bag Balm medicated ointment.

Using Bag Balm for Dry SkinBag Balm was created for soothing a dairy cow's sore and chapped udders. It's great for human hands and feet as well. This is a page about using bag balm for dry skin.


Salmon patty burger.

Super Special Salmon Patties RecipeSalmon is the main ingredient for making these delicious fish patties. This page contains a recipe for super special salmon patties.


Glass of fresh Aloe Drink

Fresh Aloe DrinkUsing your blender you can make a refreshing drink from whole aloe vera. This page contains fresh aloe drink.


Pastry Blender on white background.

Use a Pastry Blender for Cutting EggsA pastry cutter is great kitchen tool to chop up eggs for egg salad, potato salad or even deviled eggs. This page is about use a pastry blender for cutting eggs.


Cute dog laying on a pet bed.

Using a Foam Mattress Pad as a Pet BedDog beds can be made from many recycled materials, including old bedding. This is a page about using a foam mattress pad as a pet bed.


Pile of 3 burnt lightbulbs.

Disposing of Light BulbsUnlike old incandescent light bulbs, newer CFL or LED lights should be recycled instead of being added to the landfill. CFL bulbs contain mercury, which can be hazardous to your health. This is a page about disposing of light bulbs.



Homemade Marinara Dipping in bowl

Homemade Marinara Dipping SauceA lot of store-bought and restaurant marinara dipping sauces have an unusual amount of extra ingredients and high levels of sugar. Make your own at home and control what you put in it. I wanted some marinara sauce today but I only diced tomatoes at the ready. I used a stevia sugar mix in place of the sugar. It did just the trick!


bowl of Beef Shank Vegetable Broth Soup

Instant Pot Beef Shank Vegetable Broth SoupThis is a versatile recipe that can be served many ways. This was made and served for lunch and dinner.


Avocado Banana Chocolate Brownies on plate

Avocado Banana Chocolate BrowniesI actually call these my Skinny Mini Brownies, but I wanted to be very clear in the title what's in them. It's truly just one avocado, one banana, and a box of chocolate brownie mix. This process knocks out the need to use butters and oils, and makes the brownies so fudgy, you will not need icing at all. Here, I've used an organic double chocolate brownie mix I got on sale for 60 cents. You could also use 2 avocados, omitting the banana, and they turn out fabulously, as well!



Mother Bat and Her Pup - bat and pup hanging from house siding

Mother Bat and Her PupJuly 1st was a hot/humid day in Wisconsin. I noticed this mother and her pup slept out of the bat house very low to the ground where it was cooler. The pup is tucked behind her body, near her legs, close to the cedar. We have 34 moms in the bat house, it's a maternity colony.


Holding two cords in the middle of a sun shade.

Keep Your Sun Shade Cords in PlaceI have a very cheap sun shade. I pull it up in the evenings just to keep the breeze from blowing the shade and letting the loops underneath come loose.


Pinkus Zuckerman  (Mixed Breed Cat) - orange and white tabby colored cat

Pinkus Zuckerman (Mixed Breed Cat)He strayed into our country yard and chose us! He likes to sleep in weird places. He changes his napping spot every 4 days or so. He also loves the sunshine and follows it around the house.



Bath and Body Products Business Name Ideas - chocolate soap

Bath and Body Products Business Name Ideas?I have a bath and body business I will be starting very soon on Etsy so I can potentially have my own online business. I sell soap (main item), candles, bath bombs, lip balm, and other things in that category. I am hoping to add sewing items too.


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded? - black and white puppy

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?I brought my puppy from a lady. I have had him since he was 3 weeks old and haven't seen the mother or father. She told me he was a blue nose Pit Bull, but I feel he might be mixed with Lab. Is he full blooded? He is 3 months old.


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Bedroom Wall Paint Color Advice?Our new bed frame is black and we switch between grey and brown sheets/comforter throughout the year. I am getting ready to paint our walls, but am not sure which color will look decent with either comforter set. Any suggestions? I prefer no white and would like a soothing color (nursery in our room).


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Feeding Ladybugs?What can you feed a lady bug larva? We're doing an experiment with my kids letting them see how things change from one form to another. We did moths and butterflies now I wanted to try something different so we're doing lady bugs from eggs to full lady bugs. What I can feed the larva besides aphids?


Frigidaire Top Ice Maker Not Working - French door refrigerator

Frigidaire Top Ice Maker Not Working?I have a Frigidaire Professional fridge and the top ice maker does not make ice while the bottom one in my freezer works. Any ideas on why this would be happening? The water pressure is fine.


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Preventing a Top Bed Sheet or Blanket from Riding Up?How can you attach a sheet or blanket to the foot of a bed so that it does not ride up? Yes, I have tucked it underneath the mattress and also have used those corner snap things, but it's not working out that great. I need some handy proven to work tips.


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Using an Oase 6000 Pump in a Pond?Does an Oase 6000 pump work OK on the bottom of a pond 27 inches deep?


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Home Healthcare Physical Therapy Website Name?I am looking for a name for a home health physical therapy website. The website will have exercises blogs for patients.


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Treating a Dog With Parvo at Home?My 45 pound, 18 month old female Pit Bull was vaccinated at 6 weeks and 9 weeks, but I did not go back for a third. She got parvo and we started seeing signs 5 days ago, this was Sunday a day outside of vet hours. We took her to the vet on Monday and she was tested positive for parvo.


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Weird BBQ Smell in Living Room?I keep getting a smell in my house that smells like really strong sweet chickory BBQ? It comes and goes often in short bursts, but vanishes quickly and reappears minutes or even seconds later! Any ideas? It's driving me mad and I'm worried its electrical


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Getting Rid of Fleas on a Puppy?My 6 week old puppy recently got fleas, and I gave him a bath. Is it safe to de-flea my puppy? Also he is too small and I'm wondering if I can use vinegar on the dog?


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Dog Shedding After Using Peroxide to Remove Skunk Spray?My Shepherd got skunk sprayed and I used the peroxide solution. I rinsed it off 2 days later now he is shedding very badly. Is it because of the peroxide?


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Can a Willow Tree Put out New Growth from the Roots?Ok, we cut down a 70 year old willow tree. About 15 feet from where it was cut we are putting a swimming pool. There are roots in this area. My question is, am I in danger of a new tree growing under my pool where the roots were cut into for leveling the ground for my above ground pool?


Broken Needle Stuck in Needle Bar - closeup of needle bar

Broken Needle Stuck in Needle Bar?I have Singer model 2662 with a broken needle top stuck in the needle bar. To make matters worse, it has fallen sideways in the bar! I have tried several things to get it out, a magnet, screwdriver, needle nose pliers and it seems to be jammed in there to where I can't insert a new needle.


Value of a Porcelain Doll - Native American doll

Value of a Porcelain Doll?I was given a doll years ago. I have no idea about it. What would it be worth?


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