August 1, 2018

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Woman with dark red hair.

How Do I Keep My Hair Color from Fading?Colored hair can require special care and products to keep it looking bright as long as possible. This page contains advice about how do I keep my hair color from fading?


Candle of Light Christmas Card - add Dimentional Magic to background

Making a Candle of Light Christmas CardUsing a coloring page that accompanies the project you can make this unique handcrafted card for Christmas. Make several and vary the colors, if you like. This is a page about making a candle of light Christmas card.


Inexpensive Ribbon Wreath

How to Make an Inexpensive Ribbon WreathWhat could be more frugal than making an attractive wreath with a paper plate and some ribbon. Make several for different seasons or occasions. This is a page about how to make an inexpensive ribbon wreath.


A pumpkin garland for Halloween

How to Make a Paper Pumpkin GarlandCut orange cardstock into cute pumpkin shapes and then add the faces to use in making a fun garland for Halloween. This is a page about how to make a paper pumpkin garland.


Honey baked ham with cloves, partially sliced.

Honey Baked Ham RecipesHoney baked ham is a favorite holiday dinner for many and it's easy to make at home. This page contains recipes for honey baked ham.


Dog opening a door with nose.

Keeping a Dog from Opening Doors?Some canines are quite adept at opening doors. This can be dangerous if they are able to get loose without you being home or immediately aware of their Houdini act. This is a page about keeping a dog from opening doors.


Bowl of squash soup with a sprig of rosemary and chili powder.

Spicy Acorn Squash SoupAcorn squash pairs nicely with spices like ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg to make this warm and comforting soup. This page contains a recipe for spicy acorn squash soup.


Rolls of ribbon on two wire hangers hanging on the wall.

Use Metal Clothes Hangers to Control Runaway RibbonUsing wire hangers can be an inexpensive way to organize and store your ribbon supply for crafting and gift wrapping. This is a page about using metal clothes hangers to control runaway ribbon.


Woman cleaning floor near curtains.

Keeping Drapes Clean While CleaningDrapes can get in the way or worse yet become soiled when you are vacuuming or mopping the floors. One quick and easy solution is to slip them over a hanger and hook it over the rod; problem solved. This is a page about keeping drapes clean while cleaning.


Closeup of fingers and hands.

Using Olive Oil on Brittle Nails?Olive oil is wonderful to use as a moisturizer for your cuticles and fingernails. This is a page about using olive oil on brittle nails.


Woman putting oil on her face while holding a small bottle of oil.

Can You Use Olive Oil on Oily Skin?While olive oil is used for moisturizing dry skin it is not the remedy for oily skin. This page contains many helpful suggested remedies for oily skin that will help reduce the oiliness and beautify your skin, as well.


Baked acorn squash halves with pecans.

Sweet Acorn Squash RecipeBrown sugar and butter combine with versatile acorn squash to make a sweet addition to any meal. This page contains a recipe for sweet acorn squash.


Dark wooden kitchen cabinets.

Lightening the Look of Dark Wooden CabinetsDark cabinets can make the whole room seem too dark. Depending on whether you own the home or rent there are some fun ideas in this page for lightening the look of dark wooden cabinets.


Hammer Claw Removing Nail from wood board

Using a Hammer Claw to Remove NailsHammers usually have a claw on the other side to be used for pulling nails out. This is a page about using a hammer claw to remove nails.



Rich Shrimp Stock in bowl

Rich Shrimp StockMy local seafood shop sells head-on shrimp for nearly half the price of the ones already cut. This is a plus for me because I love to use the heads, skins, and tails, along with vegetable scraps, to make my own rich shrimp stock. Not only is a homemade version more delicious, it's also so much cheaper. Shrimp stock is full of glucosamine, which is essential for healthy joint health.


Chocolate Nut Banana Sushi on plate

Chocolate Nut Banana SushiA quick and easy treat to make for dessert or treats for a party. Perfect for any occasion and affordable to make. Most of the items you may already have at home.



A Vidalia onion bulb with the skin on.

The Vidalia OnionVidalia onions are so named because they were originally grown in Vidalia, Georgia in the 1930s. Several varieties comprise the Vidalia group, including the hybrid Yellow Granex. The Vidalia onion was declared Georgia's state vegetable in 1990.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Computer Extension for Organizing Chrome BookmarksEveryone these days has a computer they use for email, looking up information, and sharing ideas. It is so easy to jump online and look for a recipe, how to fix a leaky faucet, order clothes, shoes or anything else in the world. Today everything is online and it is right at our fingertips. Furthermore, it is even easier to bookmark a page so that we can come back to it again if we need to check a few items or refresh our memory how something was done.


Rescue of My Bee Friend - bee drying out on a wooden step

Rescue of My Bee FriendThis sweetie was struggling to survive a heavy downpour in West Monroe, LA. I saw her fight to live, I put the end of my cane near enough to her so she was able to make it up the rubber portion of the tip. She climbed up and fell off twice. I was not going to give up so I laid the cane as flat as I could.


A red t-shirt that is being washed in the sink to remove the excess dye.

Wash New Colored T-shirt SeparatelyI put my red t-shirt in the bag with some dirty clothes to bring home from a trip. It must have had a little damp spot on it because it bled onto my beige shorts. I'm glad I did not throw it in the wash with the colored clothes. The white on my husbands plaid shirts may have come out pink.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My Shih Tzu puppy is four and half months old and fully vaccinated. On Sunday night she eat and after few minutes she vomited all of it up, then she slept. The next morning she did not eat and was sitting calmly and just walking in the house. In the evening at 4 she did her 1st stool with a bad smell, but no blood.


Saskatoon Serviceberry Fruit Doesn't Ripen - green berries

Saskatoon Serviceberry Fruit Doesn't Ripen?I planted a Saskatoon serviceberry bush last spring (2017). Last year it produced very small green berries that did not ripen. I put it down to being the first year. This year, it is a little over 5 feet high and has produced many berries, but as yet, they are still very small, hard, and green.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - clown doll in the more European style

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone one know who made this doll or where it came from?


Catchy Preschool Slogan Ideas - classroom

Catchy Preschool Slogan Ideas?The name of my school is Rising Sun Preschool! I need something catchy.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Childcare Business Name Ideas?I'm looking for help with a family childcare name. My first name is Kesha an my last name is Brown.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Homecoming Float Ideas?I would like some help. We are playing the Rams for our homecoming game; we are the Bears. Any suggestions?


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