September 11, 2018

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Closeup of Lovage growing.

Growing LovageEvery portion of the lovage plant, except the flowers, is used in medicinal, cosmetic, and culinary ways. Lovage, which resembles an overgrown celery plant can reach a height of 5 or 6 feet and grows equally well in sun or shade in moist, fertile, and well drained soil. This is a page about growing lovage.


An antique wooden mantlepiece.

Value of a Wooden Mantle Piece?This is a page about value of a wooden mantle piece. Do you have a mantle piece you are trying to find the value of? Or maybe you have some input for the mantles featured in this page. We would love to have your contributions to this page about determining the value of a wooden mantle piece.


Nurse helping someone who suffered a stroke.

Activities for Someone Who Suffered a Stroke?This is a page about activities for someone who suffered a stroke. Keeping active after a stroke can be difficult. Your body may not allow the strength or range of motion to things you once loved. Here are some suggestions of activities for someone to do, who has had a stroke.


Open sock drawer.

Removing Perfume Smell from Wooden DresserThe essential oils and alcohol in perfume can penetrate wooden furniture creating a lingering odor that may be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing perfume smell from a wooden dresser.


Muscovy Ducks in grass.

Muscovy Duck Information and PhotosThe Muscovy duck is native to Mexico, Central, and South America. This duck breed is characterized by its large size, heavy body, warty lumpy red facial skin, and long neck. This page contains Muscovy duck information and photos.


Coffee Mug with a blue dragon on the outside.

Causes of Discoloration on the Outside of Coffee Mugs?This is a page about causes of discoloration on the outside of mugs. Coffee and tea can leave unsightly stains on coffee cups. Here are some great tips for removing discoloration on coffee mugs.



cucumber sushi on plate

Shrimp Stuffed Cucumber RollThis is an awesome low-carb solution for those who love sushi but don't want the rice. Just hollow out a whole cucumber, stuff it with your favourite sushi fillings, and slice. I love this high-protein, guilt-free treat!


Honey-Orange Glazed Pork in bowl

Honey-Orange Glazed PorkThis recipe is a nice twist for meat, with fruit and honey. Kids and adults will both love it's sweet and savory taste.



A rosebed of pink and red knockout roses.

Almost Care Free RosesA couple of times in other posts, I mentioned starting a rose bed on a hill at the upper end of my property. Sadly enough, this is it. Except for two, I rooted all these roses. I do feel good about that. Most everything else is a tale of woe.


An oil spray being added to a bowl of popcorn.

DIY Cooking Oil SprayEver notice how cans of cooking oil sprays end up empty so quickly? They are costly for how much actual oil they have in them. They also have quite a few additives. You can make your own at home two ways.


Adding salt to a cup of strong coffee.

Add Salt to Strong CoffeeI love my coffee but it has to be just right for me. I'm not a fan of Starbucks coffee. Years ago, I purchased a cup while shopping at the mall. It was too strong for me. I asked if they had any salt and the answer was, "No."


A drawer organizer made from the flat side of a plastic egg carton.

Recycled Drawer OrganizersYou can an empty egg carton (top part) as drawer insert organizers. It is a good size and can help you stay organized. Can be for any drawer; like your kitchen, desk, vanity, etc.


Standing CD Picture Frame - finished frame without the blue paper heart

Standing CD Picture FrameDo you have any old CDs laying around that you no longer need? Scratched CDs or free CDs that get mailed to yout home as advertisement?


Ziggy (Siamese Mix) - Ziggy in a tent

Ziggy (Siamese Mix)We live out in the country and our area has a lot of feral cats. We had been feeding one feral, who we called Kiki, each night when suddenly this big grey bully showed up and scared Kiki away. He refused to leave, but was so sweet he stole our hearts. We immediately realized he was too friendly to be a feral.


A small drink cooler that can double as a padded lunchbox.

Half Price LunchboxI needed a new lunchbox. My store had a clearance on coolers for cans of soda or beer. The one pictured here looks exactly like the lunchboxes two aisles over, and was half the price!


A tiny gift box made from lids from Stax potato chips.

Recycled Lids as Tiny Gift BoxI bought this little Coke Cola magnet for a friend of mine. I didn't have any cute little gift bags so I made a little present box out of two Stax lids. I just measured it and the magnet inside fit.


Raised Salt Fall Kids' Artwork - paint the remaining squares with brown and orange and allow to dry

Raised Salt Fall Kids' ArtworkLately I have started using food colorings with the kids in my art class, as it is more cost effective and adds bolder colors to the end product. Combining food colorings with salt and glue offers a great technique for kids to explore their own creativity.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Making Natural Spray Lizard Repellent?What are the parts for lemon, vinegar, and cayenne pepper?


What Is This Plant? - tan branches with staggered medium green leaves with serrated edges

What Is This Plant?Can someone please tell me what kind of plant this is?


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Removing Dye Transfer?I mistakenly dropped my Arab jalaba into hot water and the brown part of it stained the cream colored part. Please how can I remove it?


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Trying to Get Rid of Unseen Biting Bugs for 15 Years?I have read hundreds of questions and replies over the net for 15 years, but I believe our "bug" problem will never be solved. I have given this in other posts and threads, but no solution. We moved into a new upscale neighborhood builder's house in north GA around 2002. It was never occupied or owned.


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Value of 1905 Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have 26 volumes of the 1905 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica with supplements. About 10-15 % have binding damage due to shipping. All are wrapped in brown paper.


Identifying Small Black Bugs - bug on countertop

Identifying Small Black Bugs?I was sitting outside one night with open doors and lights on, suddenly the kitchen floor and kitchen island had about 10 of these small black creatures. What are they? Our floor is laminated parquet. I read others' submissions about small black bugs, and noticed that I found them under the ceiling light.


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Stenciling Fabric Used to Cover the Walls?Can I stencil a design or paint after attaching the fabric to the wall with the starch? I have a lot of white fabric and want a design.


Identifying American Bittersweet   - closeup with visible thorn

Identifying American Bittersweet?On a remote island on Lake of the Woods (Northwestern Ontario), there are quite a lot of what I thought was American Bittersweet vines. But looking at the new growth, what must be a shoot arising from the roots, the new leaves have a leaf thorn. Does that mean this is Oriental Bittersweet?


Tongue Swollen After Piercing - pierced tongue

Tongue Swollen After Piercing?I had my tongue done on the 20th of August and under my tongue bar it is still swollen and raised up a bit. I have got a picture and am still wondering if you could help me. I have done all the things that I was told to do.


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