April 24, 2019

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A woman pressing buttons on the console of a front loading washing machine.

Unlocking the Door on a Maytag Front Load Washer?Front loaders have a locking mechanism to avoid opening the door during a washing cycle but occasionally, this lock will be activated accidentally. This is a page about unlocking the door on a Maytag front load washer.


parsley added to Curried Cauliflower Rice in pan

Curried Cauliflower Rice RecipeCauliflower rice is a low carb alternative to traditional white or brown rice. Curry powder and other aromatics are used to give the bland vegetable a bit of a kick. This is a page about making curried cauliflower rice.


Finished holder.

How to Make a Fabric Needle HolderA cloth needle and pin holder you can fashion to keep our supplies organized in a drawer or to take along with you to a sewing class. This is a page about how to make a fabric needle holder.


Father's Day Bow Tie Card

How to Make a Father's Day Bowtie CardMake a fun, personalized card to give to your dad this father's day. This is a page about how to make a father's day bowtie card.


Stacked Block Stairs - finished block stairs

How to Make Stacked Block StairsYou can make these sturdy curved stairs out of concrete blocks and gravel for secure footing. This is a page about how to make stacked block stairs.



Getting Rid Of Honeysuckle Without Chemicals?Eradicate this invasive plant without using Roundup or other harsh chemical herbicides. This is a page about getting rid of honeysuckle without chemicals.


Repairing Faded Hemline When Lengthening Jeans

Removing a Hemline From Jeans?Oftentimes, jeans need to be altered to fit correctly but this could leave a discolored or creased hem line. This is a page about removing a hem line from jeans.


Old Deck Railing Used For Garden Tool Storage - optional sign above hanging tools

Using Deck Railing for Garden Tool StorageUpcycle old wooden deck railing to make a handy place to store shovels, rakes and other garden implements. This page is about using deck railing for garden tool storage.


Statement Pendant Necklace - or suspend from a strong neck chain

Making a Pendant Necklace Using Recycled Plastic LidsSave colorful plastic lids to create this whimsical statement necklace. This page has directions for making a pendant necklace using recycled plastic lids.


Warming Rice Bags

How to Make a Rice Heat BagUncooked rice retains heat well. It is easy to sew and fill a fabric bag. It can be useful for applying heat or cold to injuries. This is a page about how to make a rice heat bag.


Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder Surgery  - view of Velcro strips in place

DIY Altered T-Shirt for Shoulder SurgeryIt can be difficult to get dressed when healing from shoulder surgery but shirts can be altered to to make this process easier. This page has DIY instructions for an altered T-shirt for shoulder surgery.


piece of Homemade Buko Pie

Homemade Buko Pie RecipeThis traditional Filipino dessert uses fresh young coconut or buko to make a delicious pie. This page has a recipe for homemade buko pie.


Refinishing or Restoring a Garden Figurine - monk looking figure holding a book with birds on shoulders and head

Refinishing a Resin Yard Statue?Garden statues made from resin are bright and colorful at first but can look faded from years in the elements. This is a page about refinishing a resin yard statue.


An open refrigerator with some disarray.

Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean and OrganizedA lot of waste comes from food being "lost" in the back of a messy refrigerator. Organization helps you keep more money in your wallet while making cooking a snap. This is a page about keeping your refrigerator clean and organized.



Making a Pet Frog from a Toilet Paper Tube - closeup of finished frog

Making a Pet Frog from a Toilet Paper TubeDoes your child want a pet frog? This can be a temporary replacement with no responsibilities attached.


Leek and Walnut Pesto on pasta

Leek and Walnut PestoThis pesto might come off as a bit unusual sounding at first but it is absolutely spectacular. It came to be because I really wanted pesto but didn't have any of the common ingredients. It came down to what I had on hand: leeks and walnuts. This turned out so good, it's going to be one of my go-to dishes. I hope you try this out!


Using Shredded Junk Mail as Gerbil Bedding - gerbil nibbling junk mail

Using Shredded Junk Mail as Gerbil BeddingAfter my son's gerbil chewed up every toy, exercise wheel, and bowl in his cage I decided maybe some junk mail could occupy him. Then it occurred to me, I don't need to purchase bedding for him any more! The junk mail, unwanted credit cards, and anything else with personal information we wanted to dispose of could be shredded by our beloved Herbie.



Remedy for Too Short Sideburns

Remedy for Too Short Sideburns?I'm a girl and I cut my sideburns by accident and now they are really short and straight. It looks awful. Any tips? I need it to grow back ASAP.


Identification and Value of Porcelain Dolls - older porcelain doll

Identification and Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have recently inherited these gorgeous dolls, but I am clueless as to who they are. I have found marks on the oldest 1 saying Pedigree and also 2 say Leonardo 1 of which has 211/2000 next to it. I would love to know more about these little beauties.


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Name for a Daycare Business?I am in a cyber foundation class and our assignment is to make up a business you would like to own. Mine is a daycare. Any suggestions on a cute and sweet daycare name?


Identifying a Houseplant - tiny plant in ceramic pot

Identifying a Houseplant?I have this tiny little plant that isn't growing very well, but I don't know how to grow it because I don't know what it is. It has really tiny sad-looking crinkly dark green leaves. Do you know what it is?


Identifying a Houseplant - gold dust plant

Identifying a Houseplant?This plant has football shaped leaves, yellow spots, and thin stems. Do you know what it is?


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Getting a Voucher for a Free Bed?I am poor as you now can imagine. I have no other income, but food stamps and am caring for my mother. She is 74 and no one else can do the job, but me staying at home. So I am doing this for my share of the living expenses. I get to live here and get food free. How do I get a voucher for a free bed?


Identifying a Cathay Collection Porcelain Doll - tall slender doll in fancy dress and hat

Identifying a Cathay Collection Porcelain Doll?I was wondering if anyone had any information about this doll. I don't see any numbers on her and the box doesn't say much. She's a Cathay doll, but I can't seem to find much about her. Any ideas?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - red headed doll wearing red sneakers

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?My doll only says Pearl on the back, nothing else. Can someone tell me the history?


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Removing the Thread Take-up Lever on a Singer 99 Sewing Machine?I broke the thread uptake lever on my Singer 99 and need to remove it. Has anyone done this? We can't seem to remove it. We figured out the "lefthand" screws, but we can't get the whole mechanism out.


Found 2 Duck Eggs - eggs in the garden

Found 2 Duck Eggs?We have 11 neighborhood ducks that everyone on our block takes care of, feeds, and looks out for. They have a large pond where they live, but they spend a majority of their time in my yard. A couple weeks ago I found 5-10 eggs around the pond, grouped together. This morning I went out to feed them, and found 2 eggs next to my porch. And none of the ducks are sitting on them.


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My 14 Year Old Pit Died Suddenly?Yesterday morning my dad told me that our 14 year old Pit Bull Elsie vomited. I went to clean it up and saw that she had pooped as well. There was more vomit than I'd seen before and she seemed exhausted. I cleaned it all up and petted her. She looked at me, but didn't want to move. I noticed she had a small amount of white foam on her mouth and decided to call the vet.


New Batteries Keep Draining on Lawn Tractor - mower battery

New Batteries Keep Draining on Lawn Tractor?I have a John Deere lawn tractor. The new batteries keep draining after three weeks. It is getting expensive. What could the problem be and how do I repair it? I took it to the dealer and they said it ran fine. But after mowing twice the battery was drained.


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Best Glue for Updating a Cylinder Glass Block Bar?I'm trying to update my ugly old cylinder glass block bar and cover it up with something! Any ideas?


Redbone Coonhound Puppy Has a Knot on His Head - bump

Redbone Coonhound Puppy Has a Knot on His Head?My 4 month old Redbone Coonhound has a knot on his head. It has been there since I got him and now it's got a rough patch on it. Does anyone have an idea of what this may be?


Value of My Motorola Console Record Player - inside the console

Value of My Motorola Console Record Player?Any ideas on the value of this console?


Is My Puppy a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - black puppy on the seat of a car

Is My Puppy a Full Blooded Pit Bull?Is that a pure Pit Bull or does he look like he has a trace of Pit Bull at all?


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Solution for a Roommate's Dog that Barks and Whines in Its Crate?Whenever my roommates leave the house, which is mostly in the early morning for the gym, their dog will bark, yelp, thrash in the kennel, and make so much noise till someone gives the dog attention. I am home alone with the dog at this point so I know I'll need to be the one to train the dog. Any ideas on how to keep the dog quiet after they leave in the mornings?


Value of a Florence Doll by Goldenvale - Native American doll

Value of a Florence Doll by Goldenvale?I have a Florence porcelain doll made by Goldenvale; she is flawless. She stands 46 inches tall. I am curious on her value. Can anyone help me?


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Little Black Biting Bugs?Does anyone know how to get rid of these little black bugs that are everywhere in my house? They are on me and on my dogs. They are biting us and are a pain in the butt. We have tried everything and nothing has worked. Someone told us to try Kleen Green.


Homemade Food Business Name - rolled food in a plastic container

Homemade Food Business Name?I need a name for my homemade food business. My products are mango float, ice cream rolls, choco balls, and other frozen stuff. But at the same time, I also make fried food like pizza rolls, lumpia, and cheese sticks. I was wondering if I could find a name that would embody all of my products. Hot and cold? Frozen and fried?


What Plant Is This? - larger houseplant with dark green heavily veined leaves

What Plant Is This?Can someone please tell me what plant this is?


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?Can you give any suggestions on a slogan for a daycare named Kids Castle?


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Identifying Burrowing Flying Insects?In the beginning of April we found small mounds of soil with a small hole in the middle. They were all in a round soil circle that we dug out in the lawn. We have seen a fly that came out and it was the shape of a house fly, but bigger. It has clear wings, and it's body is a rusty brown down each side and the rest, is black.


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