June 5, 2019

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Goggle-Eyed Turkey Candy Box - filled with candy

Making a Goggle-Eyed Turkey Candy BoxGive the kids at your Thanksgiving table one of these whimsical turkey candy boxes. They are easily constructed with paper, feathers and, of course, googly eyes.


Weekday Clothespins - hang on a string or cord

Weekdays Clothespin OrganizerKeep your days of the week organized by using these handy and colorful clothespins. They make a pretty decoration but are also useful for organzing paperwork or chores.


shrimp, onions, and garlic in pan

Sautéed Shrimp with Garlic and OnionsThis savory dish is elegant enough for a date night or party but easy enough for everyday. Garlic and onions flavor the lightly sautéed shrimp and a dash of oyster sauce finishes the dish.


Use Foam to Line Soap Dish - lay bar of soap on top of foam

Soap Dish From Recycled FoamTo avoid slimy bar soap in a conventional soap dish, line it with a scrap of foam or cut out a dish from recycled foam. This allows the soap to dry out between uses, which is more pleasant and helps the soap to last longer.


A finished bowl of pork menudo.

Pork Menudo RecipeThis hearty Filipino dish uses pork, tomato paste and vegetables to create a savory stew. It is very popular to serve at parties.


chicken soup

Making Chicken SoupChicken soup is made by many cultures and is considered a medicine for colds by many. Broth can be made from a whole chicken or only parts, or a delicious soup can be made with boxed or canned broth or even bouillon.


Magic Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Magic Stuffed Chicken BreastsThis magical recipe combines all you need for dinner in one delicious package. It is made by stuffing flavorful vegetables, orzo and seasonings inside a chicken breast.


Non-Slip Drawer Liners for Opening Stuck Jar Lids - large rectangle of liner

Use Drawer and Shelf Liner to Open JarsNon slip liners for shelves and drawers can be used to help open tough lids on jars. It's a great way to repurpose the last of the roll.


Colorful Hair Tie Vases - three finished vases lying down

How to Make Colorful Hair Tie VasesUse brightly colored elastic hair ties to decorate glass vases. They create a striped pattern that resembles painted glass lines.



Coco-Mango Glazed Palitaw on plate

Coco-Mango Glazed PalitawThis sticky snack is called "palitaw" from the word "litaw" which means float. Its called palitaw because the round flat sticky pieces floats when they are being cooked.


How to Make a Travel Tic Tac Toe Game - game stored in a Ziploc bag

How to Make a Travel Tic Tac Toe GamePlanning a road trip? Family gathering? Going to the park? Hanging out with friends or just a game night at home.



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Selling Porcelain Dolls?We have 48 porcelain dolls that we are interested in selling. They range from 1986 to 1990 and they are new in the box. Do you know who we can sell them to?


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Calculating Lunch Meat for 40 People?How much lunch meat do I need for an anniversary party for 40? We are having fried chicken, beef brisket, and burnt ends. There will also be macaroni, potato salad, a cheese tray, and a fruit tray.


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Name Ideas for a Personal Care Business?I'm starting a small personal care business and need ideas on a name.


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Housebroken Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside?Recently our 10 year old female Pug/Beagle mix has started to pee and poop in the house. We will take her out and walk around for up to 20-30 minutes with nothing. We bring her in and as soon as we leave she goes. I have literally driven around the block and came home to find a mess.


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Kawasaki Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a 21 hp Kaw. It was running then quit. I had to replace the head gasket when I bought it. The mower would only run with kill wire disconnected. Now it will turn over, it will fire, only with the kill wire connected. But it fires when let off switch, but won't start. It also does it at half choke.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black puppy in Minnie Mouse shirt

What Breed Is My Dog?I think she is around 5 months old. I was told she's a Chihuahua and if so is she an apple or deer head? Also she weighs 1lb 2oz.


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Value of a Dynasty Collection Kimiko Porcelain Doll?What is the value of my porcelain doll? She is from the Dynasty Collection and her name is Kimiko. She was purchased in 1990 for $150.00. I have seen one on an auction site for $2,500.00.


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Value of a Perception Digital Jukebox?A number of years ago I won a digital jukebox 11 PD-430-01 in a competition and it still remains in its box. Could you please advise its current value?


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Recovery Time for a Dog With Parvo?My 1 year old dog got pravo and we immediately took her to the vet, but they were charging a lot to just help my little dog. So we brought her home and gave her Pedialyte and silver water. She recovered and is getting up to date with her shots, but my other dog Duke is fully vaccinated. When can they be together again?


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Getting Rid of an Elderberry?How do I get rid of an elder bush/tree?


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Swiffer Wet Jet Is Not Spraying?My Swifter Wet Jet button is stuck in the pushed in position and won't pop back up. The mop is not working at all. Can you help me?


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Darkening Gray Acrylic Craft Paint?I have gray craft paint I would like to make black. Will hair color work for this?


Identifying This Bug in My Kitchen - small black bug on a paper towel

Identifying This Bug in My Kitchen?What could this be? When we first bought the house 3 years ago we fumigated because there were small roaches in the kitchen. Now, the exterminator comes only twice a year (to make sure we got it all), but after having my daughter we left the house to live with my mom for extra help for about 3 months. When we got back home now we are noticing this little issue.


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Identifying Small Flying Bugs in Your House?There is a brown bug in my house that flies really fast and could maybe be a mosquito. Except it appears to be attracted to light and maybe my cat. I've seen it flying around the corner my cat frequently sits in. I'm scared it may be a mosquito, could anyone help tell me what bug it is?


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Unseen Bugs Leaving Itchy Bites?It all started when I worked at a hotel and my boyfriend and I would stay there sometimes. We never had any problems. Well one night we stayed there and in the morning woke up and had these itchy bites all over us. It looked just like bed bugs. So we checked the room we were in, but there was nothing; no bed bugs.


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Value of a Webster's Dictionary?I have a handy Webster dictionary illustrated, self pronouncing completely new, by The World Publishing Co. N.Y. It says, copyright 1940 1941 42 43 46.


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Co-ed 14th Birthday Party Ideas?I want to have a boy/girl party for my 14th, but I don't what to do. I was thinking of going camping or to a beach or something, but my birthday is in February, so it'll be cold where I'm at. I need help thinking of something.


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Making Fried Rice with Eggs?I recently just learned that when you make egg fried rice, you must add the egg first then the rice, anyone know why?


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Dog Urine Left White Spots on Concrete Basement Floor?I have cleaned dog urine spots off of my concrete basement floor with vinegar and water and enzymatic cleaner. This got rid of the smell, but now the spots are white and still look bad. How do I get rid of the white spots?


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Growing Lily of the Valley?Can lily of the valley be cut back after blooming or do you have some type of weed control for lily of the valley?


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Daycare Name Ideas?I run an in home daycare and need help coming up with a name for it. We live out in the country and have a love for the life and for horse. I'd like something that represents that and would love to hear other ideas than what I've come up with so far.


Identifying Small Black Bugs - black insect

Identifying Small Black Bugs?It's really tiny and has no wings I think. The only time I've seen them move they are walking. Suddenly I've seen these little bugs on most walls in my house, but no one has any idea of what it could be. It's not fleas or termites or any of that.


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