September 23, 2019

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Succulent Pumpkin Planter - having added soil begin to plant cuttings

DIY Foam Pumpkin Succulent PlanterThose foam pumpkins that you see at the craft stores can be turned into adorable succulent planters. These are easy to make and would be perfect centerpieces for a holiday party.


Decorated Paper Pumpkins - two decorated paper pumpkins

Making Decorated Paper PumpkinsThese quick and easy pumpkins are a great way to use up cardboard packaging. Customize them with funny faces or other Halloween embellishments.



close up of Peach and Cucumber Salad

Peach and Cucumber SaladA very refreshing salad that is easy to whip up. You can find cucumbers and peaches on sale at your local market. This salad is a great side for any meat entree!


Chicken Feet Adobo on plate

Chicken Feet AdoboChicken feet are known to have different benefits. Our family is a big fan of it aside from the fact that we don't want it to go to waste. Chinese and Koreans also has different ways to prepare chicken feet.



Hand-made Paper Matting - hand made cream colored paper matting around an old magazine photo

Hand-made Paper MattingHave you ever made hand-made paper, and then wondered what to do with it? My husband bought me a paper-making kit years ago, and at first, I decided to use old Christmas wrapping paper rather than recycling. (I was learning, okay?)


3D Fall Wall Art - faux pumpkin, leaf, and flower wall art

3D Fall Wall ArtI had some dollar store pumpkins that I embellished with flowers and leaves, and used them as table centerpieces for a party. In my craft stash, I had some 8x10 burlap canvases that I tried to paint, but found it to difficult because the surface was so rough. I then came up with the idea to combine the 2 and create something new.



Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing pajamas

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone let me know the maker of this doll and possible value, please?


Value of an Antique Chair - upholstered chair

Value of an Antique Chair?This piece of furniture was given to us by a person who was moving. I was wondering how much it may be worth. I have a picture of the chair along with the manufacturer's tag. The chair is in excellent condition.


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Cooking Liver in a Crockpot?Can I cook more than one piece of liver in my crockpot at a time? What tastes better milk or cream? and how much?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 14 this year and I need some birthday ideas. I really don't have any ideas. I'm looking for something fun to do with my 2 friends. My birthday is in October.


What Breed Is My Dog? - smaller tan dog

What Breed Is My Dog?We were told my dog is a Lab mix, with the possibility of Husky and Australian Shepherd. My husband and I are about to move to an apartment complex and we don't want to be blindsided by accusations! We rescued him! He is 1.5 years old and 28 lbs.


Identifying a Bug Found on the Bed

Identifying a Bug Found on the Bed?I found this bug on my bed, it's extremely tiny and very hard to see. My bed is also by a window, like right up against it so sometimes I get carpet beetles and spiders by my bed. Anyway I don't know what this is, but lately I've been getting very itchy bites on my body. I keep thinking it's bed bugs, but I check my bed every morning


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Using Hair Removal Cream for Sideburns?I used the hair removal cream for sideburns? Is it all right? Will the hair come out thicker?


Expected Size of a Mixed Breed Dog - black and brown puppy

Expected Size of a Mixed Breed Dog?Her mom has Beagle and Hound dog cross. And her dad has Pit and Boxer. I wanna know which features she has the most of, Pit, boxer, hound dog, or Beagle. Her mom and dad where both big dogs. I'm just curious to find more information an other people's opinions. I am trying to figure out if she will be a big or a small dog.


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Organization That Can Help Me Get a Bed?I am low income and on disability. I am needing a a bed. I sleep on the floor and can't afford a bed. I hate sleeping on the floor it's hard and uncomfortable.


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Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Stopped Running?My Troy-Bilt lawn mower just stop running. The battery is good.


John Deere 110 Won't Start - vintage riding mower

John Deere 110 Won't Start?I just bought 1972 John Deere 110 garden tractor from a guy. He said he didn't know what was wrong with it and didn't want to fool with it. I am new to these older mowers, but when turning the ignition the mower will turn over no problem, but won't fire. Any ideas on where to start?


Value of 1930s Thomasville Bedroom Furniture - nightstand

Value of 1930s Thomasville Bedroom Furniture?My mom is downsizing and we want to sell some of her old furniture. We are hoping you can help us with a fair price to ask? She has a 1930s Thomasville armoire, dresser, and nightstand.


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Copycat Recipe for McCormick's Sweet Onion and Herb Seasoning?Has anyone figured out the McCormick's sweet onion and herb seasoning recipe? It is an important part of a chicken and dumplings dish I make.


Value of a Vintage Fleetwood Cabinet Record Player - old upright cabinet record player

Value of a Vintage Fleetwood Cabinet Record Player?I would like to know the make and value of my cabinet record player.


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Removing Sharpie from an Aluminum Ladder?How do I remove Sharpie marker from an aluminum ladder?


Identifying a Garden Plant - shrub with dark green leaves and salmon pink flowers

Identifying a Garden Plant?This bush was given to me by a friend who did not know the name of the plant or anything about it. I would like to know what it is and any growing information.


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Taco Bar Ingredients for 100 People?I am expecting 100 people. I have 45 pounds of taco meat. How much onions chopped, tomatoes chopped, refried beans, and shredded cheese would I need to prepare?


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Making a Single Crochet Potholder?I'm new to crochet and I love the thick potholder that was done. I apologize if this was already asked, but how do I single crochet on both sides of the chain stitch and continue to single crochet until both sides meet? Step 2 is confusing for me.


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Transplanting a Hibiscus?My grandpais moving from Florida to Georgia and he has a hibiscus planted in the yard that he is wanting to dig up and move with him before October 18. I need advice on what I need to do.


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Allowing Teens to Go to Overnight Coed Parties?Should I let my 14 old daughter go to overnight coed birthday party?


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Using Alcohol to Kill Bed Bugs?I heard that rubbing alcohol will kill bed bugs. True or not?


Identifying Household Bugs - unidentified bug on wall

Identifying Household Bugs?I see light brown and bigger black bugs on my walls. The first pesticide treatment has not killed them all. What are they? Their abdomen is bigger than the head, they are smaller than 1 mm. I can see them on the wall near the tube lights, but they are almost all over the house.


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Do I Have Scabies?I have a friend that says she has scabies. She's been to the doctor and they have said they've never seen any like that. She feels the bite and itches a lot, also at night. She has had no rash. She has been following the recommendations for scabies for several months.


Value of an Antique Silver Thimble with 6 Amethysts

Value of an Antique Silver Thimble with 6 Amethysts?I have a silver thimble with 6 amethysts from around 1900. I am not sure how to price it on eBay.


Value of a Console Stereo

Value of a Console Stereo?I am just wondering the about the value of this record player, radio, and storage cabinet. It was made in western Germany I believe. Was in good working condition.


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Proper Electrical Wiring Based on Amps?I have an appliance rated at 17.6 amps. What type of plug, receptacle, wire, and breaker is required?


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - brown bug

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?So far I have found 2 of these bugs in my home. When I try to smoosh them they don't want to die right away. I really have to put on pressure to kill them. I've been researching on line and can't figure out what they are.


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