September 30, 2019

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Honey Coconut Popcorn in paper cups

Honey Coconut PopcornDo you love popcorn? If you do, you should try this easy, only 4 ingredient popcorn recipe! Popcorn tastes super yummy that it won't last.


Square Corn Cookies on plate

Square Corn CookiesGot a Jiffy Corn muffin mix from my in-laws. I got tired of making muffins so I'm making it into square cookies. It turned out really good.


Squash Adobo with Pork Bits on plate

Squash Adobo with Pork BitsThe squash sweetens the pork bits, making it tastier. If you want extenders other than potato, use squash since it's an often used extender for Filipinos.



Paper Ghost Banner - hanging ghost banner

Paper Ghost BannerTime for holloween decorations! Let your kids participate in this super easy craft. Make as many as you can to decorate your homes and yards with ghost banners.


You're My Boo Card - finished card

Making a 'You're My Boo' Halloween CardMy friends and I call each other "boo" as terms of endearment. It's said that it's derived from the French word, "beau". I thought it would be cute to make them cards for Halloween featuring loving ghosts saying, "You're my boo!" Get it? Boo! This is easy to make and great for close friends or other halves.



Repairing a Comforter - white comforter with raised flowers

Repairing a Comforter?So I bought a beautiful comforter online from Target. I didn't notice right away that it isn't sewn together at all. The fill is flat and moves around whenever you move it. The top and bottom don't have any stitching holding the fill in place. I feel like I can fix it, but can't seem to find any techniques online to do this!


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14th Birthday Ideas?I'm gonna be 14 on the 18th of October (I'm a girl) and I need ideas on what to do on my birthday. Anyone got any ideas?


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Composting Horse Manure?What's the best way to compost horse manure?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - Victorian dressed doll, head and upper body

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I have this porcelain doll and it has no markings at all. The head, hands, and feet are made of porcelain and the body is made from cloth and the arms are wire. Does anyone know who the maker is? Or what time frame the doll is from?


Identifying a Combined Large Mirror and Attached Console

Identifying a Combined Large Mirror and Attached Console?Who make this type of one piece? The mirror, frame, and console are one piece. The console has a marble top. The mirror below the console is beveled for those with princess feet to utilize.


Finding an Agency to Help with Free School Desks in Uganda - children at a long crowded desk

Finding an Agency to Help with Free School Desks in Uganda?We have a charity school in Uganda where we are providing students with free educational services, but we are having a problem with a lack of desks. They have to squeeze themselves like five people on one desk. I would like someone to help us with free desks so that we can create a conducive learning environment for them. Any suggestions?


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Identifying Clear Biting Bugs?I am trying to identify a tiny bug. It's a clear bug with a tiny tiny black spot on its back and when you kill them it pops. You can hear it pop an it is full of blood? It's biting the hell out of the old man and he says they are under his skin. He works out doors doing lawn care and handy man services and he does construction.


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Selling Horse Manure?I have horse manure to sell. What would be a reasonable price?


Darkening Dyed Hair - woman with rather bright red hair

Darkening Dyed Hair?I mixed garnet and fuchsia hair colors and it came out a bit too fuchsia. I would like to darken it up to achieve a burgundy like color with less fuchsia . Can I put a darker color over my hair to achieve the results I'm looking for? And if so, what color do you suggest? The left pic is what it turned out like the right pic is what I'm trying to achieve.


Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a long white dress covered in lace

Value of a Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Doll?I found this beautiful Knightsbridge Collection Classical Treasures "umbrella doll", Caitlin 1-5000. I was wondering if she had a value.


Value of a Century Collection Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a plaid dress and matching hat

Value of a Century Collection Porcelain Doll?I am wondering when this doll would have been made any other info anyone has on it. The tag says Century Collection and her name is Lucinda. I have tried to find out, but haven't been able to find her anywhere.


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Stray Cat's Kittens Are Missing?I've had a pretty feral cat and her three kittens (was 4), around our house for a couple months now. I'm trying to feed them at the same time everyday and get them used to traps so I can get them fixed. A couple of nights ago they disappeared and I hadn't seen them, tonight the mama came back without her babies, is this normal or should I be worried?


Value of a Drexel Bedroom Set - jewelry armoire

Value of a Drexel Bedroom Set?I'm trying to find a value for my used 5pc Drexel bedroom set. There is a dresser with mirror, 2 nightstands, and a jewelry armoire.


Repairing a Pedestal Fan - fan with one side open to get to blades

Repairing a Pedestal Fan?I left my fan on high speed next to an open window. I left for work in the evening. Some time during the night my (frayed just enough) curtain slid down and behind the fan. Several strands of thread are wrapped around the shaft. The blades still spin freely by hand, but there is no sound from the motor. Anything that I can do? Short of buying new?


Value of an Antique Record Player - antique phonograph perhaps a Victor Talking Machine

Value of an Antique Record Player?We found my husband's grandparents' record player in the attic. The label is missing. The stickers are half gone, but there is a date on one sticker on the bottom that has the year 1892. After some research, I believe it is a Victor Phonograph. We are curious as to what it is worth, if anything. There are some springs and gears laying inside the box, so I'm sure it is not in working condition.


Potted Crepe Myrtle Trees Flowers and Leaves Dying - sad looking trees

Potted Crepe Myrtle Trees Flowers and Leaves Dying?I bought 4 crepe myrtle trees, about 7 ft tall. It looks like they are in shock and all of the leaves & flowers died. I only missed one day of watering, and am continuing to water daily. They are still in pots. I live in Western Gardening zone 9. Please advise.


Value of a Cardinal Inc. Santa Trinket Box - hand holding colorful Santa trinket box

Value of a Cardinal Inc. Santa Trinket Box?I have this Santa trinket box made by Cardinal Inc., in China. I would like to see what it's worth.


Value of a 1944 Copy of Further More by Damon Runyon - dust jacket

Value of a 1944 Copy of Further More by Damon Runyon?I have a 1944 edition of 'Further More' by Damon Runyon, published by Constable and Company. It is in good condition, there is a crack in the spine showing between pp ii and iii, but can be repaired. The original yellow dust cover is faded and age stained, and tape- reinforced on the inner side; the blue linen backed hard cover in good condition.


What Is This Bug? - hairy little bug on a Q-tip

What Is This Bug?I found this on a foam ear plug on my bedside locker when waking and have struggled to identify it with anything listed on pest control website. This has not come from my ear (I hope), but ironically resembles wax.


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Name Ideas for an Elder Adult and Child Daycare Business?Please suggest name ideas for my upcoming business, which will be providing daycare to the adults (elderly) and children.


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Finding Free or Inexpensive Bedroom Furniture?I'm looking for a bed, maybe a small night stand, and a few decorations would be amazing. I left a very abusive relationship and I'm now starting over. I don't have a lot of money, but could come up with a few dollars.


Finding Discontinued Wallpaper - border

Finding Discontinued Wallpaper?Where can I buy more of this?


Information on Justis and Armiger Silver Plate Covered Dish - ornate silver dish with floral pattern

Information on Justis and Armiger Silver Plate Covered Dish?I have a quadruple plate piece that is also marked Sterline - not Sterling. What does Sterline mean?


Identifying Antique Furniture - multi-drawer cabinet

Identifying Antique Furniture?I bought this for $120 and want to redo it, but I don't want to mess it up if it is an antique.


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Identifying Tiny Green Biting Bugs?I work in a factory that has a shaft running under our work desk. The factory has been many different things in the past including a modular home factory. The people in this little office keep getting bitten by something and it makes us itch and leaves little red marks and when you scratch they turn into welts. One of the girls that sits next to me said she seen one land on her and it was green.


What Is on My Play Structure? - light colored splotches on underside of wood

What Is on My Play Structure?I have questions about 2 things (possibly unrelated?). First there are small lines/grains of rice size things on a wooden play structure.


Finding the Value of Rose Delisle  China - white dinner plate with silver around scalloped edge

Finding the Value of Rose Delisle China?My mom recently passed and I have her china. Would anyone be able to help me determine if it has any monetary value? It is a set of 12.


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Treating a Puppy for Worms?Can you possibly give a puppy mineral oil for worms?


Identifying an Antique Table with Extensions

Identifying an Antique Table with Extensions?Can anyone identify antique dining table with two extensions? I need help identifying an old table that appears to have had modifications at some time. The only writing I can find is on metal hardware that says "Acme metal sliders" and made in England on the hardware on the legs of which when condensed the legs fold up into table.


Looking for Imperial Wallpaper Border - packaged border with label showing

Looking for Imperial Wallpaper Border?Im looking for an Imperial border. The number is 105901 lot #02811. It's a flower pattern in greens/beige, and scalloped on the bottom. I just need one roll.


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Cap Stuck on Scunci Pro Steamer?I have a Scunci Pro steamer model ps3888 and I can't unscrew the cap to add water.


Identifying Wallpaper - white textured paper

Identifying Wallpaper?I am looking for some help in identifying this wallpaper. It would be even better if someone knows where I can buy it; I suspect it's discontinued though :-(


Removing a Stain on a Car's Exterior - black streaks on car door

Removing a Stain on a Car's Exterior?I have a E320 Mercedes. From the area of the mirror black fluid came out onto the door. How do I remove this?


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Using Silicone Bakeware?When using silicone muffin liners, do I need to "condition" with oil before first use, and is it necessary to use a muffin pan, or will cookie sheet work?


Gouldian Finches Not Sitting on Eggs at Night - two birds perched on a person's hand

Gouldian Finches Not Sitting on Eggs at Night?My Gouldian pair has laid 4 (possibly 5 now) eggs. They take turns sitting on the eggs all day already, but do not sit on the eggs at night. Is this normal for this stage? I'm not sure if they are done laying yet.


What Breed Is My Dog? - dark brown and black dog with large ears

What Breed Is My Dog?I have a female dog and just want to know if it is a Belgian Malinois or not?


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Plumbing Repair Assistance for Low Income Senior?I am a low income senior who needs financial help to fix plumbing. Where can I go?


Identifying a Stuffed Bunny - head and ears of a well loved stuffed bunny

Identifying a Stuffed Bunny?Does anyone know where I can see a picture and see the price of this stuffed bunny? I believe that she had very light pastel colors like blue and pink and that she was a light colored grey. The insides of her ears were a grayish blue color I believe and her nose was pink. The tag is also hard to read because it's dirty, but it says something about 'harvest moon' which I think is the brand.


Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print

Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?I have an 18x24burl wood framed Thomas Kinkade painting, Mountain Majesty Beginning a Perfect Day III, print #170 out of 370. On the certificate of limitation and authenticity it also states that the painting phase is R/E Canvas- Charter. Not sure what any of this means, but I am trying to find how much it is worth.


Value of a Ashton Drake Doll - doll still wrapped up in the box

Value of a Ashton Drake Doll?Is it worth anything? It is a Snow Angel tree topper.


Value of Old Packages of Cigarettes

Value of Old Packages of Cigarettes?I have a collection of old cigarettes that I want to know how much they are worth. There are 58 full packets of old American, English and Russian cigarettes.


Bedding and Furniture to Complement Gold Curtains - champagne gold curtains

Bedding and Furniture to Complement Gold Curtains?What colour bedding and furniture will go well with champagne gold curtains for a master bedroom?


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