October 11, 2019

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Back to School Kids' Coloring Page - school related images

Back to School Kids' Coloring PageThis cute back to school kids' coloring page is of course fun to color any time of the year. Download a free copy here.


Raised Salt Fall Kids' Artwork - paint the remaining squares with brown and orange and allow to dry

Raised Salt Fall Kids' ArtworkYour kids or students will love creating these fun fall leaves. You will need glue, salt, and food coloring plus a few more supplies. Get started and then move on to other shapes and colors.


An orange tree with oranges and green leaves.

Oranges Falling Prematurely from Tree?Oranges can fall off of the tree prematurely for a number of reasons, including moisture issues, temperature changes, and fertilizer needs. However, they may just be ripe or just near. This page has some useful information if you are growing oranges.


A stepping stone that has a crumbling surface.

Problems with Homemade Stepping Stones?If you have decided to make your own personalized stepping stones for your garden or to give as a gift there may be issues that you need help with. This page addresses concerns about mix consistency, product choice, and even a name misspelling.


Value of a Vintage Riding Mower

Value of Vintage Craftsman Riding Mower?Vintage Craftsman riding mowers, especially those in working order, can be collector's items. If you have a vintage mower, some research may be required to determine if it has any value.


Watercolor Roses Birthday Card - finished card with pink glitter foam frame

Watercolor Roses Birthday CardUse your artistic talents to create this lovely watercolor roses birthday card. The list of supplies, instructions, and how to photos can be found on this page.


Adjusting the Size of Fitted Sheets - sew a wider seam if needed

Adjusting the Size of Fitted SheetsOne way to adjust the size of too big fitted sheets is to take in the corner seams. Try this fix if your sheet is ill fitting.


Getting Cat Urine Off Outdoor Wicker Furniture?Unfortunately outside cats tend to mark lots of spots including your outdoor furniture. Removing cat urine from outdoor wicker furniture can usually be done successfully by using one of the ideas found on this page.


A philodendron scandens vine with green heart shaped leaves.

Distinguishing Between Pothos and Philodendron?Pothos and philodendron plants can often be confused for one another. If you are having difficulty differentiating between the two when trying to identify a houseplant there are some helpful tips and links on this page.



Unicorn Halloween Costume - headband and tail

Unicorn Halloween CostumeMake this cute and inexpensive unicorn Halloween costume for less than $5. This costume could double as a birthday outfit, to wear to attend any unicorn themed parties, or as your kid's dress up/play pretend outfit.



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Burning Sensation at Tongue Piercing Spot?I have had my tongue pierced since I was 21. I took it out for a couple of months and just put it back in. I know it is going to be sore for a while, but how long does that usually last? And am I supposed to feel a small burn on the bottom of my tongue when the ball touches the base of my tongue?


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Value of Book of Knowledge Encyclopedias?I have a 20 vol set of Grolier's Book of Knowledge encyclopedias with the red hard cover. Copywrite 1937 an 38 being final but, there are numerous copywrite dates listed as well from 1923 on up to the latter. The Amalgamated Press 1922 limited. They are in very good condition. Vol 1 has World's Fair prints dated 1939 and 1940. This is confusing since last copywrite listed is 1938.


What Are These? - small bug on a sweater

What Are These?I was walking to my car and was putting my daughter in her seat and saw a couple on her so I killed them. Then I saw them all over my jacket. What are these?


Are They a Pit Bull Mix? - mostly white dog with one ear sticking up lying on a bed

Are They a Pit Bull Mix?Are these siblings Pit Bull mixes? We already know their mother was a mutt, but some people have told us they look like Pitties.


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Changing the Batteries in a Swiffer WetJet?Where are the batteries in the Swiffer Wet Jet? I can't see any place that I can open up to change batteries.


Value of Large Pope John Paul II Kelly Rubert Doll - pope doll still in the box

Value of Large Pope John Paul II Kelly Rubert Doll?I've recently inherited around 500 porcelain dolls from my grandmother, about half of them still in their original boxes and all of them have their COA. I'm hoping to start selling most of them so I can easily walk through my house again, but I am having trouble finding information on some of them.


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Reseting a Circuit Breaker Box with Two Levers?My circuit box has two levers on/off and lit. What does this mean? What do I do with the circuit box when the lights in the kitchen go off?


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Removing Water Stains on a Wood Table?How do I get rid of a water stain on a wooden table?


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Substituting Oil for Shortening in a Recipe?What amount of canola cooking oil would I use instead of 1/4 c. shortening?


Removing Mold Stains and Odor from a Rubber Doll - vintage doll with molded and painted pink undies

Removing Mold Stains and Odor from a Rubber Doll?I have a vintage Sun rubber doll. I have used all the methods you have suggested in other answers, but nothing has worked, there is no mold visually inside or outside doll, but the smell is extremely strong and there are black marks on the outside of the doll. I've also tried the acne medicine on the stains and that did not work. Any other suggestions? She is so cute.


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Finding the Name for an Old Horror Movie?A man gets his head chopped off coming out of a fox hole and a woman swimming in a pond gets chopped every time she surfaces. It was a black and white movie.


Caring for a 5 Week Old Yellow Lab - sleeping puppy

Caring for a 5 Week Old Yellow Lab?My mom is a veterinarian and a breeder came in and mentioned how another dog picked up the puppy and threw it. There's no evidence of bite wounds or marks, but my mom thinks the aggressive kids might have had something to do with it. I understand puppies should stay with their mothers until 8 weeks minimum, but the lady signed her over to my mom without a thought. She just didn't want her.


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Troubleshooting Wiring Problems?My kitchen outlets stopped working. My stove also wasn't working. I checked all the breakers, but none were tripped. A few minutes later they started working again, except the stove. Now the power to these outlets comes and goes. Here's where it gets weird, when checking breakers, I shut off the breaker to my stove (220) and it shut off my kitchen lights and power to outlets.


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Caring for a Sick Stray Cat?I found a cat earlier this week on the side of the road who was clearly very sick. It hardly moved or responded to me. The neighbors around there didn't know anything about it. I picked it up and put it in my car and took it to the emergency vet. They gave it fluids and an antibiotic shot because it had an ear infection. I brought it home and put it in the bathroom.


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Value of Brinn Calendar Dolls?I have 12 calendar dolls from 1987. All are in perfect condition and I have all the boxes and paperwork. What is the value for this collection?


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Value of Heritage Signature Collection Dolls?I have the Heritage Signature Collection Peppermint Twin #80036 dolls. I am trying to find out what they are worth and when they were released.


Identifying a Vintage Chair - full ladderback style chair.

Identifying a Vintage Chair?I have searched everywhere trying to find out the style and who made this chair wit a rush seat? I have had it for over 20 years and it has no markings at all. I have never had it repaired or done anything to it. Can anyone give me some ideas on where to look or if they have seen one like it?


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Identifying Tiny Flying Insects Inside?I have super tiny bugs flying around my house. They are primarily in the kitchen, but I also see them in our living room. They are so small you can barely see them. I can catch them pretty easily, they look to be a copper/light brown bug. You can only see the color after you kill them and they are still. Any ideas?


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