January 6, 2020

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A vintage Eaton Viking Ride-on Lawn Mower.

Value of a Vintage Eaton Viking Ride-on Lawn Mower?The value of vintage lawn mowers, such as this Eaton Viking riding mower, is difficult to determine. There are a number of factors to consider, including the condition, rarity, local interest, and more. Do some internet research and check for forums on the topic.


Hanging earrings stored on a piece of fabric.

Storing EarringsMany of us are on the lookout for new earring storage ideas. This page offers several easy to implement suggestions.


bowl of Tarragon Soy Avocado on lettuce

Making Tarragon Soy Avocado SaladThis simple avocado salad is delicious. The soy sauce replaces the salt and tarragon complements the creamy flavor of the avocado. Serve on a bed of lettuce with some tomatoes or other additions for a side salad or light lunch.


A vintage television with table legs.

Repairing a Vintage Television?Vintage televisions are becoming increasingly popular for a mid century modern or retro decorating style. Many times, these older TVs require repairs to become operational.


Books stored horizontally and vertically on shelves.

Storing Books on ShelvesShelving units are the perfect solution for storing books. They allow easy access and the titles are more visible. You don't need to buy expensive wooden shelves for this purpose, read on for some shelving tips.


A smartphone receiving emailed newsletters.

Receiving ThriftyFun NewslettersThriftyfun.com publishes a variety of daily and weekly newsletters. Tips for subscribing and managing your choices, as well as answers to problems related to receiving your newsletters can be found on this page. If you don't see it here contact us.


DIY Scratcher Cards - scratcher card

DIY Scratcher CardsMake your own scratchers to give as gifts. Crayons, dish soap, and acrylic paint will be needed along with a piece of cardboard.


Eggs being hard boiled in water.

Reusing Water from Boiling EggsWhen hardboiled eggs are made, they usually have a large quantity of water to be drained out. This water can be added to recipes or houseplants for extra calcium. Check out the other ideas on this page.


Items for sale at a secondhand store.

Reselling Thrift Store FindsYou might be pleasantly surprised at the great finds you can make at your local thrift store. A trained eye and some patience can sometimes yield great deals on designer clothes and accessories, art work, and more. Make a bit of ready cash by reselling your discoveries.


An unhappy young woman sitting on the couch next to a Christmas tree.

Ways to Make Christmas Less Lonely and More Fun?If you live alone or far away from family Christmas can be a very lonely time. This page contains suggestions for ways to make it less lonely and more fun, such as volunteering, inviting neighbors over, movies, games, etc.


An American flag made of wood.

Name Ideas for a Wooden Flag Company?Wooden American flags are popular throughout the U.S. and can be manufactured and sold using basic equipment. Names for companies that sell these crafts should evoke the American spirit and pride in the red, white and blue.


A couple waving at a tablet screen at Christmastime.

Celebrating Holidays Away From HomeThe holidays are a time that traditionally centers around family get togethers, but as family members move away new traditions can replace the old one. Perhaps a telecommunications video chat app can allow everyone to sit down to a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal together.


Makeup scattered on a countertop.

Storing MakeupMakeup typically has a shelf life. It may also become contaminated from bacteria and viruses. This page has some suggestions for storing makeup, when to discard it, and some possible methods of sanitizing certain products.


A hand grabbing a handheld showerhead.

Electric Shock When Touching Shower Head?If you are experiencing a small electric shock when you touch your metal showerhead, that can be indicitave of a serious problem in your electrical system. Careful troubleshooting should be done. If the problem cannot be detected easily, it would be best to contact a professional electrician.



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Hire a Licensed Plumber, Electrician and ContractorAlways do a project on a holiday when you can be sure stores are not open so you can't get necessary parts; gut everything especially if it's a bathroom. And by luck, the outlets in the living room will quit working.


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Prevent Squirrels Digging in Flower GardenSquirrels love to hide their food. In the process of doing this, they tend to bury the food in soft dirt which is usually a newly planted garden.


A game board being used to assemble a puzzle.

Carrom Game Board for Puzzle MatThis old Carrom Game board, which has been stored in the attic for probably 40 years, sure did come in handy for putting this puzzle together. We needed a solid background so I took 6 pieces of computer printing paper and taped it to the board.


Ginger Garlic Cilantro Rice in bowl

Ginger Garlic Cilantro RiceThis is by far one of my favourite rice dishes. It's easy to make and it's always such a hit. The ginger and garlic are so beautifully fragrant, and the cilantro gives the rice a beautiful green glow.


Quiet Time Play Tins for Children - open Altoid type tins with cute scenes and felt animals etc.

Quiet Time Play Tins for ChildrenHere are smiles in a tin. I make these little slices of everyday life always with a dog, cat, or other critter in the scene. The tins depict recognizable objects and always have a removable animal or object that hopefully make you or your little one smile. These are great for keeping kids busy and quiet on car trips or in doctor's offices of anywhere where a quiet diversion is needed.



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TA Gabrielle 9009 Stopped Typing?I was working on my TA Gabrielle 9009 when all of a sudden, it refused to show the characters anymore, nothing seemed wrong with it as it didn't make any noise and nothing burnt. But still it would give the impression of typing, but wouldn't type anything. I've checked and the ribbon is still remaining. How can I correct this please??


Value of Vintage Corningware Casserole Dishes - casserole dishes with floral pattern and glass lids

Value of Vintage Corningware Casserole Dishes?I have a 5 qt with lid A5B and a 3 qt with lid A3B Corningware with floral bouquet design. I read that this is a rare design from approximately 1971 to 1975. They are in great condition, any idea what these may be worth?


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Smith Corona Typewriter Not Printing?I have a Smith Corona typewriter. It appears to be working fine, but when typing there is no print. I changed the ribbon, but doesn't seem to have any effect. What is wrong with it?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - old style doll with painted on hair

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know anything about this doll? Manufacturer? Year? Origin? Estimated value? Anything. The head I think is bisque and the body is cloth.


Value of a Lane Cedar Chest - open chest with faux drawers on the front

Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?I have a 1991 Lane chest and would like to find out its value. It's 42 x 16 x17 high. It's in pretty good condition. I believe it's 1991. Serial #. 2195190.


Removing a Stain on a Car's Finish - very small yellow stain

Removing a Stain on a Car's Finish?There is a yellow stain on my new car as a result of cleaning off a dark color small dropping.


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Buying Liquid or Spray Starch?Where can I buy liquid or spray starch in zip code 32541?


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Remedies for a Burned Throat?I had hot soup for lunch at 4pm (3 hrs ago at the time I write this) and burned my throat when swallowing. I quickly pushed cold water down after, it but it still burns. Any advice? I am drinking cold water while working since my job allows bottles in my area, but it still hurts. The cold water doesn't seem to help.


Finding the Value of Conant Ball Bedroom Furniture - chest of drawers

Finding the Value of Conant Ball Bedroom Furniture?How do I find the value of pieces like this? How do I find a reliable furniture appraiser?


Identifying a Stuffed Bunny - stuffed white bunnies with pink feet on the bottom

Identifying a Stuffed Bunny?I found these adorable bunny stuffed animals at a flea market that look like they were made before the 90s. Their ears are super long and have adjustable wire in them, and their feet are as big as their head. They have soft fur on the top and on their tail. Anyone know what these are called?


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Co-ed 15th Birthday Party Ideas?My 15th birthday is in May and I want to invite both genders and not very many people. I have gone through a lot of ideas like bowling, karaoke, the beach, paintball and others like that. I need ideas.


Value of a Noritake Bowl - bowl with rose pattern

Value of a Noritake Bowl?My mom had this bowl for years. I'm wondering what it's worth. It's about 12 inches diameter.


Estimated Value of a CeceliaAntique Phonograph - tabletop phonograph in a lidded cabinet

Estimated Value of a CeceliaAntique Phonograph?I am considering purchasing this antique phonograph. It was listed as a Victrola, but after I pressed him he said he used that as a generic description. The brand or model he says is aCecilia. I couldn't find any info online about that brand/model. See the photo. I'd like to know the estimated value.


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