July 8, 2020

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A dish of cocktail sauce surrounded by shrimp.

Alternative Uses for Shrimp Cocktail SauceCocktail sauce is traditionally served with shrimp but people often have sauce leftover. This spicy tomato based sauce is flavored with horseradish. It is good as a replacement for catsup or tomato paste in many recipes.


Powdered borax in a container on a black background.

Using Boric Acid vs BoraxBorax and boric acid are close chemical compounds but they are not always interchangeable. Borax, also known as sodium tetraborate (Na2B4O7 10H2O) is mined directly from the ground. Boric acid or hydrogen borate (H3BO3) is created from the naturally occuring borax. Care should be taken when using borax as it is more toxic and can cause damage to the eyes.


A cat walking on a roof.

Keeping Animals Off the RoofHere are ways to keep unwanted animals off your roof. Automatic sprinklers or noises can be a big deterrent as can unsavory odors, such as coyote urine.


Employees celebrating at work.

Cleaning Stains on a Toilet SeatNo toilet looks clean if there are stains on the seat. Before replacing it with a shiny new one, try these tips for cleaning off any unsightly stains.


The white lines on a football field.

Student With Sports Scholarship Doesn't Want to Play?Sports scholarships are awarded to many athletes, allowing them to attend college for little or no money in exchange for competing in collegiate athletic programs. Sometimes, a young student may change their mind about competing, which can cause financial hardship to both the parents and the student.


A bottle of amber Listerine on a white backgroun.

Listerine as SanitizerMany people recommend Listerine as a general sanitizer, but it is untested scientifically. It has too low an alcohol content to be effective in killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces. There is some evidence that thymol and the other essential oils contained in the original Listerine can break the lipid barrier and kill viruses but more research needs to be done. At this time, Listerine should only be used for oral health.


Eggs and spices in plastic bags.

Cooking Eggs in a Plastic BagAlthough many people have cooked eggs directly in a plastic zip top bag, it is not recommended. Both Ziploc and Glad make steam bags that are intended for cooking purposes and will not create any harmful toxins.


A pizza stone with a pizza cutter on top.

Restoring Pizza Stone to Original ColorPizza stones typically develop a darkened appearance after being used. It is still entirely usable but some would prefer to keep the stone looking new.


A two-stroke gas next to a trimmer.

Determining Two-cycle Mixed Gas from Regular GasolineTwo-cycle mixed gas is generally used for small engines, like yard trimmers or lawn mowers. It is important not to mix up regular gasoline with this blend as it can cause damage to the engine if the wrong type is used. Be sure to refer to your owner's manual for the correct gas requirement.


A can of white paint with a dripping paintbrush.

Adding Color To White Paint?It's easy to add a bit of color to any white paint to make it another shade. An easy way is to get a small amount of brightly colored paint in the proper tint.



A finished bowl of pork noodle soup.

Pork Noodle Soup with KaleHere's a tasty and easy lunch or dinner meal for 2 - that is also fairly inexpensive to make. Or, this could be served as a side soup for a family of 4-6.


The muffins cooling on a cutting board.

Chocolate Chunk Banana Protein MuffinsI love making these little protein muffins. They are wonderful as a post-workout snack. I also like to have one for dessert as they keep me from waking up in the middle of the night from hunger pangs. When you have them warm out the oven, the chocolate chunks are super gooey and lovely. You can achieve this later on by popping one in the microwave for 10 seconds.


A completed lemon-jello pound cake.

Lemon Jell-O Pound CakeI pulled out some old recipes and stared cooking more foods that are not gluten free. I don't get to enjoy them myself, but my family does.



A wooden grandfather clock.

Value of Emperor Grandfather Clock?This Emperor grandfather clock was purchased by my father in the early 70s. It's been kept immaculate and was only stopped running because of the preference of not hearing the chimes. Is there a way to get a ballpark figure as to the value? I'm trying to decide to move it to my home or to sell.


Value of Leonardo Collection Bronze Figurines? - sitting nude

Value of Leonardo Collection Bronze Figurines?I purchased these two together some time ago. The nude woman is part of the Leonardo collection and I can't seem to see it anywhere online. It's not in the best condition from how I bought it but wondered if it may be worth anything? It is just under 10 inches in height.


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2003 Yardman Riding Mower Won't StartMy 2003 Yardman Mtd. riding mower has been sitting for a year. It will turn over but won't start. Any ideas? I've got a fresh battery on and the air filter is clean.


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Yard Machine Mower Won't Start?I have a Yard Machine, original year of sale, 2004. It has a 14.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine and a 38" cut. Yesterday when I tried to start it so I could move it, the engine turned slowly and the starter began smoking. I immediately turned the key to off and removed the starter.


Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping and Turning Brown? - lots of brown leaves

Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping and Turning Brown?Half of my 7 year avocado tree leaves are drooping. They turn brown and look to be dying. Some of the brown leaves are soft and some have dried. I am so desperate. This is the 1st year w/fruit (it only has 4).


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?On day 1 my six month old dog didn't eat or drink and was throwing up. Day 2 he had lots of bloody diarrhea would not eat or drink at all. He was throwing up after the vet put an IV in his neck. On day 3 he was throwing up and there was lots of bloody diarrhea. He took his first drink of water which was like 20 licks. Does this mean he will live if he is drinking again?


Avocado Tree Lost Its Leaves? - leafless avocado tree in pot

Avocado Tree Lost Its Leaves?I've been growing this plant from seed for almost a year, at one point it had two or three leaves which eventually fell off. I brought the plant outside for more heat and sunlight and I think the seed burnt. I just want to know if there's any hope for this little guy or if I should just give up


My Empisal 760c Overlocker Not Sewing? - closeup of fabric and sewing foot

My Empisal 760c Overlocker Not Sewing?I bought an Empisal 760c overlocker 3 days ago. As I was busy sewing it jammed and wouldn't sew again, please see attached images. I was sewing 2 layers of faux fur, when it jammed.


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