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Rooting a Cactus Pad

Rooting a Cactus PadThis is a page about rooting a cactus pad. Many types of cactus propagate in nature by their ability to have a pad or segment grow into a new plant. You can do this too, at home, and increase your cactus garden plantings.


A colorful cactus with small pups on the side.

Growing Cactus from Pups?Certain cactus can be propagated by removing and planting the pups produced by the main cactus. Others require special handling to propagate from cuttings. These may need to be grafted to another cactus. Do some research before attempting to grow cactus from pups, for best results.


Potted Cactus

Saving a Broken CactusThis is a page about saving my broken cactus. When a piece breaks off of a cactus, it may grow a new plant.


Christmas Cactus Leaves

Christmas Cactus Not Blooming?Less water, reduced light, and cool temperatures are required for this lovely plant to bloom. Begin making these changes in the fall about 6-8 weeks before bloom time, causing the plant to enter a dormancy period. Once buds appear it can be moved to a sunnier location. This is a page about Christmas cactus not blooming.


Pink Christmas Cactus

Getting a Christmas Cactus to BloomYou have a beautiful green Christmas cactus, but sadly, no blooms. This is a page about getting a Christmas cactus to bloom.


cereus flowers against black background

Epiphyllum (Night Blooming Cereus) Photos and...This is a page about epiphyllum photos. The beautiful, fragrant, white flowers of this cactus family member, only bloom at night.


Christmas Cactus with Red Leaves and Red Flowers

Christmas Cactus with Red Leaves?This is a page about Christmas cactus with red leaves. If the leaves on your Christmas cactus have suddenly turned red, it could be an indication that it has placed somewhere with too much light. It may also be lacking the proper amount of nutrients. This type of cactus prefers low light and direct sunlight should be avoided.


Christmas Cactus

Dividing and Repotting a Christmas Cactus?This is a page about dividing and repotting a Christmas cactus. If your Christmas cactus has outgrown its pot, one solution is to divide it and repot the plants. This is also a great way to make an inexpensive gift for someone special.


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Reviving a Frozen Christmas Cactus?I received a Christmas cactus last year and worked on it all year and have been patiently waiting for its 1st bloom. We had an unexpected freeze and I didn't think to bring it inside. It's wilted and I have no idea how to save this beautiful plant so that it's ready to bloom at Christmas.



Cactus with a yellow backdrop.

Why is My Cactus Turning Yellow?If your cactus is beginning to yellow it is often a watering issue, either too much or too little. Depending on the type of cactus you have the watering schedule can vary. This page speaks to the question, "Why is my cactus turning yellow?".


Cactus Turning Brown

Cactus is Turning Brown and Splitting?When a cactus is not healthy you may be able to save it with some surgery and repotting. This is a page about cactus is turning brown and splitting.


Dragon fruit against white background.  One whole, one is cut in half

Growing Dragon FruitThis is a page about growing dragon fruit. This leathery cactus fruit originated in Columbia. It has adapted and is now cultivated in dry tropical areas with moderate rainfall.


Several small potted cactus plants

Helping a Dying CactusThis is a page about helping a dying cactus. Determining why your cactus is not thriving can take some research.


Cactus in a pot.

Repotting a Cactus?This is a page about repotting a cactus. Like any other houseplant cacti need the proper soil and pot to thrive. This means that you may need to repot them from time to time.


Orchid Cactus

Orchid Cactus Not Blooming?This is a page about an orchid cactus not blooming. Orchid cacti have specific requirements with regards to moisture, temperature, light, etc. to bloom.


Growing Cactus in Your Yard

Growing Cactus in Your YardThis is a page about growing cactus in your yard. Create an arid landscape or just incorporate a cactus or two into your garden.


Cactus Seedlings

Growing a Cactus from SeedThis is a page about growing a cactus from seed. Many cactus varieties will grow from seed, just be patient, as it can take some types quite a while to germinate.


Growing Cactus House Plants

Growing Cactus House PlantsThis is a page about growing cactus house plants. Cactus make great house plants particularly if you do not live in an area where they will thrive outdoors.


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Where Can I Buy a Cactus Suitable for Zone 5 in Kansas?I have found a cactus. It is planted in the McDonald's Drive In, in Ottawa, and it dies back and then comes back in the spring. I have looked everywhere and can not find any cactus that will come up every year for zone 5, or near Overbrook, Kansas.


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Saving an Uprooted Cactus?Can an uprooted cactus be saved?



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Dividing a Christmas Cactus?Can I split a Christmas cactus if it's blooming?


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Christmas Cactus Doesn't Bloom?I was given this cactus three years ago around Mother's Day; it had beautiful flowers. I have repotted it. It grows very well, but has not had a flower on it. What can I do besides throw it out?


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Growing Christmas Cactus?What causes Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus to sprout roots between leaf segments?


Identifying a Cold Damaged Cactus - splotchy, yellowing cactus

Identifying a Cold Damaged Cactus?I accidentally forgot to bring my cactus inside when it started getting pretty cold outside (0°C). It looked fine a few weeks ago and then I had a look and it had loads of black/brown spots all over it with mouldy white spots. One of the stems was completely wilted and the rest of it is all skinny as if the life has been totally sucked out of it. Is it rotten?


Cactus Is Turning Brown and Splitting

Cactus Is Turning Brown and Splitting?I re-potted my cactus about 8-10 months ago and it's now split and gone brown, can it be saved? I've had it for about 15 years and it was only about 10cm when I bought it. Is it just getting old and dying? Do cacti have shelf lives? Did the trauma of being re-potted stress it as it had been in the same pot for years.


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Christmas Cactus Blooming Early?So I have been putting my Christmas cactus outside for a couple of years now in the spring and bring it in about now. It then blooms when I bring it in, too early for Christmas, but that is OK. So I go to bring it in now and it has already started blooming! So what do I do?


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