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Papaya Tree

Growing PapayasThis is a page about growing papaya. Papayas are a delicious fruit with the added benefit of being a digestive aid. Papayas are relatively easy to grow but are prone to die when young. So it is important to know how to take care of a papaya tree.


Pineapple and top of pineapple against green background

Growing Pineapples in PotsThis is a page about growing pineapples in pots. The top of a pineapple can become a potted plant, and if you have two you may grow your own pineapple.


Cantaloupes growing.

How Many Cantaloupes Grow from a Plant?The number of melons produced by a cantaloup vine will depend on growing conditions and the variety planted, as well as, a bit of gardener intervention. This is a page about, "How many cantaloupes grow from a plant?".


Kiwi on a Trellis

Growing Kiwi on a Trellis?Kiwi vines require sturdy support to carry the weight of their developing fruit. This is a page about growing kiwi on a trellis.


Cantaloupes and Watermelon

Cantaloupes and Watermelon Stopped GrowingSeveral conditions can halt the growth of melons, including temperatures that are too cool, and either too much or too little water. So if your cantaloupes or watermelons stop growing check to see if any of these conditions apply.


Mango Tree

Growing a Mango TreeThis is a page about growing mangoes. If you are in the right climate mangoes are easy to grow. Knowing the proper soil and environment these trees like, will make your mango growing successful.


Grapes growing on a vine.

Keeping Animals Out of the GrapevineOur scuppernong grapes are ripening fast and they are so good. With us living close to the woods, animals can be a problem when trying to grow fruit and vegetables.


Hands holding a wooden box full of cherries.

Harvesting CherriesThis is a page about harvesting cherries. If you love cherries, why not try growing them. Here is a ton of information about everything from growing, pitting, and freezing cherries.


Concord Grapes

Growing Concord Grapes?This is a page about growing Concord grapes. The much loved Concord grape, found in gardens across the country, is a descendant of a wild native grape from New England.



Growing Huckleberries?This is a page about growing huckleberries. This relative of the blueberry grows well in moist acidic soil and requires lots of daylight. Given the right conditions you can enjoy these delicious berries straight from your garden.


Growing Melons

Growing MelonsThis is a page about growing melons. Melons are a good inclusion in the home garden.


Galia Melons

Growing Galia Melons?This is a page about growing Galia melons. The Galia melon, a relative of the cantaloupe, is native to Israel.



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Growing Pineberries?How do I plant from an existing berry?


Pomegranates growing on a tree

Growing PomegranatesPomegranate plants (Punica granatum) are diverse in their growth habits. They can range from small shrubs to trees reaching 20-30 feet tall. Native to northern India and the Middle East, these fruiting plants are naturally adapted to growing in regions where winters are cool and summers are hot.


Bananas growing on a tree.

Growing BananasThis is a page about growing bananas. Bananas are a great fruit to grow if you live in a tropical climate.


Photo of red delicious apples.

Growing ApplesThis is a page about growing apples. It includes planting tips, harvesting advice, and soil recommendations for growing apples. There are also tips for caring for and pruning apple trees.


new leaves beginning to grow

It's Easy to Grow a Pineapple PlantI wondered if I could use that big top from a pineapple I had bought at the grocer's and so I researched and found out that I can grow a plant from it. Here's how you can too!


4 Kiwi fruits, one cut in half.

Growing Kiwi FruitsKiwi vines grow up to 28 feet long and produce brown, egg-sized fruits covered with a fuzzy skin. Inside the fruit is a soft, juicy green pulp and dozens of small, edible black seeds. Kiwi fruits are rich in vitamin C, E, and potassium.


The smallest apples come off easily.

Thinning an Apple TreeIt's June and that means the apple trees are fruiting. To improve the quality of fruit this season and increase your flowering next season, now is the time to thin the apple tree.


Growing Dragon Fruit

Growing Dragon FruitDragon fruit used to be a rare type of fruit. Now it is distributed and sold to our markets. This plant belongs to the cactus family. Based on facts I have read about dragon fruit, it contains various vitamins and minerals that prevent diseases like diabetes and joint pain. It contains antioxidants and more.


Earliglo (Early) Strawberry

Earliglo (Early) StrawberryI just noticed; some companies offer strawberry plants/seeds with the name 'Earliglo', while others offer 'Earliglow'. I wonder if they're the same strawberry. And, I wonder what the developer of the Earli????, named his original. Well, for now, that's beside the point.


Growing Honeydew Melons

Growing Honeydew MelonsHoneydew melons may have a long growing season, but they are an interesting crop to grow. Although you may not see gigantic yields when the harvest finally does come in, the rewards of tasting your sweet, homegrown melons will be well worth your efforts.


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Growing Melons in 5A?I'm getting worried, My watermelon and cantaloupe are small, tennis ball size cantaloupe and marble size watermelon. Should I trim back the vines or pull new flowers to get them going?


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Growing Pineapple?I live in SW Florida and have had a dozen or so pineapple plants for 4-5 yrs. This year, one of the plants has a solid chute growing out of the core, which is about 16" long now. I have never seen this before. Does anyone have an answer what this is, and what, if anything causes it, or what to do about it?


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Growing Pineapple in Containers?I have been trying to grow pineapple by planting a pineapple crown. My leaves remain reddish in color even though after 3 years of waiting I got small blue flowers, but the fruit doesn't seem to be growing. Is this a sign of some deficiency? Should I apply compost?



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Sprouting a Mango Seed?I'm trying to grow a mango, but it looks like it's about to die. It begins to have a sprout, but all of a sudden it starts to dry up what should I do?



Cracked Cantaloupe Leaves?I noticed that on some of my cantaloupe plants, the leaves have withered and cracked/broken (see image). Does anyone know what this might be caused by?


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Growing Kiwi on a Trellis?Is there a video somewhere that I can watch about putting my kiwi in the ground, from building my trellis and training it to go six foot to the first cable. What I'm confused on is how to get it to go any further. I have it that far. Can you help?


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