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This page contains tips and advice about irrigating your garden.

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backyard pool

Using Swimming Pool Water for PlantsThis page is about using swimming pool water for plants. If the pool water does not contain chemicals, it may be used to water gardens.


A bottle planted near a plant.

Plastic Bottles to Keep a Plant WateredTo help keep our garden plants watered, this year we tried burying soda bottles, with holes in them, beside the tomato, squash and cucumber plants leaving the opening exposed. To easily fill the bottles, we used a flex funnel and the garden hose. The bottles worked very well to help keep the plants watered and we will be doing it again next year. The garden has just about given out and we have removed all the bottles that are no longer used, rinsed them and put them in the recycling bin.


Watering small tomato plants with a watering can.

Watering Tomato PlantsTomato plants like evenly moist soil. Many gardeners have good success watering them by using plastic bottles, such as milk or soda, planted near the base of the plant and filled from the top. Watering deeply is good for the plant's root system. This is a page about watering tomato plants.


Rain Barrel in Garden

Collecting Rain Water for Garden WateringSave money by using the free rain water to irrigate your garden and flowers. This is a page about collecting rain water for garden watering.


A bunch of ripe tomatoes growing outside.

Watering Tomatoes Underground With PVC PipeSome gardeners have good luck using buried PVC pipe with holes drilled in it to water their tomatoes. This is a page about watering tomatoes underground with PVC pipe.


Water drip system soaker hose

Using PVC Pipes to Water Your GardenThis is a page about using PVC pipes to water your garden. PVC pipe to bring the water to your soakers hoses or with holes drilled in them can make sturdy soaker pipes that can last for years.



Expandable Garden Hose Review

Expandable Garden Hose Product ReviewThis page contains a product review about an expandable garden hose. These compact hoses can be useful in garden beds and for other watering needs.


Water Bottle

Using Recycled Buckets and Bottles for...This is a page about using recycled buckets and bottles for irrigation. Plastic or glass bottles and plastic buckets can be used to help irrigate plants in your vegetable and flower gardens.


woman watering in her garden

Using Greywater in the GardenThis is a page about using greywater in the garden. Greywater is the domestic wastewater resulting from household water use. Some sources such as water from showers, sinks, or bathtubs is generally safe to use for garden irrigation.


Rain Drops on Leaf

Rain Garden BasicsThis is a page about rain garden basics. Rather than allowing runoff from rain or snow to go directly into the storm drain you can plant a rain garden and help improve the quality of the water leaving your yard.


Watering a gardening with drip irrigation.

Watering Your GardenThis is a page about watering your garden. Some ways of watering are smarter than others, and once you get the hang of it, you will naturally develop a sense of how much water your plants really need.


Sprinkler Watering Lawn

Tips for Watering Your LawnThis is a page about tips for watering your lawn. Water can be saved and even reused when you are being smart about giving your garden and lawn just the amount of water it needs.


Watering Hanging Plants

Watering Hanging PlantsThis page is about watering hanging plants. Maintaining proper moisture in your hanging pots and baskets can be accomplished in a number of ways.


A photo of cabbage growing in a vegetable garden.

Watering VegetablesThis page is about watering vegetables. With many kinds of vegetables in your garden, they often have different moisture requirements during their development.


A wick watering system for a garden.

Self Watering Systems for Outdoor PlantsSave water and ensure that your outdoor plants get watered even if you are away. These wick based systems will pull water from a reservoir when the soil gets dry, keeping your plants green and healthy.


Garden hose

Garden Hose Tips and TricksThis page contains garden hose tips and tricks. An irrigation system is great, but many of us do most of our watering with bulky garden hoses.


Watering the Garden

Conserving Water in the GardenThis page is about conserving water in the garden. There are many ways to use less water on your garden, and still have a bountiful harvest.


Green Rain Barrel

Make Your Own Rain BarrelCollecting and using rain water for your garden is good for the environment and can save you money. This is a page about harvesting rain.


Feet near shower drain

Using Greywater in the GardenGreywater is domestic waste water from activities such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing. Unlike sewage water (which is referred to as blackwater), greywater can be safely recycled for use in the landscape without the use of any special treatment systems.


Drip Irrigation System Watering Flowers

Installing a Drip Irrigation SystemThis is a page about installing a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems are a very efficient way to water your garden. They are easy to install and very effective at getting water right to the roots.


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Making a Pop Bottle Garden Sprinkler?A couple of weeks back you had a tip for using large pop bottles which were turned into a garden sprinkler. I printed the tip out and gave it to my son, but had told my cleaner lady about it and she pleaded with me to see if I could get a copy of it for her.



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Using PVC Pipe for Drip Irrigation?Has anyone used PVC pipe to make drip irrigation? I'm so tired of the soaker hoses leaking and want a more permanent solution.


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Collect Rainwater In the Spring?Does anybody have ideas/solutions for gathering rainwater from a metal roof with no gutters, downspouts, etc? I feel like all this beautiful free water is wasted.


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Watering Plants While You Are AwayDoes anyone ever worry about how their plants will last while they are on vacation, and have to depend on someone to come in and water them? Well I have some solutions that I have used for years, and have never lost a plant yet, even if I'm gone for a month!


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Self-Watering Using Milk Jugs?I already asked this as a reply, but am now asking here about the watering tip using a milk jug. I've had to fill mine repeatedly every few hours. They each only have 1 very tiny hole on the bottom. Why is this happening?


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Homemade Wall O' Water?I'm looking for something I can make or adapt for my tomato plants that would work like a Wall O' Water. I can't afford to buy the actual product so I was hoping someone can give me some alternative ideas.


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Using a Pond to Water My Garden?I have a 50' x 100' vegetable garden that is about 100' from my pond and I would love ideas on how to use the pond to water the garden. Any ideas appreciated!


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Using Water From The Dryer In The Garden?Does anyone know if its safe to use the condensed water collected from my tumble drier to water the garden? I think I read somewhere a long time ago that it's not, but I cant remember why?


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Solution For A Flooded Garden Allotment?We have recently taken over an allotment and are planning to grow vegetables. My problem is the previous occupier dug lots of holes for projects they never finished, and now all the holes are flooded with water. Please can someone suggest how to fix this - I am concerned that what I will do will just send the water to the next plot. Thanks Oxford Jane


Homemade Rain Barrel

Make Your Own Rain BarrelMake Your Own Rain Barrel in 6 Easy Steps. If you have a downspout on the side of your house or garage that directs water away from your house, you're potentially letting a big part of your water bill wash down the rain gutter.


Soaker hose.

Eco-Friendly Irrigation - How to Water WiselyFew of us are aware of how much water we waste. Most of us merely turn on the sprinkler and walk away. In many places, water is not only scarce, it's expensive. How you deliver water to your lawn and garden can have a major effect on your water bill and ultimately, on the environment.


droopy vine growing in 5 gallon bucket

Keep Your Garden Properly WateredWhoever coined the phrase 'Cool as a cucumber', was not experiencing 106 and higher, heat indexes. There actually are cases where watering plants may have to be done two and three times a day.


watering plants

Critical Times to Water Your VegetablesLike people, plants are composed mainly of water, for some, as much as 95%. Waiting until you see your vegetables wilting before you turn on the hose is a big mistake.


Watering Garden

Smart Ways to Water Your GardenWatering the garden is a simple, but critical, task. Give them too much and plants will drown, too little and they will dehydrate. Some ways of watering are smarter than others, and once you get the hang of it, you will naturally develop a sense of how much water your plants really need.


pink rose flower

Rain Garden BasicsAnyone with a roof, sidewalk, or driveway has storm water runoff from rain and snow. And if you have any runoff at all, you're contributing to water pollution. Most water pollution falls under the category of 'nonpoint' source pollution (pollution that comes from several sources, including industry and individuals).


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Using Pool Water for My Garden?I have a 10 ft splash pool. I don't use chlorine in my pool. I use Sanit-eazy which is supposed to be gentle on skin and eyes. Can anyone advise me if the water will be ok to use on my garden?


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Alternative to Soaker Hoses?I've been using soaker hoses for many years and they worked great. Recently I've started new beds and found the hoses to be very frustrating to use, they either won't work or sprout "geysers" which I have to repair, and the parts are getting expensive.


bowl of water with wicks going to garden plants

Wick Watering Vegetables in Raised...I've read a suggestion to use a wick from a container next to the plant pot to provide automatic watering. This is the first time I've seen someone doing what I've been experimenting with so as to work out a way that those in drought-ridden places can irrigate their plants.


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