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Mulching can keep weeds down and retain moisture in the soil. This page contains tips and advice about using mulch in your garden.

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Getting Rid of Mold on Mulch?This is a page for getting rid of mold on mulch. When the air gets humid, mold can begin to grow on your mulch.


Raking Mulch

Best Mulch for Repelling Bugs?This is a page about the best mulch for repelling bugs. Mulch is generally applied in the garden to retain moisture and cut down on weeds. Some types of mulch have the added benefit of repelling bugs.


Shredded Paper

Using Shredded Paper in the GardenThis is a page about using shredded paper in the garden. Use your recyclable paper in the garden.


Mulch Being held in hands

Could Mulch Carry Diseases?This is a page about whether mulch carries diseases. Some people are concerned that free mulch could contain diseases from sick trees or unwanted pests. Here is some advice about how to limit this possibility.


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Using Dyed Wood MulchThis is a page about using dyed wood mulch. Colored wood chips can be used to create eye-catching walkways or colorful backdrops for ornamental plants. You want to make sure that the dyes used will not harm your garden plants.


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When to Avoid Using MulchThis is a page about when to avoid using mulch. Adding mulch to the soil can have many benefits. However when applied improperly or used at the wrong time, mulch can actually do more harm than good.


Bale of Straw

Using Straw for Low Maintenance GardenThis is a page about using straw for low maintenance garden. Lots of seed-free mulch can help you maintain a garden without much weeding or watering.


Replacing Grass With Mulch

Replacing Grass With Mulch?This is a page about replacing grass with mulch. Often when landscaping your yard and garden you may want to remove some of your grass and replace it with mulch, around trees, for example.


Making Your Own Mulch

Making Your Own MulchThis page is about making your own mulch. Mulching materials can be found all over, but it may take a little work to prepare it.


Pile of mulch in driveway.

Saving Mulch for Next Year?I have mulch left over in my driveway. Can I save the leftover for next year?


Using Pine Needles as Mulch, Pine Branch

Using Pine Needles as MulchThis is a page about using pine needles as mulch. Keep those pine needles out of your garden refuse can and use them as garden mulch.



Choosing the Right Organic MulchThis page is about choosing the right organic mulch. Depending on the type of plant you are mulching, you will want to choose the most compatible material.



heart shaped mulch on shovel

Using Organic MulchThis page is about using organic mulch. There are many natural, organic materials that work well for mulch.


saving money on mulch

Saving Money on MulchThis is a page about saving money on mulch. Choosing the best place and time to buy mulch is one way to save money.


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Is Mulch Too Hot for Seeds?Does mulch heat up as it cooks down? Wouldn't that kill the plant seeds if sown right away?


Make Your Own Mulch

Make Your Own MulchChange grass clippings and vegetable peeling "trash" into gardening "treasure" by staring a compost pile. The ThriftyFun community shares their experience. Post your own tips here.


A rake laying on garden mulch.

When to Avoid Using MulchIn most cases, mulch is pure magic for our gardens. It aids in weed control, insulates the soil, conserves moisture, and feeds hungry plants. However, when applied improperly or used at the wrong time, mulch can actually do more harm than good.


heart shaped mulch on shovel

Maximize Your Results With Organic MulchesOne way to save time while maximizing gardening results is use organic mulches. As they decompose, they add organic matter and small amounts of nutrients back into your soil, while providing all of the other benefits of mulch.


A squirrel on dyed wood mulch

The Downsides of Using Dyed Wood MulchIn recent years, the use of dyed wood mulch has become more and more popular with homeowners. It's often used to create eye-catching walkways, colorful backdrops for ornamental plants, or to add visual interest to otherwise barren parts of the landscape.


A big pile of milfoil

Unemployment Blues are "Green"My husband and I have been trying to keep ourselves extremely busy for the past four months to avoid 'unemployment-related depression'. As we currently have zero (0, none, nada, zip) income, we are getting very creative with our time and energy'.



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Using Saw Dust in the Garden?Can I use any kind of saw dust on the garden or is some saw dust bad for it?


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Using Compost on Vegetable Garden?I have compost that looks like wood chips from the city and it has dried out. Can I use this for mulch on my veggies that I just planted?


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Mulching With Pine Needles?I need to groundcover my yard at little expense. I have 3 large pines that shed loads of debris. Instead of paying to have it removed I would like to spread this debris over my entire yard.



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Keeping Weeds Out of Mulched Beds?I recently weeded and mulched all the trees and two large flower beds at our school where we have an outdoor learning space. The town's grounds keeping crew cut the grass and blew all the grass clippings over the mulch.


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Using Recycled Newspaper Cat Litter as a Plant Mulch?We stocked up on the pellet-style cat litter that's made from recycled newspapers. Then we realized we don't like it at all, so now we're stuck with most of a large bag and no use for it. Is it OK to use this stuff to mulch house plants and flower beds?


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Using Shredded Paper as Mulch?Can you use shredded paper for a mulch?


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