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This page contains information and tips about owning a large animal, including goats, horses, sheep, and more.

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Potbelly Pig

Pot-bellied Pig Information and PhotosThis page contains pot-bellied pig photos and information. An unusual, but very smart and fun family pet.


Horse's Face

Treating Bumps on Horse's Face?This is a page about treating bumps on horse's face. With the high cost of veterinary care many pet owners initially will try to care for their animals' minor ailments themselves.


Shetland Pony

Shetland Pony Information and PhotosThis is a page about Shetland pony information and photos. These small intelligent ponies, originated on the Shetland isles northeast of Scotland.


A horse being loaded in a trailer.

Renting a Horse Trailer?When you need a horse trailer to move a horse, renting may be a possibility. Check with U-Haul and other rental companies.


Goat in a field.

Treating a Goat With Diarrhea?Persistent diarrhea in a goat can be very serious. There are a couple of possibilities discussed in this page with an accompanying suggestion. If it continues get in contact with your vet quickly.


closeup of course

Horse PhotosThis is a page about horse photos. Horses are such beautiful animals they are a frequent subject of photos.


young woman feeding a treat to her horse

Horse Treat Recipes?This page contains crunchy horse treat recipes. Horses love homemade crunchy treats in addition to veggies and grain.


A girl with her horse.

Pet Horse PhotosThis is a page about pet horse photos. Horses are beautiful animals and even if we don't have one ourselves many of us enjoy seeing photos of these elegant pets.


Pigmy Goats

Play Ideas for Pigmy Goats?This is a page about play ideas for pigmy goats. Goats love to run and play in their enclosure. Making or finding "toys" for them will help keep them active and entertained.



Three thoroughbreds grazing in a field.

Adopting a Retired RacehorseThis page is about adopting a retired racehorse. Adopting an elderly racehorse is an inexpensive way of getting the use of a well bred and trained horse.


tinker pony

Pony PhotosThis page contains pony photos. Having enough room and proper facilities make having a pony a lot of fun.


White Alpaca

Alpaca Information and PhotosThis is a page about alpaca information and photos. Smaller than the llama, the alpaca, a native of the highlands of western South America are raised for their fleece.


Raising Pigs

Raising Pigs Information and PhotosThis page contains raising pigs information and photos. These animals are generally grown for meat production.


Baby Lambs Eating

Feeding a Baby LambThis is a page about feeding a baby lamb. If for some reason you find yourself having to care for a young lamb there are ways to help the baby eat and thrive.


Black Angus Steer

Black Angus Cattle Information and PhotosThis is a page about Black Angus cattle information and photos. Black Angus is a breed of polled cattle that originated in Scotland. They are considered superb beef cattle.


A beautiful black horse.

Keeping Bugs Away From Your HorseThis page is about keeping bugs away from your horse. A horse can attract flies, mosquitos and gnats whether in the barn, the field or when you are riding it.


A beautiful horse.

Preventing Ticks on Horses?This page is about preventing ticks on horses. Making sure your animal friends are pest free, helps to keep them healthy and comfortable.


Sheep and Lamb on Farm

Saving Money on Livestock FeedThis page is about saving money on livestock feed. Growing your own feed or finding the best value can reduce your animal food costs.


Mare and Foal in a Corral

Saving Money on Horse BoardingThis is a page about saving money on horse boarding. Boarding a horse can get expensive very quickly. Saving money on keeping your horse well cared for while you are away is an important part of budgeting for your pet.


Horses standing in the snow.

Caring for HorsesThis is a page about caring for horses. Winter and summer, horses can be subjected to all kinds of inclement weather. It is important to care for them properly so that they stay safe and healthy.


Horse Eating from Feed Bag

Saving Money on Horse FeedThis is a page to saving money on horse feed. The expense of feeding a horse can really be a drain on the pocketbook. Here are some ideas to help make it more affordable to take care of a horse.


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Name Ideas for Equine Massage Therapy Business?I am starting my business of equine massage therapy.I would like a catchy name for my business.


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Add A Large Stone To Feed BoxPlace a large smooth stone in the middle of his feed box and your horse will no longer eat so rapidly that he throws his grain out of the container.


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Identifying and Removing Pests on a Horse?There is a horse that is put out to pasture in the field outside our house. I have noticed that when he swishes his tail I have seen these brown things that are glued to his bottom.



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How Do I Delouse a Donkey?How can I get cleared of lice on a donkey?


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Having Pygmy Goats as Pets?I am wanting to get a couple of pygmy goats, mostly for pets but they are also supposed to be good for a free lawn mower and pest control. The breeder that I spoke with said that she doesn't have a shelter and they don't need it either. Is this true?


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Ideas For Restraining Goats?I don't know how many of our readers are of the rural persuasion but I need some suggestions. I need to completely restrain African pygmy and Boer goats for hoof trimming and medication applications. Any suggestions that would work for both sizes of goats and be very inexpensive? I am unable to handle them alone just by tying them up. They have too much maneuvering room! Thanks to all.


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Homemade Horse Shampoo?I am wondering what to use to wash my ponies with. I don't want to buy expensive horse shampoo. I think someone did send this tip in before but I can't find it now & have forgotten.


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Heifer With a Stopped Up Nose?We have a heifer with a "stopped up" nose. She has been to the vet. He gave her shots that did not help. We have given her a round of penicillin shots and she still has her nose problem. She eats, etc. and appears okay except for the nose.


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Transporting a Horse?I am moving from Oregon to Idaho for a couple years to go to school and I need to get my horse there. I have a truck but no trailer. I need to find a trailer to rent. A one way rental would be nice? Anyone have any advice? Kandice



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Renting a Horse Trailer?I need to rent a horse trailer for a 1 way trip from Santa Barbara CA to Indiana.


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Renting a Horse Trailer?I am moving from central California to northern Idaho. I need to rent a horse trailer for a one way trip to get my horse there. Anyone know where I can do this?


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Feeding a Baby Lamb?I need help please. I have a 1 day old baby lamb that I am bottle feeding and it doesn't want to eat. It only takes a couple sips at a time. What do I do? Help.


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Keeping Flies and Mosquitoes Away from Horse?What kind of home remedy can I use to keep flies and mosquitoes away from my horse and his eyes?


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Crunchy Horse Treats Recipe?'m looking for a recipe for crunchy horse treats, like those found in farm stores.


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Can Advantix be Used on Horses?Can Advantix be used on horses?


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