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Crochet Winter Hat

Crochet Winter Hat
Good lookin hat....but girls could wear it, why not just call it a winter hat (instead of a boys hat)?  Just a thought


Easily Remove Grease from Ground Beef

Easily Remove Grease from Ground Beef
This is what Ive always done....


tiny puppy

Caring for a Dog Who's Only Pup Died?
How long has the baby been dead? What does she do when you try to take him?


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Introducing Kitten to Unspayed Male?
You could put them in two different rooms with a door between come you never neutered your cat? Just curious


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Spaying a Lactating Dog?
I would wait till the babies are NO LONGER nursing....


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House Training a Puppy?
How old is your puppy n how often do you take him out? Do you use puppy pads at any time?


Kini (Indian)

Kini (Indian Tabby)
Shes so beautiful. Please be very careful when she plays with thread.


Pots and bowls with ingredients.

Make Dog Food at Home
Gloria Z...did you stop making your dogs food because people laughed n ridiculed? If what you made for you dogs was better for your dogs you shouldve just ignored them. dru


Thrift Shops Before Retail

Thrift Shops Before Retail
I so agree. I bought a bread maker at a thrift shop for $2.50 that wouldve cost me in the $40s. It works perfectly.


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Dog Started Pooping and Peeing in House?
Sounds like hes a wee bit mad at you for leaving him.


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Newspaper Bags for Doggie Poop Bags
Sorry, I dont think so. Id end up getting poop on my hands.


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Buzzing in the Ear?
Ive had this for most of my life ~I just turned 65. I know where mine came from. My father was a very abusive man and used 2 beat me a lot! He used a leather belt mostly. But if he couldnt get to that, hed hit me with both hands over my ears. So that my head...


Chi-Chi the Little White Dog

Chi-Chi (Maltese/Poodle Mix)
Aww, what an adorable wee baby. I have a wee Chihuahua that I rescued from a Kentucky puppy mill. She too is spoiled rotten. She loves me to carry her around. I just love her. Ive had her about a year and a half. She chases my cats; all who are bigger than...


Honey Pot the Dog in a Striped Sweater

Hunny Pot (Puggat)
:) Love the look on this precious wee girls face.


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Problems Weaning a Kitten?
She just may need a wee bit more time. My cat had 7 kits n everybody weaned but 1. She took a couple more weeks n then she got into the food. dru


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Making Newspaper Cat Litter
Sorry, this just seems to be a lot of trouble.


Creamy white colored puppy laying on its back.

Puppy Keeps Crying and Can't Sleep?
Ooo this wee boy should still b with his mama. Theres still a lot for him to learn. Mrs.storys got a great idea, though, you could try cuddling him close to you as well. Good luck with your precious wee baby. dru


profile pf a young dog with floppy ears and Shepherd coat coloration

What Breed is My Dog?
Her ears may eventually stand up. Shes still a baby, yet. Hmmm, maybe a wee bit of Rottie? dru


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Homemade Exfoliator
Youre a beautiful lady, not looking 75 at all. Brightest blessings, dru


Pluto (Newfoundland/Standard Poodle)
What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing. Pluto is just adorable. dru


Candy (Dog)
Candy, I think you are just adorable.


Recycled Jean Quilt

Recycled Jean Quilt
Awesome job. I have load of jeans that need to be cut and Ill make it into a quilt one of these days. Now youve given me some inspiration... Thank you dru


Using wood to slide boxes down stairs

Use Boards to Slide Boxes Down Stairs
Brilliant idea. Ill have two post this when I get ready to move. Thank you, dru


What Breed is My Dog?
Cute. Looks like a Chihuahua.


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Label Corner of Fitted Sheet
Brilliant! Im with eveh on this. Duh! Lol. Thank you for sharing. dru


shiloh shepard

Anouk (Shiloh Shepard)
Shes a beauty.


Garden: Moon Flower
This is my first time as well. Pretty, arent they? Ive just noticed that where the flowers were there are these prickly balls I guess theyre the seed pods. Im now just keeping an eye on them, see what happens next.


Honeybee on a Flower

Honeybee on a Flower
Wow, awesome picture!


recycled drink container

Make A Thrifty Recycled Drink Container
I use a glass applesauce jar. I dont like eating or drinking out of plastics.


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Re-read The Books You Have
Wow. I do, then I decide whether or not to keep the books, or sell them. Theres always something you missed the first two or four times.


A frog peeking out of the water in a pond with a rocky bottom.

Scenery: Pond (Upstate Western NY)
Awesome picture. I love the frog, marvelous creatures. Thanks for sharing.


key ring fix

Fix Sandal Clasp with Key Ring
Very cool. Necessity is the mother of invention, eh?


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Dog Obedience Advice: Use a Squirt Bottle
I use a squirt bottle 2 keep my cats off the table n counters. course that only works when Im around, lol. What kinda cirtrus do u use?


Opossum sitting near window.

In Memory of Skeeter (Opossum)
Aww, what a wonderful story. Rest, Skeeter. My only involvement with an opossum was when I went to take the garbage out. Inside my trash can was a possum. Scared the bejesus out of me. I knew it wasnt gonna be able to get out so I laid the can on its side. I...


Yellow dog with big ears.

Connor (Yellow Lab - Pitbull)
What a precious wee boy.


Introducing a Dog to a Baby?
Im so very glad that youre looking for ways to get her used to having a baby around instead of getting rid of her bless you for that. Are you going to have the baby in a hospital? If so, when the baby gets here, have somebody take a blanket from the baby home...


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Puppy Housebreaking 101?
Just be very patient. Hes just a baby. Do you leave this baby outside while youre not home? Kinda cold for that, isnt it?


Wooden templates with plastic bottle cap handles.

Add Handles To Flat Templates
Ooo, very clever. Thank you, dru


Gypsy Eating

Gypsy (Pitbull Mix)
Bless you and your family for taking this beauty in. Just be patient and she will come around. It might take a bit of time but hang in there.


A yorkie sitting inside.

Lady Lacy Lovebug (Yorkie)
What a beautiful wee girl. Bless you for taking her away from the puppy mill. Happy Thanksgiving. dru


In Memory of Fancy (Himalayan)
Aw. Im so very sorry for your loss. What an awful way 2 lose a family member. What a beauty she was. Shes safe now and you will see her again. I have 8 cats and I try 2 make sure nobody gets out but Jack. Hes so fast n smart. Once in a great while he manages...


What Breed is My Dog?
Hmmm, very difficult to tell on this pic. Its 2 dark.


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Dog With HGE is Always Tired?
How did you find out he has HGE? did the vet youre going 2 diagnose him? if not i SO agree with chriself. Get him to another vet. Poor wee boy. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. I will also light a wee blue healing candle.


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Puppy Poops and Pees in Crate?
Sounds like the crate is too big for yourr puppy plus hes just a baby. You might need 2 take him out an extra time during the night.


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Use Junk Mail for Garden Mulch
This is brilliant. is it ok 2 put the colored ads in there as well? or should I just use the newspapers? TIA. dru


A large dog sitting on a large leather chair.

Elly (Great Dane)
Shes so cute. Big dogs think theyre wee dogs, and wee dogs think theyre big dogs. At least Elly has a love seat, lol. Love this pic. Thanks for sharing.


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Worming a One Month Old Kitten?
What a precious wee baby.


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Use Wet Vac to Suck Up Flies
Wow, Im gonna have to try this. We have these wee little flies in the house. Not a clue where theyre coming from. Thanks for sharing. Ive done the apple juice, and vinegar thing. Ive also added some Dawn dish soap 2 it.


small white dog

What Breed is My Dog?
You say her tail curls? Id say shes a long hair Chi with Pomeranian.


Grey dog.

Emily Louise (Maltese/Pom Mix)
look at that precious wee face. that was so wonderful that u found her. 4years old....she looks like a puppy. n so happy that u took those lil ol ladies along with ur puppy...


In Memory Of Shasta
wow...that would have been a great pic, Shasta riding on mums shoulder....thanx for sharing her pic. Elizabeth, thanx for the pic of Anthony. it is so very hard losing a furkid...the pain never goes away, it just gets a bit easier 2 handle. i lost a dog in...


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Shop Alone to Save Money
Another thing is to make sure youve eaten before you go shopping. That way you dont buy stuff just because youre hungry.


Boris and Milo (Mix Breeds)
awww, ur babies r just beautiful. thanx for sharing


dog ball play

Sweetie (Golden Retriever) and Honey...
this is a great pic, thanx for sharing...


Dutchess (German Shepard and Siberian Husky Mix)

Dutchess (German Shepard and Siberian Husky Mix)
shes a beauty n a young un so ull have her for quite a few great years...its so good 2 know that is is so loved....bless u....


freh bread

Save Money By Baking Your Own Bread
sourdough bread. mmmm mmm very favorite!!! the only thing is ive only had it~for real~once when i was in LA. ive NEVER been able 2 find that taste again in decades. ive been 2 chicken 2 try it on my own. ive been making my own bread for quite some...


Jack Russel Ate a Baby Sock?
better safe than sorry....take him 2 ur vet


Roxy (African Pygmy Hedgehog)

Roxy (African Pygmy Hedgehog)
shes just adorable. i had a pet hedgehog about 50 years ago. id forgotten all about her till i saw this. thanx for sharing ur wee baby n reminding me of mine. lol


oven penny

Oven Penny Reminder
BRILLIANT! thank u


Maxwell (West Highland Terrier)

Maxwell (West Highland Terrier)
lolol...dont forget a wee smoking jacket as well...hes so adorable...thanx for sharing


poodle mix

Honey (Poodle Mix)
what a sweet wee boy. Ginger, my long haired chihuahua also loves bananas, carrots, green beans. so sad that this darling boy was abused at such an early age. any age, for that matter!!!!!


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Translation: Canning is Preserving or Bottling
hello, Cett from Malta. i used 2 live on Malta when i was a child. when i came 2 the USA n i had no clue what canning was. like u said, baked beans. lolol


What Breed Is My Dog?
What an adorable wee face! I agree with mrs butler n Paula. He looks like a westie. I have a Max. Hes a rat terrier.


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Using Tissue Paper To Update A Lamp
Oh yeah, please post a picture.


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Dog Is Frightened Of Boyfriend?
oo ur dog.


Barkley (Lab/Beagle)

Barkley (Lab/Beagle)
aww. Barkleys a cutie. i dont think ill ever fathom the cruelty of some ppl... waaay back in 82 i found 6 puppies in a Chicago dumpster in the dead of winter. snow was coming down very heavy n it was so cold. these babies did NOT have their eyes n ears open...


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Use and Store Each Year's Photo Memory Card
ive done the same thing as Heather..flash drives. what an awesome wee invention....


Garden: Wonders Of Nature
wow! this is an awesome pic. dru


In Memory of Suma and Mamiya (Tabby Cats)
im so very sorry for u loss. ur babies were just, sweet Suma and Mamiya dru


In Memory of Suma and Mamiya (Tabby Cats)
im so very sorry for u loss. ur babies were just, sweet Suma and Mamiya dru


photo of a small dog

Scruffy the Dog
awwwww, what a beautiful wee face. bless u for taking this wee dude in.... dru


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Baby Shampoo Pest Spray?
does this help?: Home-made soap & oil spray for insect control MIX: 2 1/2 TBSP cooking oil + 2 1/2 TBSP baby shampoo Mix well in 1 gallon of water NOTE: Shake well before and during application. Water the plant well the day before you spray. Do not spray during...


Bailey (Min-Pin/Chihuahua)

Bailey (Min-Pin/Chihuahua)
u go Bailey. enjoy...n happy birthday... dru


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Use Coffee Cans For Camping Food Storage
great idea but everything tastes like coffee. druidana


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Organizing Your Pantry With Recycled Containers
awesome!! how do u get the smell of the pickles n other stuff out of the jars, tho? thanx. dru


Making Clothes for a Tea Cup Chihuahua?
This is so adorable. I have a wee chi as well, and she loves her sweatshirt hoodie.Sshe also loves her jammies.


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Crafty Uses For Milk And Soda Bottles
they can also b used as wee greenhouses for ur newly planted seeds.....Mr. Thrifty, thank u so much for ur great ideas on this... dru


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Foil To Prevent Pet Accidents
Tried this... more than once. Didnt work with my cats. One of them is always peeing on my island counter and I tried putting foil down. In fact I did it 3 different times...1 shiny up; 1 shiny down; 1 with foil all wrinkly. All I did was waste foil!


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Vegetarian Sandwich Spread
mmm, this sounds yummy.....


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Is it ever acceptable to strike a dog?
It is never ok to hit a dog. Period. Dru


Growing Carrots

Growing Carrots
thank u for this info...i decided 2 plant my own veggies n carrots r definitely 1 of my favorites.. dru


Sunflowers From Bird Seeds

Sunflowers From Bird Seeds
I love sunflowers! I just dont seem 2 have any luck. I get them growing just 2 where theyre gonna bloom n something happens. 1 year it was the rain. The next it was winds. Im gonna try again next year. wish me luck, all.


A black crocheted scarf with pockets.

Crocheted Pocket Scarf
I dont suppose theres a picture of the Pocket Scarf?


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Pre-Pay For Veterinarian Service For Your Pets
I have a savings account going for my pets.


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Frugal Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding
Wow, thanks for this. Ive been grinding my teeth n waking up with migraines. Im gonna try this.


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Put Ads at the Bottom of the Garbage Can
Good idea, but then if stuff does leak through I will have to touch the nasties when I am taking out the garbage.



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