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Tomatoes being grown in a kiddie pool.

Staking Tomatoes In a Kiddie Pool?
If you dont have access to tomato cages, you can try making a teepee frame out of three yardsticks and twine. This works best for small plants such as determinate tomatoes. The trick is to make sure you have 8 inches depth for the sticks and a second pair of...


A front view of a stuffed cat.

Identifying A Stuffed Cat?
This is a Final Fantasy XIV Fat Cat Cushion!


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Single Frugal Folks?
If your mortgage is with a commercial bank, consider moving it to a credit union. Theyre more likely to work with you, and for lower or no fees. Here are some other thoughts: - Cut your cable (check out streaming services) - Cut your land line (check out a...


Cherub sitting on the letter "L".

Looking For Letter Cherub Figurines?
I couldnt find this exact item either. But you likely could find a set of cherub holiday ornaments and glue them to block letters for a similar gift. Lightweight figures if affixing to wood letters for hanging, or heavier ones if affixing, say, to a set of...


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Hamburger Patties Are Dry?
- Add a teaspoon of icewater to the meat. - Dont salt the patty until its shaped. - Avoid handling the patty too much, and dont flatten it before or during cooking. - Place a small pat of margarine in the middle of the patty. - Sear the patty on high heat to...


A monkey with long arms.

What Brand Is This Monkey?
Possibly Wild Republic.


A ring with a yellow stone.

Identifying A Ring?
This looks like yellow sapphire. 23.19 mark refers to number of Karats (proportion of gold in an alloy, out of 24 parts).


A brass hand bell used in school.

Value of Old School Bell?
This bell probably dates from after 1950; my family had one just like it. Heres one on ebay for $19.00 USD.


A small doll with a stuffed body.

Value of Doll?
This appears to be a Rushton baby doll. There is a 17-inch one listed on ebay for $30, 15-inch for $85, and several others for $40. Id say that if the doll appeals to you, grab it at the sale price and take good care of this collectible, made-in-USA toy!


A set of four Asian figurines.

Set of Four Chinese/Japanese Figurines?
These could be Chinese wise men or immortals. The image is too small to confirm, but customarily each depiction would be carrying something (an infant, a piece of fruit, etc.) to symbolize happiness, fortune, etc. Such figurines were popular in the West during...


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Information on Universal Sewing Machine?
Machines marketed under the Universal label were made for many different retail brands in the period 1940-1960. Unfortunately it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to determine a specific year without finding a match to a picture to help narrow the...


A vintage console value.

Vintage Console Value?
Sweeeeet! There is a similar console listed on for $2900 USD. It doesnt have the reel-to-reel but the finish might be a little better than yours. Does yours have the secret drawer at the bottom? I would hold on to it until the economy improves enough...



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Finding Free Cat Food?
Please call your local food pantry. Mine usually has pet food on-hand.


Identifying Wooden Dresser?

Identifying Wooden Dresser?
American of Martinsville is now Akin/AOM. They began in Arkansas in 1906, producing furniture for the hospitality industry. They produced amazing MCM pieces. Id say your blond piece vibes from the 1960s. You could send them the pic and ask at info@americanofmartinsville...


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Chefmate Error Code E:03?
The Chefmate brand is now owned by Target, and unfortunately theyve had many product recalls on electrical kitchenware. Bread maker codes 01 and 02 are somewhat industry-standardized for too hot and too cold but the only hint for 03 I find is for fatal error...


A small bug on a wooden floor.

Identifying a Bug?
Likely a common carpet beetle. Not a problem to see one or two, but best to take steps since they lay eggs in Spring. They are not harmful to humans or pets but might eat natural fibers. Small openings in window screens should be repaired. Diatomaceous earth...


A flowering houseplant.

Identifying a Houseplant? (Kalanchoe)
Chipmunk is correct! :-) Specifically, you have a Kalanchoe blossfeldiana or Flaming Katy.


A tea cup and saucer with a painted dragon.

Selling a Japanese Tea Set?
This is known as Satsuma Dragonware (Dragon Ware). Yours is special as it includes the Geisha face and no English markings. Ebay currently lists similar singles and sets of this type, so I would start there for pricing.


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Value of Big Little Books?
They certainly could be! I might suggest checking with your local librarian about finding Big Little Books: A Collectors Reference & Value Guide Paperback. Good luck!


The marking on the back of a set of china.

Noritake China Made In Occupied Japan?
You might try contacting to find the pattern name and value of some pieces. Occupied Japan refers to the years 1945 through 1951 when western forces occupied the country. A post-war agreement forced them to mark 50% of their exported goods...


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Burnt On Grease on Glass Dish?
This has worked for me on a pyrex baking dish: put a dryer sheet in it, fill with boiling water, cover with foil, and leave it to soak over night. Good luck!


The manufacturer's information on a piece of vintage furniture.

Value of Grand Rapids Furniture?
These are such nice pieces! On ebay, sellers are asking $150-$200 USD each for the Imperials. Im not an expert but would think a higher price might be available if sold as a set.


A brown and white stuffed dog.

Help Identifying a Thrifted Stuffed Dog?
There being no trace of a tag brings up the possibility that this is unique and handmade. Sure is adorable! I can see why youre obsessed. :-)


A vintage chest of drawers.

Repairing an Imperial Painted Chest?
Generally-speaking, restoration of painted vintage furniture does NOT decrease the value. (Some antiques -- different story.) It appears from the photo that only the bottom drawer front is damaged. Have you carefully cleaned the entire piece? This will both...



A John Deere backhoe.

Model of John Deere Backhoe?
You could try contacting a dealer and share your picture with them. This link will help you find a dealer near you.


A piece of vintage Bassett furniture.

Information on Vintage Bassett Furniture?
I couldnt find a good match either, but can offer that the period is mid-century modern (likely post-1950) and the style is sometimes called serpentine. I love the drawer design! Very nice piece.


Two tall glass lamps.

Identifying Glass Lamps?
I think youre on the right track for 1950s Murano. Wow -- so beautiful. A professional appraisal seems in order; the pair might reach a couple thousand dollars.


A decorative china plate.

Identifying China?
This is indeed a stumper. The mark, octagonal design, thistle and crown imagery etc. are all authentic details, but the design overall seems nontraditional. doesnt have this in their current inventory, nor does The Royal Collection official...


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Replacement Parts for Vidalia Chop Wizard?
Unfortunately, no; it is designed for chopping and dicing only. For slicing, you might want to look into a mandolin cutter.


A vingage Bassett dresser with a mirror.

Age of a Bassett Dresser?
This french provincial style dresser is most likely from the 1960s. The matching mirror makes it more valuable for re-sale. The label in the second picture features the Bassett logo in use during this time period.


An orange stuffed toy.

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?
Hi! Some questions:


A red plow.

Information About Monroe Plow?
A moldboard plow cuts soil, lifts it, and turns it at least partly upside down by means of a curved plate. The design has been around since the Han Dynasty! However, the type seems generally to have fallen out of favor because it contributes to erosion of precious...


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Illegal Craft Business?
Dont do this to someone whos making a few crafts to help pay the bills during a time of hyperinflation, sickness, and threat of war.


Bumps on skin after shaving.

Shaving Advice?
Hi Levi! For long-term control, two things in short supply for nearly everyone are key: time and a few extra dollars. Twice a day, take the time to wash your face gently but thoroughly using warm water, a clean washcloth, and a just small amount of soap product...


A vintage wooden desk.

Value of Imperial Desk?
Apologies for not answering your pricing question directly, but I did find the original Imperial Furniture Company 1925 advertisement for this desk, which speaks to its authenticity:


A long dresser or side table.

Identifying Year of Furniture?
This French provincial style was popular in the 1960s into the 70s, and the logo version supports that general date span. (Check for dovetail joinery.) Browsing several re-sale sites, I see that this piece may bring between $500-800 USD.



A small stuffed rabbit toy.

Is This An Original Velveteen Rabbit?
Im not sure I understand your question completely, but in the childrens book, illustrated by William Nicholson, the rabbit has long semi-floppy ears and likely was not based on an actual prototype. Many of the earliest stuffed or plush animal toys from that...


A pink goblet style glass.

Identifying Depression Glass Type?
The wide top on a wine glass is to allow full appreciation of the beverages aroma, the well shape at the bottom allows for swirling to release the aroma, and the stem is to ensure that warm hands dont heat up the contents. The color appears to be Pink Depression...


A stuffed red elephant.

Where Is This Stuffed Animal From?
Your elephant is stuffed with pellets made of PVC (polyvinylchloride) or PE (polyethylene). PVC was discontinued in most stuffed toys beginning in 1998 due to safety concerns. The fabric appears to be nylon-polyester. Im sorry that Ive had no luck identifying...


A overgrown plant.

What Is This Plant?
My guess is trumpet vine given your zone and the slight pinkish tinge shown in the photo. It has these characteristically long bean-like seed pods. Theyre easy to grow but roots can become out of control, so some gardeners plant them is a deep, bottomless container...


An old lawn mower in a garage.

Value of Excello Lawn Mower?
This mower is from the 1950s. I imagine it has less than $25 value -- even for someone interested in restoring it, in selling parts, or for vintage outdoor decor. Looks neat though! Someone was probably lucky to have it back in the day.


A collection of figurines of babies wearing animal costumes.

Value of Figurines?
Wow this is a tough one. Is it possible that theyre finger puppets (hole in the back)? But even a search for that was fruitless for me. They appear to be cast resin but are certainly very attractive. Are there no tags or markings at all?


A overgrown plant.

What Is This Plant?
Oh! Thank you for clarifying!


A silver tray

Value of F B Rogers Silver Tray?
FB Rogers began manufacturing in 1883, and the 92.5% silver mark (925 or Sterling) became required several years prior, so this actually is silver plate. That said, there are several similars and one exact match on ebay currently listed for more than $50 USD...


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Replacement Handle for Guardian Service Ware?
One pair is listed on etsy for $35 UDS; see These vintage bakelite products tend to become become brittle or deformed. They contain asbestos and formaldehyde, and are no longer used for cooking and other high temperature household...


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Age and Value of Singer Sewing Machine?
So interesting! The 29K72 Singer is listed from about $600-$900 USD on ebay. And heres a link to the machines manual Im not sure the stool would have been sold with the machine? If you post a picture...


A decorative "Gone Fishing" music box.

Power for Gone Fishing Music Box?
This is a plug-in style with an on/off switch. It plays the tune In the Good Old Summertime.


A tea set with cups, sugar creamer and teapot.

Identifying Markings on Asian Tea Set?
This is Japanese Satsuma Dragonware from the late 1800 (Meiji period). The marking is a family crest; you could try to find it on this website: A teapot and creamer/sugar are listed on etsy...


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Who Makes Wegmans Coffee?
Its common for private label supermarkets to import from coffee wholesalers in Europe and Colombia. (Westrock and Red Diamond are two of the largest.) Wegmans sells the most popular brands, so Im not quite certain what benefit they would achieve from actually...


Leather upholstery in a car.

Homemade Leather Cleaner?
Pour a quarter cup of olive oil and a half cup of distilled white vinegar into a spray bottle and shake thoroughly. Apply to the leather*, wait several moments, and then wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. *Test in a hidden area before proceeding. The vinegar...


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Using a Doll Bought On eBay?
For one-off arts-and-craft projects and small local craft shows, youre fine. If you were to bulk-buy a trademarked toy and modify them all for commercial re-sale, the original-dolls intellectual property attorneys might have questions. (This is the opinion...


A china plate with a floral pattern and gold trim.

Information About Homer Laughlin China?
The pheasant is so pretty! Heres what I found: Pattern: HLC3713 by Homer Laughlin D 6 N 5 : D = Made in April (4th letter/4th month) 6 = Made in 1926 N = Made at the Newell Potteries in West Virginia, USA 5 = Newell Plant Number 5 Gold in the trim was mixed...


A china plate with a floral design.

Finding Homer Laughlin Pattern "Rhythm"?
Here you go! Item#: 38445 Pattern Code: HLCHLC723 Description: Rhythm Shape, Blue Flower, Aqua Band Pattern: HLC723 by Homer Laughlin Status: Not Known Several pieces available as of today at


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Getting Rid of Fleas?
Capstar is very fast acting but is not a solution to your problem. It kills only adult fleas, and acts for only about 1 day. Unfortunately there are no easy fixes for this issue: youll need to control fleas in the yard by keeping it mowed, dry, and free of...


Small brownish items on a floor.

Are These Insect Eggs?
Could be from the relatively common case-bearing clothes moth. I would just do a thorough vacuuming and check that windows etc. all have tight seals. If you have any natural fiber goods (wool, etc.) keep them in a zippered/sealed container or surround with...


A china creamer with a grey pattern.

Identifying China Pattern?
This might be a match from Replacements Ltd: MAF16 by MAYFAIR (JAPAN) Item#: 438065 Pattern Code: MAFMAF16 Description: Gray Flowers&Leaves, Platinum Trim&Verge Pattern: MAF16 by Mayfair (Japan) Status: Not Known


Two green glass insulators.

Value of Glass Insulators?
Usually about $5-$15 USD where I live in the PNW but we usually can find them cheaper at garage sales. I love them in the garden around natural accents like driftwood.


A pair of rhinestone earrings.

Fix for Fake Diamonds Turning Black?
Unfortunately, if these are rhinestones, they have a foil backing. Once that gets wet (or even very damp) it will tarnish and turn black. This is irreversible. :-( I have heard of people using Sharpie markers to change the look of rhinestones. Maybe you could...


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Replacement for Rubberized Mat for Tub?
Ugh -- I agree with your assessment! Im wondering whether a cut of the thin rubbery material that goes under rugs -- or rubbery shelf liner (maybe theyre actually the same thing) -- might work. Certainly easier to hang up and dry.


A small dark bug on a white surface.

Lice or Beetle?
This appears to be a pantry weevil, which are harmless to humans but kinda gross. Check your grain goods carefully! Make sure all containers have tightly fitting lids. (I like the kind that snap down.)


An old wooden chair with a wicker seat.

Information on Wooden Chair?
This wood cane-seat dining or side chair with spindle back is from mid-century. I love its clean lines and straightforward design.


A china plate with a decorative border.

Identifying Noritake China?
I believe this mark is associated with Noritake Morimura (Morimura being the founding brothers name). The history of Noritake china dates to 1876, when Japanese businessman Ichizaemon Morimura and his brother Toyo opened Morimura Brothers in New York City. I...


A Thomas Kincade print in a frame.

Value of Kincade Lithograph?
Prices for this piece as described seem to be all over the map -- from $20 to >$1000 USD. I dont see them selling on the higher end, and imagine sellers are wishing against hope to recoup some of their original investment. Prices got a little boost when the...


A pile of small tan objects inside a door jamb.

Are These Insect Eggs?
This is very possibly a pile of termite droppings, called frass. (There are two invasive types in your geographic area.) Very hard to see with the naked eye, but each pellet will be very similar in shape and color. Color is determined by the type of wood being...


An old Brother sewing machine.

What Model Is My Brother Sewing Machine?
This looks like a VX 1140. Brother has a website with support email, chat, and voice at If you email them your image they could confirm and also help direct you to parts, etc. Good luck!


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How Can You Know If a Raw Egg Is Safe to Use?
Fill a bowl with about 4 inches of cold water and gently place your egg inside. The freshest egg will sink to the bottom and lay on its side. Not so fresh, but still fine to eat and to cook with, if it sinks but stands on its small end. The least fresh -- unsafe...


A small stuffed horse.

Looking for a Stuffed Pig Toy?
I suspect these toys were made by Fiesta, founded in 1972. If you google Fiesta 1990s and the animal, youll find some similars. I found a mouse with the bow tie. Also please check for Vintage Fiesta Stuffed Animals on ebay. Here is the companys contact information...


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1985 Twin Cabbage Patch Dolls?
I read on The last time these hand-signed twins were sold it was for $3,500 in June 2018.


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Meaning of Birthday Numbers?
If a person is 44 years old, that means they were born in 1977 (their first year). Next year is 2022! Nice riddle -- thanks for sharing!


A silver serving tray.

Information About Silver Serving Meat Tray?
This appears to be a William Rogers Silver Plate Fenwick 18 Footed Meat Platter, several of which are listed on various sites for around $30 USD.


A stuffed toy lying on the ground.

Identifying a Stuffed Animal?
The first letter in the name looks like Snoopy dancing to me, with maybe an N in there somewhere. Obviously the P is missing, so that probably blows my whole theory. This is a tough one to identify!


An end table with a puzzle on the top.

Value of Imperial End Table?
This appears to be a regency style game table. The rectangular shape is rare (most of the imperials I see are the piecrust or drum style). I love the jigsaw puzzle of ducks affixed to the surface! Very clever, style- and function-appropriate, but likely not...


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Treating Yorkie's Skin and Hair?
This article seems to have very good information: Oily and Itchy Coat in a Yorkie


The front of a dictionary.

Value of Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary?
Its worth about $15. If thats not worth the trouble for you to sell, please keep in mind donating it to your local theater troupe. Large, old books are almost always welcome for set decor and sometimes props.


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Fixing a Frigidaire Dishwasher?
You can perform what they call a basic reset by unplugging the dishwasher or flipping off the circuit breaker, waiting 5 minutes, and then restoring power before trying to re-start. Another thing that causes Start to flash is a poor seal, so try cleaning all...


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Changing Stitching Pattern?
If theres not a clear zigzag-to-straight switch on your machine, there should be an adjustable WIDTH mechanism to make the zigzags more narrow. Experiment on scraps, also adjusting the stitch LENGTH as well until you achieve the desired straight stitch. (Also...


An antique porcelain doll.

Information About Antique Doll?
This appears -- especially from the face painting -- to be a Boudoir doll (also called French doll) that became popular in 1910. They were made to sit on beds and sofas as decorations rather than being used for play. Most often they depicted upper class socialites...


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Stuck Drawer?
I know there are lots of tips on the internet, but this lesser known hint might help: if possible, remove the back of the unit and then use a blow dryer on the sticky drawer. Might take a few sessions, but the fact that none of the other drawers got stuck means...


A Zenith cabinet phonograph.

Information on Zenith Cabinet Phonograph?
A Dayton newspaper had an ad for your model in 1969 and there is a magazine ad for sale on etsy mentioning 1968. Here is a video of a repair that might be similar, I think: As far as parts, youll probably need to...


A large ceramic vase.

Information About English Mane Titan Vase?
This appears to be a Victorian piece from the late 1800s. Possibly Staffordshire, and hand-painted. It is called a double-handed vase. The maker remains a mystery!


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Error on Sewing Machine?
You probably found this video, but just in case: Good luck to you!


A grapevine with small grapes.

Grapevine with Small Grapes?
Its frustrating to try garden tips to no avail! You didnt mention soil, so Ill add here that too much nitrogen could be a culprit. However, assuming your grapes are Thompson, Ill venture that expectations are possibly not realistic. Industrial farmers use gibberellic...


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Charges For Housekeeping?
Start with $15/hour and then add cost of any supplies, tools, and vehicle expenses (currently 56c/mile in the U.S.) you are expected to furnish. You also may choose to add a surcharge for any schedule deviations or overtime caused by the client. Take special...


Small white eggs on the floor.

Identifying Insect Eggs?
I doubt these are insect eggs. Is it possible that your popcorn ceiling texture is coming down (does anything disturb or possibly shake the upstairs at night?) -- or that furniture upholstery is deteriorating and falling down when a pet or person sits on it...


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Present for Boyfriend?
Bake him lots of cookies :-) A different kind for each celebration. (A way to a mans heart is his stomach -- never found an elder that didnt nod knowingly when dispensing that advice!)


Old and rusty equipment in Scotland.

Identifying Old Farm Equipment?
Interesting! The two claws might provide a clue. If attached to a larger winching apparatus they could grab and lift rocks or peat bricks?


Wallpaper with a splatter gold design.

Finding Splatter Gold Wallpaper by Graham Brown
Graham & Brown Gold Vinyl Non-Pasted Moisture Resistant Wallpaper Roll (Covers 56 Sq. Ft.) is sold by Home Depot.


A hexagonal table with two drawers.

Imperial Furniture Sewing Table?
This is a wonderful combination sewing/knitting cabinet (the side pockets are for storing yarn). There is a similar, also of mahogany, on etsy, priced at $509 USD.


Small black seeds or bugs.

Are These Bugs or Seeds?
The easiest answer would be carpet beetles, which are harmless and quite common. If you can check the underside with a magnifying glass or your phone camera on zoom, you probably can rule out seeds.


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Value of Marie Osmond Wizard of Oz Dolls?
There are sets listed on for 200-300 USD.


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Removing a Burn Mark?
Method 1: Using the finest steel wool available, rub the smallest area possible --- in the direction of the grain -- with mineral oil. Method 2: Soak a cork in turpentine and then rub the burned area with it. Once the burn is eliminated, apply a coat of wax...


A fly on a white surface.

Identifying Black Jumping Flies?
These likely are springtails. They are attracted to moisture, so often found in bathrooms, near drainboards and sinks, etc. Ensure that your screens are fitted properly with no holes and that sashes are secure. Also remove or cover any sources of water around...


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Using Mini Marshmallows for Marshmallow Cream?
From The Gourmet Sleuth site: As a substitute for 1 cup marshmallow creme: Heat 16 large or 160 miniature marshmallows + 2 teaspoons of corn syrup in the top of a double boiler and stir until the mixture is smooth. So 140 of the minis. :-)


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Kenmore Fridge Not Cool Yet?
Collective wisdom says at will take at least 24 hours to cool, and that one should wait several hours after that before storing food inside. (The freezer likely will start cooling first.)


A tall chifferobe with mirrors.

Selling a 1920 Chifferobe?
The price depends heavily on where you live -- both from market demand and whether you include shipping or delivery. This piece actually looks a little newer than 1920, and there are condition issues: a smaller mirror would have been a top left originally, and...


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My Bed Won't Turn On To Inflate?
Some makes/models have an automatic mechanism that wont allow more than 1 attempt at turning it on. Try waiting 20-30 minutes between attempts. Also I suggest contacting the manufacturer for advice or to demand a replacement bed.


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