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A portable record player.

Sylvania GE Portable Tube Record Player?
There is not a lot that can be seen by your pictures, but the are places that specialize in this type of player. They can give you the history, value, and they also do repairs. - and...


A set of fine bone china.

Value of Fine Bone China?
This a nice set, and more than most have to sell. Value differs in certain areas. But can still get the most for your money thru these selling tips, if you want to sell private. - if you decide that you...


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Value of Big Little Books?
These books on average are valued at $10 each. There are some that could value more depending on the characters and age. - Here is a store that buys, sell, and trades books. https://www.worthpoint/dictionary/p/books-paper-magazines/children-s-books/big-little...


A stereo cabinet.

Restoring a Vintage RCA Stereo Cabinet?
You would need to check for antique stereo repair near you. There are a few online but may not be worth the shipping, unless you want to take on the repairs.- - 8 track stereos...


The marking on the back of a set of china.

Noritake China Made In Occupied Japan?
Here are a few more links to the connection of this china, called Noritake Mystery. These links will bring you closer or even have the answers to this china. For a short time during the depression Noritake made china in Japan.This does not make it less collectible...


A set of china plates.

Value of Inherited China?
This china - Lenox Cretan was manufactured for 47 years by Lenox china in the US, there are many sites that have this china up for sale, some in pieces, small sets, and larger quantities.-


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Finding Model Number on Sunbeam Electric Blanket?
The model number is on one side or flipped over on the other side. It also can be a cord label with ID. -


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Value of Wizard of Oz Dolls?
There is a set of 4 Wizard of Oz dolls on ebay asking $300. There are a few sites that will offer a free download to give you a definitive answer.- -


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Using Totally Awesome Cleaner for Washing Machines?
There are some great natural and effective things that you can use ,right around your house. There are areas of your machine that can trap buildup, water /moisture and dirt, causing bad smells . Here are step by step recipes. -


Blue decorative wallpaper.

Identifying Wallpaper?
Maybe this link can offer some help with the I D of this wallpaper, or create the same -


An antique oak dining table.

Value of Antique Oak Table?
This Oak table and chairs, can value from $400 to $1000, depending on this type of furniture. It can be on the lower end if it is not a major brand collectible, also it depends on your state for a higher return.


A black and cream stuffed kitty.

Identifying a Stuffed Kitty?
This comes up often on this site, and often very hard to place unless someone recognizes the stuffy. There are more eyes on social media sites where you can also place for a info return. There are a few companies out there and abroad. The stuffy could very...



A wooden dresser with a mirror.

Value of Bassett Dresser?
This was a great deal for $150, often dressers are for sale without mirror. This 2 piece depending on where you live could go $300+. For special types of wood, more. Here are a few on consignment -


A bush or tree with red leaves.

What Is This Shrub/Tree?
This is Cornus Florida- better known as Flowering Dogwood (tree). These trees start with buds, flowers, and finishing with leaves. There are a few types of Dogwood trees, varying from white flowers, with green leaves, pink flowers, reddish leaves, and a few...


A small brown and white dog.

Identifying a Dog's Breed?
To be 100% on your breed, you would need a DNA test, But I am going with a Boxer/mix, the face is more like a Boxer, can not see the body type that well.


The manufacturer's information on a piece of vintage furniture.

Value of Grand Rapids Furniture?
It depends on where you live, often this brand is highly collectible in some states than others. The table can be priced at as much as $600 in great condition. The coffee table $150 to $350, in states where this brand is in demand. There are consignment stores...


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Duck Eggs In a Nest?
Ducks take care of there own, even in cold/freezing temps. They seem to adapt to seasons. They tend not to need shelter, even in snow fall. Here is a owners view on this issue-


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Burnt On Grease on Glass Dish?
Here is a get recipe for your issue, with most of the products you have around your home. This is simple and affective -


A dog lying on a bed.

What Breed Is My Dog?
Only a DNA can tell you for sure, I am going with Boxer/Pit Bull mix. Getting the DNA will give your fur babies history , this will help with the life of your pet, and certain issues that may come with that breed.


A cedar chest painted white.

Possible Valuation of Lane Cedar Chest?
Most lane chest are being offered for sale between $70 - $300 depending on the piece and the state in which you live. There are companies that buy/sell on consignment- and for instant appraisal -


Finding a Vintage Stuffed Lion?

Finding a Vintage Stuffed Lion?
You could show your plushy to social media outlets, there are thousands will see and maybe have the same or the answer of this over 50 year old item, or try -


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Was Our Dog Intentionally Killed?
Sorry for your loss, the only to find out about your fur baby, is through a Vet. They will have to perform an autopsy to get answers that will give you peace of mind.


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Small Kitchen Stand Mixer?
Here is a selection of small mixers to choose from-


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Finding Carol Endres Wallpaper?
You can contact this link for help on Carol Endres wallpaper -



A set of old encyclopedias.

First Edition Chambers Encyclopaedia Set?
AbeBooks - a leading bookstore that buys, sells, and appraises books of all generations. This set in good condition is priced at $330.28 plus shipping -


Worth of Thomas Kinkade Print?

Worth of Thomas Kinkade Print?
Most of the Thomas Kinkade, that are running in the thousands are on canvas. Print copies are running much less, in the hundred dollars. The size will help with pricing it, maybe up to $500. Getting to know value on Thomas Kinkade-


A wooden dresser with a rounded front.

Information on Wooden Bedroom Set?
Very nice pieces, and very hard to give a definite answer on value/worth and brand name. Perhaps a professional eye, would help in your area. Check items for hidden serial numbers or brand name, to help out with search. Use pictures from all angles would be...


Double Misprinted Webster's New Illustrated Dictionary?

Double Misprinted Webster's New Illustrated Dictionary?
You could contact this link, they collect, buy and sell books, also maybe they can appraise your book also, genuinely books like this that are under 100 years old, tend not to bring in much.


Two red headed porcelain dolls in matching country outfits.

Information About Porcelain Dolls?
These are lovely, and are among many of this brand, and offered for $25 each. The value is lower because of the many dolls that are offered for sale at this time. Many collectors are selling because the need for them are not important to there present life...


A vintage dining room chair.

Information on W. M. Bassett Chairs?
I love this unique style of chair, I feel more help is needed. You can try showing you pictures locally to antique appraisers, because value depends on location and wear, rarity of the piece. Or online help-


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Why is the Crucifixion Cross Draped?
Lent, Passion, and Easter are the only times the Cross is draped in Liturgical year. The Cross is draped in, 1. Purple- for suffering, 2. Black- Crucifixion, 3.- White- Resurrection


A ripped hole in a piece of fabric.

How to Fix Burnt Holes on Fabric?
Here is a good link recipe for burn/fabric repairs, with step by step details-


A cat watching a goldfish in a tank.

Caring For a Goldfish?
Goldfish are very hardy and adapt well, we have two small ponds that we made in our back yard, that have goldfish year around, even in freezing temps. We have had them for years now. Sometimes it helps that they have friends (other goldfish) and a big enough...


A brown and white stuffed dog.

Help Identifying a Thrifted Stuffed Dog?
This is truly very hard to find out. Without tags, store(at the time of purchase,new) . Very often these pieces are made and produced outside of the US , making it a more generic piece to find, because they are mass produced. Because it has beanies as a filler...


An insect on a wooden surface.

Insect Identification?
It appears to be a American Cockroach- also called Water Bug and a few other names. -


A spider on a fabric surface.

Spider Identification?
This is- Badumna Insignis, better known as a House Spider. - also more info on other black spiders that made the list-



A side table with a decorative base.

Value of Grand Rapids Table?
How lovely, I would try these professionals for help, - also, you could try your local appraisers. Each state values different.


An old stuffed lion.

Help Identifying Stuffed Lion Toy?
There are a few Canadian makers of plush toys that you can reach out to for help, if this is a Canadian purchase, they also do custom work-


An old jukebox.

1957 Seeburg Jukebox Value?
When this Jukebox was produced in 1957, it cost $1350 in value. If this one is in excellent/good condition, the value could go from $5000 to $7000 depending on where you live. There are buyers out there that would love this piece for there restaurant, home...


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Finding Waverly Garden Party Pattern Wallpaper?
Mahones has Waverly Garden Party and a few other ones in stock- brand/waverly-wallpaper/garden-party-by-w... - I can see why you want more, it is lovely!


Information About Bassett Dresser?

Information About Bassett Dresser?
It depends on where you live in the US, Bassett can run higher in some regions and lower in others. Here is info to help- and also


A figurine of a woman making a yarn craft.

Information on Figurine?
After further searches this piece appears to be a mold and hand painted. The artist name does not come up with any of the well noted artist large and small. This artist did a good job on this piece, and that does not mean it doesnt have value , even from a...


Measuring the height of the canisters.

Replacement Lid Seals?
Amazon has many different types of seals to suit your needs, they run from $7.99 and up, depending on the type of seals you prefer.


A bowl stuck in a stainless steel saucepan.

Stainless Steel Bowl Stuck In Saucepan?
Here is a great recipe for your issue-


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Value of Wurlitzer Jukebox?
This one sold for $1300 on bid -


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Antique Tea Cart Rubber Wheel Replacement?
I found a company that sells 13 inch starting at $20 -


A grey and white puppy outside.

Is My Blue a Purebred Pit Bull?
Only a DNA would prove for sure. If I had to guess, I would say yes . Here are others, I think blue is there among them. Getting a DNA will tell so much about your fur baby and also the family bloodline.


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Mower Will Not Start?
This could be a few things, check battery, spark plugs, filter. You can also check your fuel if your mower has been sitting with old fuel during the season elements. I would start with removing old fuel, and starting with new.


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Puzzle Board or Puzzle Mat?
That depends on if you are displaying or storing. For display the board works better when moving from table to table and used to admire. Using a mate ,works when the puzzle is put together and stored for a later date , this preserves and stores. They can run...


A stuffed dog toy.

Help Finding This Stuffed Animal?
This is a tough one, I would reach out to the many social media outlets. They are larger and reach out through the world. Someone has this same plushy. Meanwhile you can check through-


The title page of an old dictionary.

Value of 1903 Webster's Dictionary?
There was one up for auction, and closed for final bid of $11 at closing Oct. 21, 2021 -


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Finding 70s Weight Watcher Plan?
Here is also another way to create the plan and meals too. -


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Best Time to Plant?
The last frost date is April 15, should be ok to plant seeds -


A china plate with a turquoise rim.

Value of Homer Laughlin Turquoise Melody China?
Your 16 piece collection may be more special than you think, this delicate beauty seem to be sold out, even on of the worlds collectors of fine china and collectibles. They sell this china, but at the moment they are out of stock at- https://www.replacements...


A vintage chest of drawers.

Repairing an Imperial Painted Chest?
Contact a certified antique / furniture appraiser- This lovely piece may a professional or special techniques.


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Perm Gone Wrong?
You should get in touch with your stylist to make this right. At this point trying to do it yourself can cause further damage. It is her responsibility, do not wait to get in touch with her. Also have photos of the work/damage.


A piece of vintage Bassett furniture.

Information on Vintage Bassett Furniture?
Are you sure it is Bassett, you could contact Bassett furniture, sense their business started as early as 1902, and still active in making furniture.


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Orange Sun Star?
Ornithogalum Dubium- better known as Star Of Bethlehem and Sun Star plant. The best way to keep it more healthy is to make sure it has a peat moss and sandy mixture, gives very good drainage. Also to keep your plant healthy add plant food and fertilizer;


An old fashioned sewing machine.

ID and Date of Sewing Machine?
You should use your zip code for any takers to sell in your area, this will cut out shipping, and save you money, should you sell at a reasonable price without table.


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Detergent Leaked Into Dryer Vent?
Inspect your vent hose for any residue, if you do not feel comfortable with this hose after the liquid spill, you could always purchase another one, but using it will help to dry and heat off the access.


A vintage lawn mower.

Information About Vintage Mower?
This is vintage and requires more search-


A record player.

Identifying a Record Player?
This is more of a one of a kind piece . I feel that you will need professional help. If there are not any type of brand names/logo , serial numbers , to give a starting point. If it is in working condition, the value goes up. Try-


A flowered pillow.

Discontinued Comforter Sets
You should show this on social media pages. Or maybe you have more info on what store produced/sold it. This was so many years ago, someone may own or knows at least if the fabric exists. Also, where you bought it may have changed their design, but maybe you...


Two tall glass lamps.

Identifying Glass Lamps?
Murano is highly collectible and sought after depending on where you live. Here is a link to a consignment store and what their customers are selling there Murano lamps for. There is one for sale for over $500


A metal and wood kitchen utensil.

What Is This Kitchen Utensil?
This is a vintage inspired Dough Whisk, it stirs and adds air to dough, without over mixing -


A closeup of a Barbie's face.

Information About Barbie?
There are a few collector/appraiser sites that may give you the answers .- -


The base of an old fashioned sewing machine.

Vintage Sewing Machine ID and Date?
This vintage sewing machine, purchased in its time cost under $20. Montgomery Ward produced there own sewing machines, often sold through mail order. To sell a vintage/value a vintage machine, would typically falls between $50 - $200, depending on age, condition...


A vingage Bassett dresser with a mirror.

Age of a Bassett Dresser?
French Provincial is collectible and timeless. This is Bassett, that was produced in late 60s. depending on where you live, this dresser with mirror, could bring in as much as $1200 to the right buyer. Here are what others are asking-


A wooden table.

Value of Wooden Table?
This is truly a beautiful piece, and depending where you live, this table sold around $900 at auction / bid. You can check pieces at this link , they buy and sell - - Also get value...


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How Much Chicken For 100 Kabobs?
I found a food calculator to help for now and future guest portion /servings -


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Replacement Parts for Vidalia Chop Wizard?
Sorry, no can do, on Wizard slicer. Here are other brands and Wizard gadgets -


A small brown dog with a curly tail.

Identifying Dog's Breed?
I wish there were more pictures of this sweet girl. As you know, we all would be guessing without DNA. I am going with Golden Retriever. I wish that I could see more of her, but your photo limits me.


a picture of a foot.

My Feet and Ankles Are Itching and Burning?
This has gone long enough, It is time for professional advice, like a Medical doctor, Podiatrist, or even a Dermatologist can help. This can stem from many different areas. Be safe, and follow up.


A Red Bump on Dog's Leg?

Red Bump on Dog's Leg?
You took the first step contacting the members here, because you are concern. This is your fur baby and a member of your family. As a member, you would want to get professional advice (Vet) to check this out. It could be all or nothing, just be safe.


A stuffed bear.

Identifying Brand of Childhood Teddy Bear?
These 2 retail stores will not keep the same items over time (Walmart, Target). They carry newer brands and updates, sometimes they have a different logo. Right now they carry a updated version , but similar-


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Low Calorie Vegetable Dip?
There are so many, here are a few of my favorites that can be used with basic ingredients and just changing up the spices for a variety and a different taste. -


A fuzzball on a light colored background.

Identifying Fuzzballs That Move?
I am going with - Woolly Alder Aphid- this insect has a cottony white fuzz ball look. Here is more on this insect-


An old jukebox.

Value of Seeburg Jukebox?
This jukebox comes up on auction most of the time, not bringing in over $100 in the last auction. There are a few for sale that are higher, -


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