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10th Birthday Ideas

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10th Birthday Cake.

Reaching 10 years of age is a very special milestone. This guide is about 10th birthday party ideas.


Solutions: 10th Birthday Ideas

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Here are questions related to 10th Birthday Ideas.

Question: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter is ten in 3 weeks, what to do?

By Isabelle from Seattle, WA


Most Recent Answer

By poppyward1209/27/2014

You could do a birthday party at home with a sleepover and a pizza or swimming for 2.20 for a child at a time of 1 hour or £112 dor a party hour.

Question: Inexpensive 10th Birthday Ideas

What do you do if you have not very much money for your kid's 10th birthday? It is on the 12th of October. I am interested in something other than bowling or the cinema.

By Amber


Most Recent Answer

By emie riley04/26/2015

So if it is a girl than invite her friends and than get Totinos pizza and than her friends could spend the night. If a boy than same thing but maybe spend it in a tent. The kids will figure out then the rest.

Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter is turning 10 in 16 days, but I have nothing planned for her party. Please help me!

By Olivia.J

Most Recent Answer

By seriousgirl12/03/2014

My daughter and her friends are going to Hibachi and we're watching a movie at home. It might be a little expensive, but you only turn 10 once. We are inviting 5 girls that are really close to my daughter. I hope this helped you!

Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

My sweet nine year old is turning 10 and I want to give her the best birthday party she has ever had because 10 is a special age after all. She will be in her double digits for almost the rest of her life! Got any great b-day ideas? Hurry we have to get the invitations out in 2 weeks! Thanks:)


Most Recent Answer

By Jasmine :) 08/25/2014

You could have a cheerleading party? There are lots of companies that do them if thats not her thing how about going to the zoo? If she likes sports how about ice skating or roller blading? If shes really girly then spas are very fun and good for growing up or if she enjoys singing do a recording studio party rent out a studio at somewhere cool!

Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

What kind of party should I have for my daughter who is turning ten?

By Jane

Most Recent Answer

By charityleighs04/23/2015

Why not a sleepover party? I'm turning ten as well, and most girls love it. You could do a little spa and have some girls come over. You can bake cupcakes and they can choose their on toppings. You could have pizza for dinner. For a theme, you could do a 'camp out". Set up a tent in your backyard or in your house. It can also be made out of sheets.

They can hold a flashlight to their face and tell spooky stories. They can roast s'mores in the fireplace. If you aren't outside, then you can play a CD of crickets and stuff from outside. Trust me, she'll love it!

Question: 10th Birthday Ideas

I don't know what to do. She wants a sleepover with 3 friends, but I am saying no I have to think about it. Also she wants to make her own pizza and lemonade and Coke, etc. I don't want to spent too much. What do I do? Please give me solutions.

By Amelie R from Sumerset

Most Recent Answer

By elle [4]10/07/2013

Her request doesn't sound out of line. Why not give her a budget and let her price the treats? It'll be a good learning time and if she sees it's too much, maybe she would be happy cutting back but still have her friends come over. You know the friends are the best part of a birthday!

My son turned 11 this year and wanted an endless guest list. I found a cheap place to rent ( our local YMCA) and didn't have to pay per guest, just for use of the gym. They played for two hours, and gobbled cake and punch,then water from the fountain when the punch was gone. He said it was the best party because he could invite ALL of the friends he could think of!

Question: 10th Birthday Ideas

My son is turning 10 on 19 August 2010 and I want to celebrate his birthday on 21 August 2010 because his birthday is during the week. I want to take him and his friends to a park for a day. What can I do to make his party special? He likes the idea of going to the park.

By Busisiwe

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [6]08/14/2010

Ten year old boys don't need a lot of organization. My sons liked rowdy things like water fights or organizing themselves into teams and playing commando. We lived on a farm, so they just did it themselves.

If your son and his friends are sports orientated, you could take along a soccer ball or softball equipment.

Get him involved in the planning-- see if he wants ice cream cake or cup cakes baked in ice cream cone cups or???? I always served hot dogs which we roasted over a fire, but you might have to do something different. Most parks don't have firepits, unless they are in the country.

If he wants something organized, I like the relay ideas that others have suggested. If he just wants to play with his friends, you really have far less to do!

I would suggest a water fight, though. That is what comes to mind for me -- water pistols and water balloons. You could give water pistols and pumps as the "goodie bag" item, and they could just have at it! ( Let the kids know they will be doing some active playing. Once one of our 'guests" wore his new white pants, and got a grass stain on it. He went off by himself and wept and wouldn't do anything else till the cake was served! Naturally, the guys have never forgotten it-- and they are in their 20's now!) Take along pails of water and pre-filled balloons. I think this might make you the coolest mom in the neighbourhood.

Question: Boy's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

My son is turning 10 in November and he wanted to have a party at home with 10 of his friends. It's pretty cold here in November, so it would have to be inside or short lived outside. I haven't had an at home party in years so my brain is stuck on smaller kid games. Any suggestions?

By Emily S.

Most Recent Answer

By hopeful [26]10/19/2011

Emily, this is an old fashioned game, perhaps you remember it. Have the kids drop clothespins into a small neck container such as a jar or bottle. Take a chair and turn it backwards. Have them kneel on the seat and drop the clothespins without leaning over the back of the chair. Of course there is a little prize for the winner.

Make sure that everyone goes home with a little something from the party. Of course the dollar store is the place for the prizes! Serve hotdogs and let them put their own favorite condiments on them. This can take up a little of the time.

Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

What should I do on my daughter's 10th birthday? It is on the 12 of December, but she doesn't want to go to the cinema, bowling, or a theme park because she has done all those things before.

By Tina from Lewisham

Most Recent Answer

By Karen H. [10]09/06/2011

How about a Bowling Party, Tea Party or Tie Dye Party. You can purchase bags of white socks inexpensively at Walmart, and boys or girls white T-shirts -Reg. kind or tank types too. And plain white headbands at the Dollar Tree or other Dollar store, and dye them to match too. Other crafts is another option.

A Blue Jeans cake would be really cool, for her age. Bake a Rectangle cake. Cool and cut in half with dental floss or thread. Cut an upside down V from 1/3 down in the middle to the bottom, cut triangle in half from top to bottom, turn each over to the other side and put pieces on bottom of outer legs for Bell Bottoms.Put frosting between to make stick to sides of cake, and of course top and bottom layers. Frost the cake. Easy! And then decorate with cake tube icing for zipper, belt loops, pockets and other stitching, and different candies for flowers, happy faces, stars, peace signs, love, etc. Any thing goes really; rock star, DIVA, a favorite singers name? Use fruit roll-ups for belt and cut fringes on belt with scissors.

Girl teens and tweens love these cakes. I hope this helps you out, and saves you some money. Have fun and good luck, whatever you choose. : )

Question: Ideas for Activities for a Shakespeare Themed 10th Birthday Party

My daughter's turning 10 and she wanted her birthday to involve Shakespeare. Fortunately there's a free summer Shakespeare festival in Fresno and we can take her and her friends to see the Merchant of Venice under the stars. We could be admitted to the amphitheater at 7 and party at a picnic table or on the grass there until the show starts at 8, or we could set things up earlier elsewhere in the park, but not much earlier, because it's hot here in July. Any tips or ideas?

I was thinking we could have a bit of a Venice Carnevale theme and decorate masks, but maybe we should just keep it to simple food and cake or we'll be too rushed. That's as far as we've gone. Any ideas on this? Thanks so much.

By Jen from Fresno, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Teri Van Hecke [7]06/03/2010

KISS - Keep it Simple, Sister! Forego the cake and bring a variety of cookies (maybe pizzellas or biscottis), sub sandwiches, with an Italian flair, chilled grapes and strawberries, and individualized waterbottles (landfills, y'know) as a takehome!

Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

My oldest daughter is turning 10 in 3 weeks and she wants a big party. When I say big I mean lots of prep and trouble; but she only wants 3-7 friends. She has said no to bowling or rollerblading. I suggested spa party, but she said that is a bit boring and not very exciting. She says "yes" to a sleepover, but she wants more than the average sleepover.

She is a feminine type and so are her friends, but not too fussy. She is in a new school and has new friends so she wants to impress them with her party, but not to much trouble for me. Any ideas are welcome!

By Maggie

Most Recent Answer

By Darlene Johnson [17]07/12/2014

Tweens love to try "grown-up" pampering. Working with foster homes I've had to be inventive with a small budget. If you have a hairdresser or nail school nearby you can ask for a student to come pamper the girls with hair chalk or manicures/pedicures. They need hours to pass their course so you usually can find one or two to give you a hand. The girls sleeping over feel like little princesses. You can give the students a small tip or ask them to join the food. With one 10 year old I was working with, she wanted to be a belly dancer. I contacted a school that educates students to become teachers. They sent 2 dancers that brought along some costumes. It was fun even for the adults.

Question: Girl's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

Her birthday is in two weeks and we don't know where to have her birthday party. We can't have it at our house. Any suggestions?


Most Recent Answer

By Veronica [10]07/25/2012

I love Kansas Cindy's ideas! Also, check out the local playground. If you have some money to spend on this, maybe the bowling alley, especially since a lot of these have kids' specials in the summer and you can get a really good deal. The town pool might be a good idea - a lot of them are free for residents, and many of them have picnic tables. If you live in an area that has a lake or a beach, that might be fun. Really, any pretty picnic area would work. Happy 10th birthday! :)

Question: 10th Birthday Ideas

My daughter is having a birthday on March 28; she is turning ten. I don't have anything planned. What do I do?

By jasmmoreno from Ticfaw, LA

Most Recent Answer

By rev.jill jackson-sears02/24/2015

See what your kid likes or watches to find ideas. You might not know to much about this century, but by sure to type lol in everyones invite. Also make it unike to their personality. Good luck in whatever you chose.

Question: 10th Birthday Ideas

My daughter is turning 10 and I don't know what to do. She does not want a sleepover.

By Amy S.

Most Recent Answer

By lounesnadia02/01/2015

For a ten year old birhday parties are easy. Since she doesn't want a sleepover she might just want a small party with her close friends. If that is the case you could take her and her friends out to dinner or a movie. If she is girly you could take her out to a spa. Hope this helped you decide.

Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

My baby girl is turning 10 in half a month and I have nothing planned for her birthday party. Please help me.

By Jakie S.

Most Recent Answer

By poppyward1209/27/2014

You could do a sleepover with a makeover and a pizza or a disco with some party games and a little buffet.

Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter is having a 10th birthday on February 23, in like 19 days. Please help.

By Hadley N.

Most Recent Answer

By cheyenneas11/03/2014

You could do like a slumber party in a hotel, and have pizza and go swimming, oh and maybe do some arts and crafts :)

Question: Ideas for a Girl's 10th Birthday Party

My daughter is turning ten and she is having a sleepover, but one of her friends is on crutches. We don't know what to do. We were going skating or bowling, but because of the crutches we need to think of something else.

By Ast

Most Recent Answer

By Olivia W12/15/2014

I had the same trouble with my 10 year old girl. I think that since turning 10 is special, the best ideas for a 10 year old girl are Pamper parties, a disco party, a Hawaiian themed birthday party, a movie night in your backyard or a slumber party.

Hope this helped.

Question: Ideas for Daughter's 10th Birthday

My daughter is turning 10 on the 6th of January. She is not so keen of a slumber party, bowling, or movie. What shall I do?

By Khushi

Most Recent Answer

By savannapodell [3]12/30/2013

Ask her what she wants to do of take her roller skating.

Question: Games for a 10th Birthday

My son is turning 10 on the 30 of December, but I want to give him a house party on the 4th of January. What games can I do?

By Nina from Chicago, IL

Most Recent Answer

By ninjakid10/13/2014

paper airapane throwing contest,melon smashathon or makeover adults blindfolded

Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas for Daughter

What do I do for my 10 year old girl's birthday? She says she likes to decorate and she loves animals, but she's had almost all her birthday's animal themes. She's been to theme parks and she likes to do outdoor stuff, but not too extreme and cold. What do I do?

By Karen from New Zealand, Auckland

Most Recent Answer

By Carol D. [5]11/11/2013

You could use clean paint cans which have never been used and place in them, food items-ketchup, mustard, pickles and so forth or silverware. You could also use new paint brushes for applying ketchup and other condiments. Also you can have your daughter help make "paint rags" napkins by taking white material and splotching fabric paint. Just something to get you started.

Question: 10th Birthday Ideas

My daughter's having a 10th birthday soon and I was wondering what the best party activities might be. I would like to know what type of party to have, by type I mean sleepover, scavenger hunt, etc.

By Lea

Most Recent Answer

By crazyevadiva01/03/2014

Sleepover. I would have her pick out some of her closest friends and invite them over. You don't even need a venue! Just let them have fun!

Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

What do I do for my ten year olds birthday party? I can't think of anything do. If you know what I can do, I will need good things and twenty things, ASAP. Thanks.

By Netia

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [54]10/26/2012

Go bowling!

Question: Boy's 10th Birthday Party Ideas

I am giving a party for my 10 year old son, however his friends are 11 and 12. I need to think of amusing things for them to do at his birthday party (just boys). It is winter and I live in Quebec, so there will be no activities outside. He has his wii, but I don't want then playing with that all day. Can somebody please give me suggestions before I pull my last hair out? lol

By Janet

Most Recent Answer

By Lee Anne Guryn [2]02/08/2012

When my son was that age, video game parties were the in thing to do. We mixed up a bit in that i would make pizza dough and have the sauce and stuff. The boys would smoosh out the dough on to the pans and put on sauce and toppings to their tastes.

We would also make a huge web of yarn, cut long (like 6 or 8 feet and put a candy at the end. Then wind the yarn around furniture and stuff into a huge "web," and let them follow it to find the candy.

My husband would take the runes from The Lord of the Rings books or Egyptian Hieroglyphics and make clues to find "treasure" which he made from rocks spray painted gold. He would make a 'key' of the runes so the boys could figure out their clues and search for the treasure.

Question: Ideas for Daughter's 10th Birthday

It's my daughter's 10th bithday is in 3 days and I want to do something special for her. She wants her birthday to be based on a youtube video called Stampy and His Friends. I don't know how to do it though.

    By Arorra [1]

    Question: 10th Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter's bday is in 27 days. It's a big deal; what should I do for her bday?

    By Joy from FL

    Question: 10th Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    We are planning our son's 10 year old/golden birthday in January. We rented the basement at our local Moose lodge to accomodate the kids he wants to invite, however we are both stuck on themes and games. We already did football and yugioh which are his two favorite things. I just want to make it a good party for him and any advice would be appreciated thank you.

    By Angela A

    Question: 10th Birthday Theme

    My cute lil girl is going to be 10 and I don't know what her birthday theme should be.

    By Nimar

    Question: 10th Birthday Party Ides

    My daughter is turning 10 in 2 weeks. She doesn't really know what she wants, but it definitely has to be her best party ever. She is still a playful little girl and still loves her dolls and make up. What theme would do for this character? Do you think she's outgrown the princess and fairies theme? Please help with suggestions for this whole party preparation in its last minutes.

    By Chriselda

    Question: 10th Birthday Party

    What could I do for a 10 year old's best birthday party ever?

    By Maggie from Albany, NY