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15th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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15th Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party is fun and the older your daughter gets, it seems, the more creativity we need to employ. This guide contains 15th birthday party ideas for girls.

Solutions: 15th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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Here are questions related to 15th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls.

Question: 15 Year Old Birthday Ideas

I will be fifteen on November 1st and I want to do something cool for my birthday, but I don't know what to do. Can you give me some ideas?

By Hannah from Unicoi, TN

Best Answer

By Dani G01/06/2011

I'm turning fifteen in August! I'm acually Mexican but, I am not having a quince, instead I'm having a party at home. So, movies, dance party, bonfire, and a nice but not fancy dinner. :)

Question: 15th Birthday Ideas

My sister and I are turning 15 soon and we have no idea what to do for our birthday. We don't have enough money for a quince, but we love to party. So what do you suggest?

By Angelise & Alexis

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm turning 15 on New Year's day and I've run out of ideas of what to do. I'd like to have a sleepover with a few of my friends, but I am out of ideas of what to do since every thing is closed due to the holidays. What do I do?

By Kyro from Fair Oaks, CA

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm turning 15 in February, but I can't think of anything to do. I only have 4 friends coming. I was thinking about going to a hotel for a night and going swimming, but it costs too much. I'm not really a girly girl and neither are my friends so if you have any ideas please let me know!

By mahayla

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 15 on November 26th. I am confused as to how to organise my party. I am calling all my friends and neighbors, but I don't know how to organize it. I want a chocolaty party with lots and lots of fun, but I am confused. Please help me!

By Vanshika

Question: Birthday Ideas for 15 Year Olds

My birthday is on July 6. And I was thinking about spending time with my godmom and with 2- 3 friends. I have asthma I don't what to do too much. We could go out and get our nails painted, go to the mall, or I can paint their nails myself. Help me please.


Question: My 15th Birthday Party

I am now turning to 15 and my parents are having problems so, they can't spend more money. I want to celebrate my birthday and I want to invite only my 6 to 7 friends. So, please help me and my birthday date is 20/10/2014. So please help me friends.

By Hitika

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm turning 15 in November and I only want a few friends over, but I have no idea what we're gonna do. I live in an apartment so I don't know what we would do.

By Mackenzie C.

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 15 and I don't have much money and I am looking for ideas. I would like to go to a spa, but it is a lot of money. I have have 1 or 2 friends that I would want to invite. I need to find something cheap and easy.

By anonymous

Most Recent Answer

By Stephanie [129]10/15/2014

Setup a "spa" at home or give each other facials and manicures - or see if you can get a parent to help. You don't need anything fancy. Just a pan of warm water to soak your feet, maybe a little foot scrub and lotion (check the dollar store) and some nail polish for manicures and there are a lot of homemade facial recipes on this site. Don't forget to take photos with facials and masks :)

Another option would be to see if there's a beauty school in your area. The one in my town does really inexpensive manicures and pedicures (not quite a fancy spa environment), but they did a great job. My daughter got her nails done with two friends for her birthday - I think it was $12 to get both manicures and pedicures per girl.

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I want to make my 15th birthday an experience. I don't want to have a party bcz I don't have many friends and I want something really special that I can do with a few friends or alone, but at the same time I want to reserve special experiences for my sweet sixteen.

I was thinking a shopping spree on my sweet sixteen and I'm saving up for that, so nothing too expensive. I also want every birthday to be really memorable. Like doing something I'd never do any other day. I really do not want a party or something that would only be fun with friends because I'm not sure my friends would come.

By Rain

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

My birthday is in less than a week. I'm only inviting my 2 best friends as I'm only 15 and I don't want anything big. I have no idea where to go or what to do. Please help me!

By tiaaaaa

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I will be turning 15 on December 15th. I need ideas please, preferably nothing over a $200 budget. (Mostly because of Christmas being around the corner). An outdoor type deal wouldn't be the best because you can't really plan that far ahead while living in capital Texas in the winter.

I had been wanting to do like a basic sleepover with some friends, like watch some movies, play some games, and stuff like that, but I'm not 100% sure my dad would agree with my guy friends. (Although they aren't bad people at all). So any ideas for a good, inexpensive, daddy approved party? I like to plan a couple months ahead (well now it's 4 months). Anyway. Yah. Please help!

By Britaney S.

Most Recent Answer

By 2cute4u11/11/2014

Have a race in high heels. If you don't have a wii download the free wii app and play wii on a computer. write down secrets and put them in a jar. write down dares and put them in balloons twist on truth or dare. play "kiss, mary, or kill" cut out pictures of guys from school spin a bottle of nail polish and whoever you land on you have to pretend to sing to them or call/text them something funny.

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I am not sure what to do for my 15th birthday party in November. I have had lots of parties at home, and I want it to be a little different this year. There will be snow, so I'm not sure if I can do a scavenger hunt. I was thinking about us getting our hair done, but I need something else. Do you have any ideas? Thanks :)


Question: 15th Birthday Ideas

I'm turning 15 on July 19. I decided I'm just going to have a sleep over with a couple friends and have a big sweet 16 next year. What should I do at the sleep over?

By Jess C.

Question: 15 Birthday Party Ideas

My 15th birthday is in June and I have no idea what to do for it. I have already done the glow in the dark and beach ideas.

By Jade

Most Recent Answer

By snapchat.rachel06/17/2014

15 Things You Could Do For Your 15th Birthday Party

1. Go to the movies.
2. Have a grill out in your backyard + fire pit.
3. go to the mall
4. have a scavenger hunt in the mall or at a store or in neighborhood.
5. invite friends over and watch scary movies.
6. Ride in a limo.
7. Go bowling.
8.Go swimming.
9. Go on a hike.
10.Go skating.
11. Go play football. (For guys not unless girls like to play football)
12. Go out to eat.
13. jump on a trample-lean
14. Have a water balloon fight.
15. Ask your friends what they want to do because they might want to do something that you would want to try to do.

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm turning 15 in April and I don't know what to do. I'm thinking of going to the pub with some friends and family and then having a fire at my house and inviting like some of my close friends and my boyfriend, but I don't know what do do while it's going :(

By Amelia

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 15 on February 24th and I'm trying to think of some ideas that aren't that expensive. My boyfriend will be there so I don't want it to be a sleepover and a girly party, plus I don't like girly parties. I can't think of anything and I could use a hand with ideas.

By Tianna

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

It's my birthday in 12 days. My birthday is in January and I have no idea what to do, I don't have many friends haha and I live in the country side. So any ideas?:)x

By Layla B.

Question: Inexpensive 15th Birthday Party

I'm turning 15 on February 14th (Valentine's day). I usually don't have parties, but I really want this one. I have no idea what to do or where to go. It probably has to be under $200 and it will be cold outside so I can't really do water activities.

By Danielle

Most Recent Answer

By melinda [1]01/05/2014

Depending on where you live, how many people you are thinking about inviting, and if it is cold in your state right now, what about a roller skating rink? 15 years old is a great age and skating is always fun for any age. :)

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I am going to be turning 15 in 18 days and I have no good ideas for my party. I need help fast.

By Paige

Question: 15th Birthday Ideas

I live in Orlando and I'm turning 15 on November 16. I have no idea what to do! I wanted to do something with my friends though.

By Mariela S.

Question: 15th Birthday Ideas

I'm having my 15th birthday in October and I'm not sure what to do.

By Jamie

Question: Ideas for 15th Birthday Party

My friend and I are both turning 15 this September and we wanted to have a party together. The only problem is we have no idea what kind of party we want. We would prefer it to be at night. Please help!

By Ashley F.

Question: 15th Birthday Ideas

I am turning 15 in two weeks and still have no idea what I am going to do! I do know that I want it to be with my family though :) Any suggestions? xxx (I live in Bradford)

By Chloe P

Question: 15th Birthday Ideas

I am turning 15 on the 15th of January and don't know what to do. I want to invite boys so I need to do something which will make everyone happy and be entertained. It can't cost too much. Any suggestions would be helpful :) Thank you.

By Abby M.

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I live in England. I'm turning 15 and I need some really good party ideas. I want to invite between 20 - 30 people.

By Mary

Question: 15th Birthday Ideas

I will be turning 15 in September so that would be about 2 months away. I live in England so I would maybe like to do something fun in London or something different and unique, but I'm not sure what to do. I would be inviting about 3 or 4 people to the party and I am willing to pay about 300 pounds or more if needed.

By Phoebe

Question: 15th Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 15 years old on June 4th and I don't know what to do. I love to do stuff with my friends and one of my friends lives in a different town so that is one reason I want to have a birthday party.

By Kathrin D from Orlando, FL

Most Recent Answer

By mc4lifes [24]05/31/2012

Why not chuck a birthday party that way your friend can come too? It could be a massive party with all your friends and you could even let them help you plan it since it is not that far away.

Question: Fifteen Birthday Party Ideas

I live in Austin, Texas. I'm turning 15 and I want to do something fun, but don't know where to go. I do not want it to be at my house. So I need ideas of where to go. About 15 people (boys and girls) are going to be invited, but my price range is about 400-550 dollars.

By Kait

Most Recent Answer

By Fishercat [5]02/11/2012

Do any of these appeal you to you?

rock climbing (Austin Rock Gym)

I understand that Austin has a great music scene, and is a big college town. You might be able to find free or very low-cost concerts on one of the local college campuses. And since most college students are under 21, your and your friends' ages won't be a problem in terms of getting in. If that sounds like fun, check the websites of the schools near you - it'll probably be something like "calendar of events."