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We have had an problem with bedbugs in the recent past, but we finally got them under control in 2 of the properties and all was cleared. Now we have complaints from tenants about bites. We have had the units inspected by professionals twice for bedbugs and all is clear. The tenant's son is the only one still being bitten. This is happening like once a month, as I said only to him. Is there another bug that could be biting him that we could check for? We checked for the yellow sac spider and the fleas; no signs of them. Please give me a suggestion to use for this issue.

By Phillis


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By susan 8 1,368 03/18/2013

Bed bugs can bite one person in the home and leave another alone. Just because the others are not being bit at this time does not mean that you do not still have them - they are nearly impossible to get rid of.

Spread a food grade diatomaceous earth powder (not granules) around everything and let it set 2-3 days (or as long as possible) before cleaning it up. Make sure to blow it into cracks around the baseboards, under the dresser drawers, in the toybox, around all electronics, through all clothing, on matresses and box springs, on the backs of pictures and furniture, in lamps, etc. Leave some dust in hiding places, so if you failed to get them all, it will continue working. Good luck.

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