Boxing Themed Birthday Parties

A pair of red boxing gloves.

The person you are planning a celebration for loves this boxing. There are a number of fun ways to add gloves, prize fighters and boxing rings to your decorations. This guide is about boxing themed birthday parties.



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Question: Making a Fake Boxing Ring for a Party

How do I make a fake boxing ring for a 40th birthday party?

By Allison


Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]11/25/2013

How big? Did you want people to be able to step inside it?
Perhaps you want a table centerpiece. If so, square of styrofoam the size and thickness you want, painted grey would be good. 4 dowels, half inch around and about 12-18" long drilled with a hole about an inch from one end.

Put glue on the opposite end of each dowel and insert one into each corner of the foam, get silk braided cord at a fabric or upholstery store enough to thread through the dowel holes. Tie off at one dowel with a sturdy knot outside the dowel.

Question: Ideas For Boxing Themed Party

I want to give my husband a 40th birthday party, but wanted to use a boxing theme. That's his favorite sport. I can't seem to find anything.

By Ana from Yonkers, NY


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By katrina [5]10/11/2010

Why not google "boxing champions," and if you have a printer, print pictures of them and hang around. You can make "frames" for them, inexpensively, fabric over cardboard, etc. See if you can find some inexpensive boxing gloves of various colors, sizes, at thrift stores.

Then if you have a picture of your husband boxing or something, put it up with a twist on Ali's "I am the greatest" saying, "YOU are the GREATEST! and the MOST FABULOUS!" or what have you, and have some balloons from the $1 store making IT the "main attraction!"

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