Buying a Car for $2000 (or Less)

Buying a Car for $2000

Finding a good, inexpensive car that won't soon need repairs or parts is challenging. This guide is about buying a car for $2000 (or less).



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Question: Can I Get a Decent Car for $1,000?

I want to get a decent second car and I have one thousand bucks to do it. Does anyone have any tips for the best place to look for a cheap car. What models should I look for and what should I look for as far as condition? Tips, advice, or resources would be appreciated.

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By janice 01/07/2001

I have never paid more than $500.00 for a vehicle. What I do is go to auto auctions. These are the same auctions that used car dealers go to for cars. You might have to do a little work on it but usually they are good reliable vehicles. You will have to call them and ask if and when they have the public night. Good Luck and do not forget to look up your states Lemon Laws before buying a used vehicle.

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By jkhines 01/09/2001

My in-laws get cars for there kids at a local auto body shops. They pay anywhere from 500. to 1000. for fairly new cars that have been repaired.

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By pam munro [523] 05/11/2007

In our neck of the woods there is a group called "Cars for Causes" to which people donate their vehicles for charity and you can get very good deals there. See if there is anything like that around you.

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By Amanda (Guest Post) 02/24/2009

try craigslist

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