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Catchy Cleaning Business Name

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I am starting a cleaning service (home and office) with my daughter and we are trying to come up with a catchy business name. My last name is "Bright" and both of our first names start with "J".
Thanks so much!

By J. B.


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By Jennie1304/23/2013

Yes & I'm aware its been almost a year since your post but who knows maybe It can still be a little help or are still in need of help on that :-)

By Jennie1304/23/2013

Hello I'm Jenn & I'm 28 yrs.old. I too am starting my own cleaning business & am trying to figure out a great business name for mine as well. I've done the cleaning service once before for several months but didn't continue it due to maternity leave. My son will be 2 yrs old now & I am ready to start my business again but this time permanently. I managed my mom's cleaning business since I was 14 yrs. old. I took the calls, messages, looked at the jobs & gave estimates, & helped her clean jobs .My mom started her cleaning service unlicensed, with little cleaning supplies & only 3 homes to clean. She would continue to put ads in the newspaper, even if at times she didn't receive any calls! Now her business is licensed, bonded & insured. Her ad is on phone book covers & her business is huge & going great! So I do have some experience with cleaning businesses & do know a little on how to go about the business & the steps to take so maybe I can try to help. As long as we always stay consistent our business will grow! So good luck to u & your daughter & I am more than happy to help. I always thought that using janitorial service sounded more business like than using cleaning service. What do you think about {J&J janitorial service}? That's a simple name. Maybe {Brighter Days cleaning service} {Sparkle janitorial service} {Bright Maids cleaning service}?

By Carol Swanson [17]06/06/2012

I like Bright 'n Clean or Clean 'n Bright.

I think if you use the word "Clean" at the beginning of the name of your service, it will pop right up for anyone searching online for a cleaning service. But the word "Bright" is closer to the beginning of the alphabet for Yellow Page listings.

Because you plan to include the cleaning of offices, I'd stay away from the word "home."

Good luck

By Marty Dick [133]06/02/2012

I had an answer but these are much better. The only thing I would add to the logo is a sunburst with one of O's names on it.

By jean leiner [12]06/01/2012

Brightnclean Service
Bright idea

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