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Cleaning Stains from Plastic

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Plastic Container

Tomato sauce and other products can leave noticeable stains on plastic containers. This is a guide about cleaning stains from plastic.


Solutions: Cleaning Stains from Plastic

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Tip: Cleaning Stained Plastic Bowls

To clean stains out of bowls, leave bowl sitting with white vinegar in it. Leave it for a few days, then rinse and wipe out.

    By Kathy Lynn [3]

    Tip: Cleaning Tomato Sauce Stains from Plastic

    Ever use a rubber spatula on food items like spaghetti or tomato sauce and have the spatula get stained? Or ever use a plastic food container for leftovers which stained the container? I dreaded using my Pampered Chef white spatulas when I needed them for spaghetti. I also did not want to have my containers stained. Now when I have any type of food stains, I rinse and place the item outside when the sun is shining. Presto! After a few hours my items are stain-free and like new.

    By mfeld from Twin Cities, MN

    Tip: Sunlight as Free Bleach

    Sunlight will remove tomato sauce type stains from plastics. Just place items in direct sunlight for a few hours around midday. It will bleach white laundry too.

      By Bruce Byrnes [1]

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      Here are questions related to Cleaning Stains from Plastic.

      Question: Cleaning Tomato Stains Off Plastic

      How do you get tomato stains out of white bowls?

      By Michelle from Scipio, IN


      Most Recent Answer

      By Elaine [129]02/15/2010

      I use bleach also if the stain is there but to prevent the stain in the first place, if I am storing leftovers in fridge that is tomato based, I first spray the container with cooking spray to prevent it from seeping into the container.

      Question: Spatula Bleach Stains

      I clean our rubber spatulas in the dishwasher. They now have been bleached in spots. Is there a way to remove those white stains? Thanks.

      By Joyce S. from Dade City, FL


      Most Recent Answer

      By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/19/2014

      The white "stains" on your rubber spatulas are actually a removal of the dye color of the rubber in the white areas by the dishwasher cleaning agent. You can not remove the white area as it is not a "stain" but rather an absence of color.

      Question: Stained PVC Shopping Bags

      How can I get stains out of Ted Backer PVC shopping bags? It seems to be ingrained.

      By Shannon M.

      Question: Cleaning Taco Sauce Stain on Plastic Shelf

      I had taco sauce stain the plastic on a refrigerator door. Its a big stain. Any solutions for this?

      By Ray L. from Palm Springs, CA


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      Archive: Cleaning Tomato Sauce Stains from Plastic Containers

      Clean tomato sauce stains from your plastic containers using hot water filled to the top and plopping a couple denture tablets in.

      By Rhonda

      More Tips:
      Removing Tomato Sauce Stains from Plastic 06/25/2004
      Instead of buying cleaner for colored stains on plastic, like tomato sauce, etc. I submerge the item in really hot water for several seconds before I put on the soap and then I wash and rinse in hot water again. It comes out like magic!
      By tiny bop
      Bleach 09/15/2004
      To remove tomato stains or any other stains from plastic containers use the following method:

      Take about 1 cup of bleach & add 3 cups of water. Place this solution into the container that is discolored. Leave in place for about 2 hours. Rinse well with plain water being especially careful not to let the solution touch or splash on your clothes. Happy bleaching.

      By joesgirl
      Denture Tablets 11/07/2005
      Clean tomato sauce stains from your plastic containers using hot water filled to the top and plopping a couple denture tablets in.
      By Rhonda
      Cooking Spray 11/07/2005
      I don't know if this will work at all times, but try putting cooking spray in the container BEFORE putting your food in there. If you eat it all straight away, 99% of the time, it won't stain. However, if you keep it overnight, I think it will.
      By KLS8800 (Guest Post)
      RE: Cleaning Tomato Sauce Stains from Plastic Containers 11/07/2005
      I mix baking soda and dish soap into a paste to clean my bowl. If the red isn't gone I set it in the sun and let it bleach out naturally.

      Love & Prayers,

      By lindaljh1
      Pitted or Scarred Containers 11/08/2005
      Just a warning... if the container is pitted or scarred throw it out! The chemicals in the plastic can leetch from the damaged plastic into your food and who knows what damage those chemicals can do to a person ... Rather to be safe than frugal?!?

      That being said, a baking soda paste and a short "soak" works well on my plastics!

      By Madelynnsmama

      Archive: Cleaning Tomato Sauce Stains from Plastic

      How do I get tomato sauce stains from plastics?


      Archive: Cleaning Tomato Stains Off Plastic

      I wonder if anyone knows how to get tomato stains off plastic. I cooked tomato rice in a plastic pot and know it is stained, any ideas how to remove it? Thanks, Wonderfulone from Hamilton


      Archive: Cleaning Tomato Stains Off Plastic

      Lets say you made spaghetti in a white plastic bowl and has stains on it. (Left it in the fridge to because of the leftovers.) After you wash it and it still has the stains. Just sit it outside for a couple of days and let the sun hit it. The stain will be gone. Just rewash, because of dirt and debris. It does work. I just did it not too long ago.

      By dietvanilla from Shoemakersville, PA

      Archive: Cleaning Tomato Stains Off Plastic

      My Tupperware has an orange stain in it from eating things like Spaghetti Os and Chef Boyardee. Does anyone know how to get these stains out?

      By Grace from Selinsgrove, PA

      RE: Cleaning Tomato Stains Off Plastic

      I have tried half water and half bleach and then wash it really good and that seems to get them off. (11/27/2009)

      By farthead

      RE: Cleaning Tomato Stains Off Plastic

      I've had luck with dishwasher detergent. (11/30/2009)

      By castleberrycc

      RE: Cleaning Tomato Stains Off Plastic

      Put them outside on a sunny day. Can't remember where I read about this hint, but was probably on this site. Worked wonders on my tomato sauce stained Tupperware in one day of sun in Northern Virginia. (12/01/2009)

      By Kathryen